Stylish looks with a denim pencil skirt

Puzzling over what to wear with a denim pencil skirt? But this thing pleases with its versatility and excellent compatibility with various clothes. If you have such a stylish skirt in your wardrobe, you will always have something to wear! This article will give you inspiration for the most stylish bows with a denim pencil skirt. Shall we start?


Your ideal style

The pencil skirt is a cult classic and a must-have for every modern fashionista’s wardrobe. This model perfectly combines elegance, sexuality and practicality. However, in order for such a skirt to really become your decoration, you should take into account the features of the figure when choosing a style.

  • Slender and tall women of fashion can safely choose a skirt of any color, length or texture. And it is better to have several different models at once in order to demonstrate your beautiful figure in images for any occasion.
  • Petite young ladies of short stature are not recommended to choose a skirt below the knee. An ideal choice would be a knee-length model with a high waistline. Pair with heels and a V-neck top to add height and fashion points to your look.

  • If you have wide shoulders and narrow hips, do not pair a voluminous top with a pencil skirt. And women of fashion with wide hips just need a free addition to this style.
  • The fit in the waist area has a wonderful property of visually slimming and pulling the figure on the sides.
  • A tight denim pencil skirt is able to disguise the tummy and favorably emphasize the hips.

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Tips for win-win combinations

A denim skirt is a lifeline for those who want to take off their usual jeans and look feminine. In fact, nothing changes, the bottom is still denim, only much more elegant. For girls who are only at the initial stage of such changes, we advise you to try out a combination of such a skirt in practice with everything that goes well with jeans – t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and pullovers. Eureka?!

Fashionistas all over the world like to wear elegant high-waisted models with chiffon blouses, cashmere pullovers or cotton shirts. All these combinations will be good for office everyday life. A bolder bow will turn out with the addition of a crop top or cropped blouse.

Pair with a sweater, plaid or denim shirt for a relaxed urban look. A leather jacket is perfect for outerwear.

As for the choice of shoes, a bow with such a skirt can look great with pumps or ankle boots, as well as with sneakers or slips.

Ideas for every day

Idea #1

Meeting with friends, going to the cinema, a romantic date or a walk around the city – a stylish pencil skirt will find its way into the look for any occasion. A flirty fashion combination for the warm season will turn out with an off-the-shoulder top and matching ankle boots. If the toe is open on the shoe, the image will turn out to be even more playful and fashionable.

Simple but very stylish outfit

Idea #2

For an informal setting, a combination with various T-shirts is perfect. The fashion trends of the 2019 season suggest that this is how to wear a denim pencil skirt this summer. The absolute trend is T-shirts with inscriptions and brand logos.

Idea #3

A fashionable denim pencil skirt can be complemented by a row of buttons in the center front. The perfect addition to this model is a shirt. If this combination seems ordinary to you, just unbutton a few buttons at the top and bottom and enjoy the sensation made.

Idea #4

This photo is another good example of what you can wear with a button-down denim skirt. Light washed denim blends harmoniously with pastel shades. Actual powdery-pink tones look especially gentle and feminine. Now you know how to use it correctly!

Idea #5

A white flying blouse + pencil skirt is not necessarily a strict combination. To set the right mood in the image, as always, the right accessories will help. In this case, it’s aviator sunglasses, a wide choker, and bold pointed-toe boots with rhinestones. With this choice, no one will doubt the thoughtfulness of the image and your impeccable taste.

Idea #6

Another trick to help you incorporate a shirt into a relaxed casual look is shown in this photo. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves, unbutton the top buttons, and tie your shirt in a casual knot at the waist.

Idea #7

Fashionable bows with a denim pencil skirt are easily paired with a striped black and white top. Decide for yourself what it will be – a pullover, turtleneck, T-shirt or crop top.

Idea #8

In spring, a combination of a pencil skirt with a short sleeve turtleneck is a great solution. This combo looks quite restrained, but incredibly stylish.

Idea #9

Wearing a denim pencil skirt with a loose blouse is allowed for both overweight women and fashionistas with slender parameters. Such a feminine combination will adorn any figure and delicately hide imperfections if necessary.

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Note! If you have settings plus-size, discard a blouse with a horizontal or oversized print.


Idea #10

A stylish pencil skirt in a duet with a turtleneck will not leave indifferent girls who like to combine fashion and comfort. The practicality of this bow rolls over! Having such a basic top and bottom in your wardrobe, you will forget about the problem code-named “I have nothing to wear.”

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Idea #11

An elegant pencil skirt is perfectly combined with a lace top, creating a playful and festive mood. You can go further and opt for a cropped crop top or guipure turtleneck. Such an image will be as feminine, stylish and spectacular as possible.

Idea #12

An outfit in a comfortable casual style will turn out from a given skirt and a plaid shirt. Such a combination will friendly accept both sneakers and high-heeled shoes in the neighborhood. If you are betting on the second option, you can also wear a hat to look elegant.

Idea #13

More denim! – proclaim the main trends, and fashionistas actively follow this trend. Match a black or dark blue denim skirt with a shirt made of the same material, but a few tones lighter and you will get an “automatic” in style and knowledge of fashion trends.

Idea #14

Experiment with combinations of a knee-length denim pencil skirt with various sweatshirts and hoodies. Firstly, it’s not commonplace, and secondly, it’s very cool!

Idea #15

One of the most harmonious top options for such a skirt model is a blue blouse or shirt. This color formula has already become a classic of a stylish look.

office bows

Idea #16

Laconic, restrained and at the same time stylish – such a skirt is simply indispensable for office looks. Everything ingenious, as you know, is simple. Fortunately, fashion does not contradict this rule….

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