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Today we offer to get acquainted with the latest fashionable pedicure 2019, embodied in photo collections that gracefully demonstrate the stylish ideas of leading nail designers.

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The first pedicure school appeared in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1916, there was one woman among the graduates of this school. It turned out to be a real sensation, because until now only men were engaged in the nail care procedure.

Pedicure in the salon

There are several types of pedicure:

  1. Classic (edged)
  2. Hardware
  3. European
  4. SPA pedicure
  5. Combined

Pedicure procedure

In our article, we will introduce you to stylish pedicure art design ideas for 2019.

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Modern trends in the fashion industry are increasingly emphasizing naturalness and simplicity. Natural fabrics, natural shades, calm make-up are in fashion. As for the shape of the nails, it should be as close to natural as possible. Although in a pedicure, the form plays a secondary role. The fashionable stylish pedicure of 2019 is, first of all, a beautiful nail design.

Fashionable nail art

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So what do stylists offer us for the summer-autumn of 2019?

White pedicure

The real hit of this season is the white coated design. The multi-shade palette of white looks amazing, both in monochrome and with various decors.

Trendy white pedicure design

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For summer fashionable pedicure and manicure, bright contrasting compositions in the form of drawings or volumetric decorations are used. Variations on a marine theme, floral or fruity, will really appeal to those for whom summer means bright colors and only positive emotions.

Marine themed pedicure

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Milky shades of white are preferable to use in a pedicure in the fall. During this period, natural colors fade, and with them the colors of the nail coating are muted. Tracks or a scattering of golden crystals look very beautiful against a milky background.

Light pedicure with rhinestones

Both in autumn and summer, a pedicure with a white mother-of-pearl coating looks very chic. This is the real trend of the new season. It does not need additional design and by itself looks capacious and self-sufficient. The great merit of mother-of-pearl is also that it is able to distract from some of the flaws of the pedicure itself or toes.

Stylish light pedicure options


Quite a bit of time has passed since the French migrated to the pedicure. And we think it’s always been that way. This is because this design idea has become a real find for fashionistas. This is not surprising, because the white “smile” perfectly emphasizes the well-groomed and freshness of your legs.

Stylish and always appropriate jacket

This season has made some adjustments to the classic French pedicure. Designers offer their photos with bold combinations of rich shades and several delightful “smiles” at once.


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An unusual mirror shine on the nails can be done using special powder. It is applied in a thin layer on any monochromatic coating. The result is an amazing color with a beautiful overflow.

Rubbing Pedicure


The effect of a velvet coating in a pedicure can be done using special kits for nail design. This fall, such a pedicure will become a real trend. Moreover, stylists recommend highlighting only a large nail with “velvet”, and decorating the rest with a glossy finish in the same color. The design novelties of fashionable pedicure 2019 in the “velvet version” are presented in numerous photo collections.

Velvet pedicure

negative space

The combination of “uncoated” fragments on the nail plate looks very interesting and slightly unusual. The effect of “bare spaces” is achieved using special stencils. With their help, you can separate the hole, apply patterns, gracefully highlight the tips of the nails. Very often, negative space is used in the design of an autumn pedicure.

Negative space style pedicure


To diversify a pedicure, you can simply draw your favorite pattern on any plain coating. You can simplify the task by using stencils and templates. In a pedicure, they usually decorate the thumb, but if you wish, you can highlight the rest.

Cool pedicure with a stylish pattern


Rhinestones, glitter, shimmery powders, yuca flakes, kumufubuki and other sparkles in a pedicure are used very carefully. If desired, several fingers can be distinguished, but it is advisable not to completely cover the nail plate with them.

Dosing sparkles correctly

In a summer pedicure, a multi-colored glossy finish, alternating with a shiny one, looks very stylish. “Glossy nails” can be decorated with a small sparkling pebble.


Smooth transitions from one tone to another are also used in the modern pedicure nail design. This is not a new technique, but quite popular this season. When choosing shades, please note that they can be completely different, even incompatible.

Ombre on a pedicure

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Ethno and abstraction

Ethno-style pedicure is a novelty of the autumn-summer season 2019. National motifs, conveyed in the abstract in the drawings, look so stylish that it is impossible not to pay attention to it. Of course, it’s very difficult to come up with a compositional drawing in this style yourself, so we advise you to get ideas for a fashionable pedicure from professionals who present their work in photos in nail art design magazines.

Pedicure in ethnic style

[stextbox id=’info’]When choosing a fashionable pedicure design, remember that it should be not only beautiful, but also practical. Avoid voluminous compositions, modeling, large decorative elements. This can be traumatic.[/stextbox]


We hope that after reading our article and looking at the photos, you have found some trendy stylish ideas for your fall or summer 2019 pedicure. Do not be afraid of experiments, because only with them new discoveries are possible!

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