Stylish red manicure 2020

What does it look like trendy red manicure for short nails in 2020 season? All the most stylish ideas are collected in this article!


Why exactly red?

If you study fashion trends 2020 season, you can find that it is the red lacquer that holds the leading position in the world of nail art. This color is simply impossible not to love. It has everything – richness, audacity and elegance.

In addition, this is one of the few bright shades that looks advantageous on the natural length of the nails. Moreover, you can use the red color not only solo, but also in a duet with other shades. So, a combination with gold or silver looks expensive and noble. The combination with a beige palette is perfect for everyday life. Red and black manicure also performed well on short nails.

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Fashionistas make a choice in favor of a scarlet coating, not only for a special occasion, but also choosing a manicure for every day. Now it is not defiant, but extremely stylish! Such nails perfectly diversify everyday looks with jeans and a T-shirt, and make business looks with a suit more presentable. It remains only to choose which design will decorate your nails in the 2020 season!


If classic french you are terribly bored, shake it up with the introduction of scarlet varnish. A win-win move for any length is the design of a bright smile on a beige or transparent background. The finishing touch for this design is a fixative coating that smoothes the manicure.

Fashion trends sometimes modify the jacket in such a way that it is not always possible to recognize the good old design with an oval border in it. Often experiments relate to the design of a smile – in the 2020 season, a change in its shape is only welcome. For example, a straight border with a thin line to support it will look graphic and stylish. This design is best done on a transparent or beige base.

Romantic young ladies will surely appreciate a jacket with a smile in the shape of a heart. Such a charming manicure will emphasize the individuality and creative mood of a fashionista.

The embodiment of elegance and romance is also a jacket with an addition in the form of light monograms or lace motifs.


Lunar design is not only a classic manicure option, but also unconditional trending 2020 season. Fashionistas love this nail art not only for its beauty and versatility. The practicality of the design is also on top – if you choose the traditional design with a transparent hole, you can admire the aesthetics of the manicure much longer.

For short nails, this performance is perfect. Making a semicircular hole of a small size, you visually lengthen the nails, and also make them more elegant and sophisticated.

Girls who love stylish experiments can rely on the showiness of the hole with glitter – this solution is also in trend. An alternative design of the hole will also allow you to update the usual design – for example, it can be made in a square shape. This technique will bring freshness to the image and will look very stylish.


In the 2020 season, when thinking through nail art, you can safely be inspired by the works of Kandinsky or Malevich and draw creative combinations of various geometric shapes on a red background. The classic trio for this design is a combination of scarlet, black and white lacquers. This color scheme looks stylish and not too harsh, and at the same time it is easy to make friends with any image.


Great scope for imagination gives trendy design with stripes. On a short length, minimalistic elements with a vertical direction look most advantageous – such a decor visually lengthens the plates. It is not at all necessary to design stripes in one color – on the contrary, the use of several contrasting colors in the design of these elements is now welcome.


The ombre effect is notable for the fact that it also looks advantageous on a short length. Only on this basis it is better to embody not too contrasting combinations of shades. For example, a cherry or coral color can become a stylish neighbor for scarlet lacquer.

If you want to visually lengthen your nails, bet on a smooth stretch of a dark shade to a light polish at the tips.


Decorating your manicure with sparkles is a priori a great idea for the 2020 season. Many girls consider this option only on the eve of festive events, but we advise you not to discount the spectacular design on weekdays. Moderate amount of glitter decor will not look defiant, but will turn into a bright and stylish accent for any look.

The easiest way to realize a spectacular shiny manicure is to use a varnish that already contains a shimmer in its composition. Such a coating can be issued at home. True, it will not please with a record longevity.

Matte top

The matte top is designed to slightly muffle the brightness of the scarlet coating and add a noble sound to it. Such a manicure always looks well-groomed and aesthetically pleasing, however, it is more demanding on the accuracy of the girl. In the 2020 season, it is most relevant to cover a geometric or abstract design with a matte finish. The combination with glossy or shiny inserts does not lose momentum in popularity.

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A combination of scarlet color with transparent or beige inserts with the addition of thin black lines with different directions will also be an exact hit in the trends. Finish this design with a matte top to make it look even more stylish and expressive.

[tds_warning]We draw your attention to the fact that the matte top is especially harmoniously combined with cold scarlet, wine, berry and maroon colors.[/tds_warning]


New in the world of nail art is a special gel polish that allows you to create a trendy manicure using the gossamer technique. It will not be difficult to implement such a design, because the tool obediently falls on the nails in the form of thin chaotic lines. The classic of the genre is a black or white drawing on a scarlet background. But gold accents can also be connected to the creation of such a spectacular design.

negative space

The scarlet coating is perfectly combined with various manicure techniques, including negative space. Transparent inserts are a real hit of the 2020 season, which looks great on a natural length. Such additions aesthetically facilitate the design, make it stylish and neat. Performing geometric combinations of scarlet and transparent varnish, you can complement the design with thin black lines or laconic geometric inserts – the final manicure will only benefit from this.


Red manicure for short nails in 2020 season can mean stylish design with drawings. Among the trending motifs are spring twigs or flowers, minimalistic dots, inscriptions, fruits, abstract strokes of paint and animalistic inserts. To end…

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