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Fashionable manicure in 2018 is not difficult to perform, because for him there are a lot of stylish ideas and new products that are easy to repeat even from a photo. Of course, advanced fashionistas know what they are talking about, because keeping their nails in beauty is a matter of principle for them. And yet, sometimes, the latest fashion trends are not so easy to follow. Therefore, for your convenience, we have collected all of them here, in our today’s review. So get your paint and brushes ready, let’s get started. Ahead of you are the best trends and absolute novelties of this and next seasons.

Spectacular moon manicure

What should be the nails?

Before moving on to nail art fashion trends, let’s talk a little about nails. So, what should be the ideal manicure nails in 2018-2019?

Unusual french version

  • As for the length, the main trend here will be short or very short nails. This means that the free edge of the plate must not exceed 5 mm. Moreover, even this length is considered excessive. But the nails that recede from the edge by no more than 2-3 mm will look the most correct.

Fashion short nails

  • The form. Definitely oval or almond shaped. And all because each of them is as close to natural as possible. As for the square beloved by many, it is also not forbidden. The only thing is, do not allow any sharp corners when forming it. The square should be “soft”.

Almond shaped nails

This is the optimal nail length in 2019

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Incredibly relevant, starting from winter, will be the resurrected from the 90s the form of pointe nails or, in other words, a ballerina. Perhaps someone else remembers her. It looks half rounded, half square, with a sawn tip. True, these days it is worth wearing it with an average length of the nail.[/stextbox]

Interesting: Gray manicure: boring design

Fashionable shape “ballerina”


  • If you want to fully comply with fashion, give up extended nails. Now they are not in great demand.

Natural nails will wrinkle much more accurately than extended ones.

Drawings on short nails look no less impressive

Fashion trends in manicure

What is it, fashionable and stylish manicure of 2018-2019? What innovations are waiting for us? What will the photos show? Now you will know everything.

The perfect holiday manicure


Color palette

  • Natural pastel colors. Throughout 2018, light, discreet beige shades were at the peak of popularity. In 2019, they will further strengthen their position in the nail art industry, so making them the basis of your image is a very wise decision. Fashionistas especially fell in love with beige because it goes well with any style of clothing and lifestyle. In addition, such a manicure looks good both in a monophonic version and slightly decorated.

Delicate design in pastel colors

The combination of beige coating and glitter with a pink tint

Glitter and pastel shades

  • Dark lacquer is the perfect solution for the cold season. And if last season designers recommended bright and unnatural shades for autumn and winter, this year everything has changed dramatically. The most common colors for a rich manicure will be: black, dark brown, dark blue, dark green, dark purple and other colors close to them. An excellent solution would be their combination with each other.

Solid dark manicure is ideal for the autumn-winter season

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! According to designers, a two-tone manicure is the best thing that can happen to your nails in 2019. You just need to combine everything wisely. Namely: two shades of the same color.[/stextbox]

Coloring within the same tone and combination of textures

When using different colors, make sure they go well with each other.

  • Delicate nude. What could be more natural and simpler than a manicure in nude tones. Moreover, the actual color palette here is very extensive. Here you have pink, and pale green, and flesh, and gray, and blue shades. And even olive and ivory. They look especially charming on short nails. Try it!

Always neat nude

Stylish modern nude design

  • All shades of red. No, it didn’t work, on the contrary, the fashion for a bright, rich and incredibly spectacular red palette once again captured the entire nail art industry. And we are talking here not only about the noble Bordeaux. Everything from wine shades to blood red will be incredibly popular. Of course, you need to be extremely careful with red varnish, because it is far from suitable for every situation and every image. But, if you can correctly fit it into your bow, you can definitely be sure of your own irresistibility.

Red manicure with broken glass effect

  • Metallic. We have already said more than once that metallic shades are very much in demand today. Therefore, if you decide to apply silver or golden shades on your nails, do it without hesitation, because this trend will be relevant for at least the whole next season.

Classic silver metallic

Cosmic overflows in a mirror manicure or rubbing will also remain in trend.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! And this fall, “berry” shades, such as plum, cherry, grape, currant, strawberry and others, will also be in special demand.[/stextbox]

Actual berry shade of manicure

Best Design Ideas

Here, too, everything is incredibly interesting. Of course, it cannot be said that all ideas for nail design are absolute novelties, but certainly not every fashion trend will survive this change of seasons.

Increasingly, in manicure, accents are placed on the texture of the coating.

The combination of textures looks luxurious

Animal drawings

It just so happened that floral and floral motifs fade into the background. Of course, until the end of their positions in 2019, they will not give up, but it is no longer worth putting a lot of emphasis on them. But they were replaced by the so-called animalistic patterns. We are talking about prints in the form of: leopard, houndstooth, snake skin or zebra color. You can often find such a design when the above patterns are stretched over several fingers at once, and not located on one, as was customary before.

Spectacular and modern animalistic manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In general, a manicure with a pattern is still very much in demand. It’s just that abstract and meaningless patterns were replaced by images with meaning.[/stextbox]

Leopard print in manicure

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Matte manicure decorated with rhinestones

In general, in fairness, it should be noted that a matte manicure is quite self-sufficient and looks gorgeous without unnecessary decorations. But, for many fashionistas, such nail-art seems boring, and they add a slice of luxury to it.

Matte ombre with rhinestones


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