Stylish manicure 2020

What kind new stylish manicure ready to offer you 2020 season? We have collected all the most trendy ideas for you in this article!


current form

Undoubtedly, each girl chooses the shape of her nails in accordance with her personal taste, but still many ladies are also interested in fashion trends in this area.

The 2020 season is the apogee of comfort, naturalness and naturalness. Many fashionistas will like nails of a comfortable length with oval or round outlines. Among trends the shape “soft square” is also listed.

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In the summer season, medium-length marigolds will appear, which are stylishly combined with almond-shaped design.

nude tones

Many masters bow before the versatility, elegance and elegance of the nude palette of varnishes. Extremely trendy in 2020 combine such a base with marble patterns, rhinestones, loose sparkles, inscriptions, laconic geometric patterns, kamifubuki or foil inserts.

red lacquer

The classic of the genre – red lacquer – is now recognized as the hottest trend of the 2020 season. The scarlet coating will look great and stylish in splendid isolation in the company of only a matte or glossy texture. With this color, you can also embody a gradient effect, geometric design and abstract manicure.

dark palette

Manicure design in 2020 the season is guaranteed stylish using noble dark palette. The absolute favorite was the classic blue color, which is recognized as the main color of the year. The trend is also purple, emerald, plum, black and burgundy tones.


Many girls have been patiently waiting for the jacket to return to the list of fashion trends. In 2020, it finally happened! Only the current French design is not at all the way fashionistas are used to seeing it. Modern trends have made significant adjustments to such a manicure, which made it possible to look at the familiar design from a different angle.

So, the French smile is less and less painted in classic white. Today, fashionistas are absolutely not averse to bright or even neon accents in such nail art. The main hit of the 2020 season is a French manicure with colorful smiles on every nail.

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A stylish idea would also be the design of a jacket with a slanted smile.

This technique is perfectly combined with a transparent base, creating a fashionable and extraordinary design.

You can create a completely new and stylish version of the jacket by shifting the smile or marking only its border. Similar techniques were seen at the top shows, and many fashionistas quickly picked up such stylish ideas.

Leopard print

A few seasons ago, leopard print conquered all fashionistas. Almost every master offers many interesting ideas on this topic. Combinations of the leopard motif with other techniques and decor are of the greatest interest. This print can be stylishly combined with a matte top, frenchgeometry, rhinestones, cobwebs or abstraction.


Modern masters can create real magic on nails with the help of spectacular divorces, watercolor techniques or an airbrush. Such tools are indispensable when performing a stylish manicure with sea waves, fascinating space textures, watercolor stains or natural textures of stones. All of the above design options in the 2020 season can easily make friends with shiny accents.

Black and white minimalism

Black and white drawings created on a nude or transparent basis are not inferior in popularity. The main secret of success in such a design is its impeccable implementation with subtlety and elegance of lines. It is better to stick to the minimalist style, because this is the leading trend of the entire 2020 season.

A similar range is often used in manicure with inscriptions – the result is beyond praise!

Matte top

In the 2020 season, a matte top will seriously compete with the usual glossy texture of varnish. He looks expensive, muffles the aggressiveness of bright varnish, corresponds to current trends, and also easily fits into any look. If you want to give this fashion manicure expressiveness, boldly dilute the noble matte texture with sparkling accents: rhinestones, foil or sparkles.


If we talk about the most fashionable decor of the 2020 season, then it is worth mentioning the leadership of the foil. Fashionistas love to use such jewelry in the form of gold prints or elegant thin stripes. Colored foil used in the broken glass technique is also popular.


Stylish manicure 2020 of the season may strive for conciseness of geometry, which looks organic and on short nails. It can be expressed in thin lines, strict compositions or geometric elements in a duet with brilliant accents.

Polka dot print

One of the most charming manifestations of the geometric style is the polka dot design. Clothing and accessories with this print were present in any fashion show and many nail artists, inspired by this trend, decided to create a cute manicure with the same motif. You can realize such an idea even at home, armed with dots, a toothpick or a hairpin.

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disco mood

Kamifubuki and round disco-style glitters will help to make the manicure enchanting and memorable. In such a design, effective mirror plates can also find worthy use.


Among the floristic themes, twigs are in demand among fashionistas. This design element looks elegant, feminine and sophisticated. In addition, it can boast of its versatility – a touch of tenderness with the help of twigs can be added to a manicure for any occasion. If you want to create the most trendy manicure with this design, bet on a sophisticated combination with loose glitter or foil.


In the 2020 season, it is difficult to pass by the transparent design, which is beautiful in its lightness, elegance and airiness. The leading trend is stickers and drawings on this basis. Transparent inserts can also be present in geometric compositions and various techniques.

[tds_warning]The “negative space” technique, combined with black lacquer, will make you the most stylish in the coming season.[/tds_warning]


A bunch of design ideas in the 2020 season, they will use the “eye you see” technique, which involves drawings with eyes and eyelashes. Such a manicure can also include real portraits of girls and amaze with its magnificence.


Fingerprint nail art has become an extraordinary and creative novelty of the 2020 season. This is a great way to create an original manicure that will certainly become the center of attention.

color blocking

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