Stylish office manicure 2023

Fashionable office manicure 2022-2023 surprised us with stylish novelties: these are not boring conservative designs, but interesting and presentable nail art options. You can get acquainted with the top business manicure ideas in a selection of photos from Moddam.


The good old French in 2023 unexpectedly turned into a key manicure trend. Trend-setting runways saw designs with colorful and sparkly smiles, as well as variations with geometric stakes.

French manicure 2023 fits perfectly into a business bow due to restraint and elegance. This season, it is fashionable to make a gray, pink or milky backing with a contrasting smile. Let the border move to the side or take a non-standard shape – this will make the nail design super trendy.

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Fashionable office manicure in the 2022-2023 season will benefit from the addition of geometric motifs. Yes, yes, the classic course of minimalism is invariably in trend.


Business manicure for the office looks elegant with the addition of a matte texture. Hint: a noble top will make any design more calm and subdued.

black and white

As a decor for a fashionable office manicure in 2023, concise black and white drawings are suitable. This is a stylish reading of the classic range of business dress code: grown-up girls also follow the rules, but they know how to beat them in their own way.

Nail design trends 2023 welcome the combination of black and white accents with nude polish.

Quail egg

A successful business woman knows that without a well-groomed and stylish manicure, a business image will not be complete. Bored design aside – modern women prefer to use fashion trends to their advantage. So, the trendy print “quail egg” makes the business look stylish and expressive.

Nail art masters prefer to embody a pattern with characteristic dots in a matte texture and discreet colors. Accent nails with a print, combined with a plain design, look relevant.

Solid color with trendy lacquer

Fashionable monochrome manicure 2023 for the office promises to look super stylish if it takes into account the leading trends of the season.

The Pantone Institute has announced carmine red as the main color of 2023, which reveals itself beautifully in office manicures. Pulsating and rich color is ideal in a monochromatic design with an unobtrusive glossy top.

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Other representatives of red, burgundy and raspberry varnishes also look expensive and elegant. Such tones do not require additional decor and give confidence and elegance in splendid isolation.

Throughout 2023, the trend will be translucent nude, blue, blue, chocolate, pumpkin and coffee tones of varnishes.

shimmering nude

Trendy nail design 2023 looks sophisticated with nude polish and subtle shimmer particles. Such a manicure delights with versatility – after a hard day, it will ideally fit into the image for a romantic evening.

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Trendy manicure 2023 is gorgeous with gold accents. At the top of the list of trends are foil prints, small rhinestones, rubbing and glitter in a sparkling version. Contrary to stereotypes, a glitter manicure is appropriate in a business look – the secret of success lies in the metered decor and neutral color palette.

The leading trend in the design of manicure 2023 is the decoration in the form of a sweatshirt, reminiscent of gold leaf. In the new season, exquisite accents are usually combined with translucent textures of varnishes.

For example, nail design for office 2023 is based on nude polish with golden minimalist lines. The final design looks expensive and presentable, and also easily fits into business images.

Choose a manicure for the office in accordance with nail design trends 2023 – then business looks will be stylish and relevant!

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