Stylish manicure 2020 for women 50+

Manicure for women over 50 can be discreet, elegant and at the same time correspond to the trends of the 2020 season, as in our photo selection. Choose the perfect design among the most fashionable ideas!

Color palette

The fashion trends of the 2020 season offer women over 50 a lot of stylish color schemes for manicure. Let’s meet everyone!

  • The real hit of the 2020 season is the nude palette, which includes beige, cream, caramel and milky shades. Such colors will rejuvenate the skin of the hands and soften its age-related changes. In addition, this range is universal and suitable for any occasion.

  • The fashionable design of the 2020 season may also include a pink coating. But there is one caveat – such a color scheme should not be bright and acidic – the best solution would be a pastel version of pink varnish.

  • Light gray varnish is appropriate to use if there is no pigmentation of the nails. At the same time, the masters recommend betting on matte varnish without active gloss.

  • For visual rejuvenation of the hands, pastel, menthol and terracotta shades are also great.

  • Among the bright palette, red is the leader in popularity. However, it is better to choose it for any special event. In addition, for such a rich manicure, you should carefully select the main bow. For example, you can go the safe route and decide on scarlet lipstick, which will be in harmony with the manicure. This technique not only looks stylish, but also has a rejuvenating effect!

  • A more subdued version of scarlet lacquer is rich and luxurious burgundy. He, in turn, can be suitable not only for holidays, but also for everyday life. Even in a minimalistic design, a burgundy manicure will emphasize your impeccable taste and status.

  • As accents in a stylish manicure, you can use yellow or gold inserts – they are also great for ladies who have crossed the threshold of 50 years.

  • If a woman has a dark skin tone, she may look at a rich range of chocolate and brown tones. When done correctly, they look chic and noble.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Blues, greens, blacks and earthy colors are considered bad colors. They will only emphasize age-related changes on the hands.[/stextbox]


Important nuances

Stylish manicure for women over 50 is a separate trend in the world of nail art. It has its own characteristics and nuances – we will talk about them further.

  • At an elegant age, it is better to head for the natural length and feminine shape of the plates. For example, oval nails are a good solution. Also among the trends are almond and soft square shapes.

  • It is not necessary to be limited to a plain coating, fashionable design after 50 years is not a contraindication. The main thing is that it should not be pretentious and voluminous.

  • At this age, it is better to cover the nails with gel polish or shellac. The usual coating will not work if the lady has brittle and weakened nails – with it they will take on an untidy look.

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At the age of 50, many women prefer classic design options, but at the same time they are absolutely not averse to diversifying them with current trends. For example, their absolute favorite is the French manicure, which pleases with a variety of variations in the 2020 season. But you should not abuse the design either, so as not to contradict the key characteristics of French manicure – elegance and lightness.

For women over 50 years old, a French manicure can be performed not only with a classic white smile – its color variations are also allowed in the 2020 season. Decor in the form of flowers, lace motifs, geometry or miniature drawings is also welcome.

A stylish idea in the 2020 season is also to highlight the smile area in the jacket with a shiny varnish or loose glitter.


The modern nail industry is largely committed to minimalism, and this trend is only in the hands of ladies over 50 years old. Simple and understandable compositions look relevant and at the same time restrained, and it is this quality that many women appreciate in manicure. If you study the key trends of the 2020 season, it becomes clear that stripes are the main design motive.

The classic move is the execution of this element from tape or foil. But you can go in a more creative way. So, lines of several colors will look quite stylish. To achieve the accuracy of such a composition, the masters advise using stencils or ordinary paper tape.

The strips can also be used in graphic combinations of transparent and colored coatings. Such a tandem looks fresh and stylish.

Another relevant manifestation of the minimalist style in the 2020 season is the design with concise points. It is not at all as simple as it might seem at first glance. Fashionistas like to create different versions of the dotted manicure by changing the size and position of these elements. Many ladies also prefer to combine different geometric style attributes in one design.

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An elegant manicure will turn out if you connect a gradient effect with a smooth transition of two shades to its creation. A combination of pastel colors will look especially elegant. In the spring, a similar design can be decorated with a light coating of sparkles in color – this will make it more expressive and stylish.

A stylish manifestation of the ombre technique is a composition in which there is no smooth transition of shades. On the contrary, different colors are separated by a clear border. Such a design looks unobtrusive and at the same time makes it clear that a woman is familiar with the leading trends firsthand.


The ideal manicure for the summer is a decor of floral motifs. Such drawings look airy, romantic and incredibly feminine, which means they create the appropriate mood. It is important to understand that flowers can be present on all nails only if they are concise in design and miniature in size. If the accent is quite active, it should be placed only on a pair of marigolds.

It is worth noting that not only flowers are popular among floral subjects. Exquisite twigs and buds can also be a wonderful decoration for women’s manicure.


Stylish geometry is almost a classic for a fashionable and beautiful manicure. Such motifs will be a winning idea for short nails, because, provided that they are vertical or triangular in direction, they will visually lengthen them.

Fashionable manicure 2020 for women over 50 for short nails can also be done according to the principle of color blocking. At the same time, professionals advise choosing related shades without unnecessary contrast and, if desired, complement them with laconic shiny accents.

A stylish and extraordinary design is easy to get if you combine multi-colored stripes with a plain coating. For such a manicure, it is important to choose a harmonious pair …

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