Stylish looks with oxfords

What to wear with oxfords in 2021 to create a stylish look with these trendy shoes? In this article we will talk about all the features of trendy shoes, we will offer ideas for compiling the most attractive bows.

How to combine oxfords in an image

Oxfords came to the women’s wardrobe from the men’s and have been incredibly popular with fashionistas around the world for several years now. Today, these shoes are worn by the most stylish ladies who know how to create a bright and memorable look without the use of high heels.

Thanks to modern fashion trends, women’s oxfords can fit into a wide variety of looks. These shoes will easily complement the image with:

  • jeans;
  • trousers;
  • dresses;
  • skirts.

Below we take a closer look at the various items of women’s wardrobe and find out which models are best suited to be fashionable to wear them with oxfords in 2021.

With jeans

The best option for making a stylish tandem with oxfords is skinny and classic straight-cut jeans. But it is better to refuse boyfriends, riding breeches and other spacious models. You can complement such a bow with a simple T-shirt or sweatshirt; for a business look, more strict blouses, shirts and jackets are suitable.

With trousers

Various trousers will also be an ideal pair for oxfords: chinos, culottes, cropped and classic cut models with arrows. As a top, you can use shirts, jackets. Restrained accessories and a small handbag in a business style will be the perfect end to a stylish bow.

With dresses

Sets of oxfords and dresses will allow you to create very stylish looks. These shoes will make the bow incredibly stylish and feminine, while avoiding excessive puppetry. When combining oxfords with dresses, you need to be very careful. These shoes will look ridiculous with tight-fitting and mini-length models. A-line and free-cut dresses, shirt dresses are ideal for Oxfords.

With skirts

Almost all fashionable skirt models can make a classy look with oxfords. The only exception is tight mini. The brightest and most stylish bows can be obtained with leather and denim skirts. To make the look as trendy as possible, you can try to wear socks under Oxfords.


Do not forget about accessories. Since oxfords came to the women’s wardrobe from the men’s, the image can be supplemented with similar in style, a little rough things, for example, a leather belt or a voluminous watch.

Socks made of lace or with embroidery will be the highlight of the look with oxfords and a dress or skirt, emphasizing your style and originality.

The backpack will be an excellent addition to the bow in casual style.

A small bag with a long strap will be the perfect ending to a playful and feminine bow in an urban style.

Ideas for fashionable looks with oxfords in 2021

As noted above, oxfords look good with clothes, both in business and casual style, and can complement romantic looks. Despite such a variety, stylists believe that oxfords are not a universal model suitable for any thing. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to correctly fit oxfords into fashionable ensembles. Here are some ideas for fashionable oxford bows that will be in trend in 2021.

Idea #1. Simple and practical casual look

To make such a fashionable bow is not difficult. All you need to do is put on your favorite skinny jeans, choose a T-shirt with an interesting print, complete the look with an original belt and a stylish handbag. A denim jacket or a loose-fitting shirt can act as a fashionable accent.

As for the shoes themselves, in this case, the most appropriate would be classic black models in lacquer design.

Idea #2. Catchy bottom and discreet top

In 2021, shoes made of leather in several colors will be especially popular. Due to their originality and catchiness, they are best combined with a solid top. The ideal solution would be a little black dress of medium length and a fairly loose cut. To make the image more extravagant, put a hat on your head. This is how stylists recommend women wear bright oxfords in 2021.

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Idea #3. Laconic trouser suit

Today, trouser suits are extremely popular and in demand among women. Moreover, they make up not only images in a strict business style, but also lighter and more relaxed bows. You can achieve a similar effect by combining a suit with a T-shirt and oxfords. According to fashion trends for 2021, you can simply complement the look with oxfords with a classic black suit and a white plain t-shirt. To complete it, take a voluminous handbag with you – a discreet and at the same time very stylish look is ready!

Idea #4. original and youthful

If you combine oxfords with a skirt, you get a very stylish and extraordinary bow. These shoes go especially well with denim bottoms. Just put on a short A-line denim skirt, choose a cropped blouse as a top, complement the look with bright-colored shoes. A breathtaking image is ready!

We hope that now you know what to wear with oxfords in 2021 to look stylish, fashionable and very attractive. And our photo examples will allow you not to make a mistake when drawing up a trendy bow.

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