Stylish manicure with snakes 2020

Manicure with snakes is an undeniable trend 2020 season, which many readers probably want to get to know in more detail. In this article, we have just collected the most stylish ideas!


In black

The fashion trends of the 2020 season made the girls look at the black coating from a new angle. Actual Options manicure design proved that this color is not at all gloomy and gothic. In a matte or glossy finish, the dark finish looks expensive, presentable and stylish. The expressiveness of the manicure can be complemented by a snake drawing, embodied with the help of silver, gold or white paint. Moreover, the main hit is the motif, divided like a puzzle into several marigolds.

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Black manicure with a snake It will look very advantageous with an exquisite addition of glitter. Moreover, the most stylish solution is a metallic decor.

Red color

In the 2020 season, a wide palette of scarlet varnishes is incredibly in demand. It becomes an ideal solution both for everyday life and for a special occasion if a fashionista wants to loudly declare herself. The combination of red coating and snake theme looks especially daring and cool.

The most advanced fashionistas can embody in the 2020 season gucci snake manicure or with a laconic image of a predator on only one nail as an accent. Now it is incredibly important to use a drawing on a transparent base – this technique makes the manicure easier and more relevant.

Red polish is an incredibly versatile nail art solution. With such a base, a variety of manicure techniques look harmonious, as well as their stylish combinations. Who would have thought that a bold and provocative snake pattern would look stylish in a duet with a classic jacket and gold glitter. But in the 2020 season, the recipe for success is simple – the one who is not afraid of unbanal combinations in manicure wins.

nude palette

Experimentally, many girls found that snake on nails Combines well with the current nude palette of nail polishes. In order to achieve a trendy design, you can simply carefully apply a translucent beige coating on the nails and decorate it with a trendy pattern. Against such a background, a classic black image will look expressive.

If you want to make this design more interesting, you can add French smiles in the same color as the key pattern.

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The nude range of shades has one trump card up its sleeve, which allows it to create the most trendy and diverse design options. We mean its versatility, namely compatibility with any colors and shades. For example, such a modest and discreet varnish can make great friends with a trendy neon coating – orange, light green, yellow or electric blue.


Courageous and self-confident girls can go beyond stickers in snake manicure. When creating an emphatically spectacular design, a three-dimensional print can be used. This technique runs the risk of looking overloaded on all nails, so most often it acts as a stylish accent. Yes, you can implement white snake manicure with a red print on a pair of nails. Get the most accurate hit in the trends of the season!

A similar idea can be easily implemented on a short plate length. The only condition for a successful design in this case is a combination of a print with a solid color coating to create an easy-to-read manicure.

Animal print can be embodied with special stickers that look very natural. If such a design is embodied on long nails, it is permissible to use additional decor.

For a manicure that will a priori be in the spotlight, you can use a snake print in a spectacular combination with voluminous technique and expressive shiny decor. True, such a design is better suited for special occasions.

Matte top

Fashionable manicure with snakes in 2020 the season will look very relevant in a stylish combination with matte finish. This top works well paired with red and black polish, as well as a wide palette of muted natural shades. For example, no one forbids you to combine yellow and green in one manicure – this will turn out a harmonious and beautiful duet. The snake pattern can kindly adapt to any color scheme, and the matte finish will make it noble and presentable.

Different colors

An extremely stylish idea for the 2020 season is the use of contrasting polishes on the right and left hands. With such an experiment, however, you need to ensure that the selected shades are harmoniously combined with each other. For example, they can both be of the same temperature, representatives of the natural range, or different tones of the same color.

[tds_warning]The universal formula of such nail art is simple – the nails on one hand are decorated with a monochromatic design, and the coating on the other hand is decorated with a stylish snake pattern.[/tds_warning]


In modern fashion, the desire for minimalism is clearly visible not only in clothing design, but also in manicure. Now more and more fashionistas prefer sketchy images instead of complex heaped nail art. This approach always speaks of the girl’s impeccable taste and her excellent knowledge of current trends. The image of a snake in such a manicure is performed in one color – the contour is indicated and the characteristic scales are outlined. According to the latest trends, a similar pattern can also be located on several nails at once.

With fire

The combination of various techniques and patterns in one nail art can hardly be called a novelty, because modern women of fashion have been using this technique for many years to create a spectacular and stylish manicure. So the image of a snake can be combined with any other pattern.

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When studying the leading trends, you can find that the most harmonious tandems are obtained together with inscriptions or flames. If you are interested in the second option, keep in mind: the fashionable image of fire does not have to be embodied in a characteristic red-orange palette. Any color experiments are welcome!


Manicure with snakes and rubbing or mother-of-pearl varnish will be a good solution if you want to give the final result tenderness and sophistication. Against such a background, even a predatory creature does not look so aggressive.


The watercolor technique that is fashionable in the 2020 season has a huge inspiring potential. Previously, it was used exclusively to depict landscapes – but such a technique has already lost its relevance. But the masters decided not to say goodbye to the beautiful technique, but adapted it for more modern motives. For example, watercolor motifs are successfully used in the image of a minimalist marble effect or…

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