Stylish red manicure – photo

What could be brighter and hotter than red nails? One has only to study a pleasant set of photos of fashionable and latest trends for red manicure 2019 and you can immediately determine which color scheme is madly loved by fashionistas. But really, the fiery color is also an expression of oneself, glowing brightly, as well as flowing energy through the body and a stormy positive mood.

Stylish print on red manicure

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Red manicure: design, photo

Well, who hasn’t tried to paint their nails red at least once in their lives? Probably there aren’t any. But this color requires special attention:

Fashionable red jacket

  1. Flawless nails and cuticles, fresh and well-groomed hand skin – draw attention only to beautiful fingers and hands.
  2. It is unacceptable to walk with a peeling, peeled or damaged manicure.
  3. Under such claws, you can choose clothes of calm, neutral and pastel colors, or you can boldly use scarlet or black.
  4. Lipstick on the lips or shoes to match the polish will look perfect.

Red manicure combined with red lipstick

We create a masterpiece:

  1. Varnishes of the desired shades.
  2. Shellac.

In the photo you can see the variants of the red juicy manicure of the current 2019, made with shellac.

Rihanna successfully combines red nail polish with matching lipstick

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Among the fashionable and outstanding trends are:

  • monophonic varnish on all fingers – suitable for any event, for work and for guests;
  • small ornaments (strasses) on the moon on all fingers or a larger ornament on 1-2 fingers. This will add zest, and you will definitely be the elegant queen of the party in an evening dress and stilettos;

Red manicure with rhinestones

  • classic, to the tips of the nails, crimson jacket – more elegant and graceful nowhere;
  • “seasonal” unique drawings – strawberries, apples, cherries or New Year’s symbols – are very incredible in the season, but cause a slight surprise in the off-season.

Red manicure with cherries and flowers

  1. Lac-gel magnetic “cat’s eye”.

Incredibly iridescent red manicure gel polish is amazing even in the photo. In the fashion trends of our 2019, he is in first place in the choice of fashionistas. Try it for sure!

“Cat’s eye”

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The most beautiful nail design

The definition of “beautiful” comes from “red”. So it is, look at the examples in the photo and be inspired:

  • Shades of cherry, scarlet, pink … – each finger in its own tone, or arrange a gradient “stretch” along the entire length of each nail. If you add more black, it will be gothic.

Gradient on red nails

  • Raspberry, crimson, ruby ​​+ french – french by itself already sets you up for some clarity and elegance, and a fiery tone will add playfulness.
  • Red-black – you can unleash all your fantasy. Draw a black pattern on only one (two) nails, cover the rest with red, or mix these two colors in an ornament or ombre. Such a stylish manicure is suitable for the evening, any solemn “exit” or to emphasize a strict and slightly overbearing image at work.

Red manicure with black pattern

[stextbox id=’warning’]Black Louboutins with red soles are perfect for this option.[/stextbox]

  • Red and white – in the style of “strawberry and cream” is very tasty and fun. You can draw white flowers on a red background, and even attach a couple of pebbles. And, of course, scarlet and white are New Year’s colors. Do not forget to playfully use Christmas motifs in winter (snowflakes, Santa Claus, Christmas socks, etc.) and please yourself and those around you with a truly festive New Year’s mood.

Red with white

  • With rhinestones – and how else to add brilliance and brightness to already bright colors? But if you approach the matter very subtly, you can use rhinestones not only to reduce the defiant directness of our manicure, but also to create luxurious elegance.


  • Red-gold – for parties and underlining the status. Bright plus expensive. Golden foil, rims and lines, drawings in gold on red look wonderful on the photo.

Red with gold

  • The effect of broken glass is a super option, the main thing is to do it in moderation, because an excess of “glass” will have an effect in the opposite direction – it will be sloppy. Look at the photo of the fashionable modern trends of the popular red manicure and make the most fantastically beautiful design.
  • Matte – let’s compare with motorists who, contrary to the popular established gloss (or metallic), choose the matte color of their iron “friend”. Haze is much less common, and you can already automatically earn a plus on it. And we’ll also glue rhinestones or decorate one nail with a black pattern – and belissimo!

Matte red manicure with rhinestones

[stextbox id=’warning’]If you like a lot of jewelry on your fingers – rings of interesting shapes and types – a matte manicure will perfectly emphasize their splendor.[/stextbox]

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Fire color for short nails

It seems to be a complete fiasco – so bright, but short. But that’s not the case at all. Do you want exactly this color and at the same time comfortable nails, neat and not long? Easy:

  • plain fiery on short well-groomed nails looks no less impressive, as well as on long ones;

Amy Poehler

  • you can not completely paint over the nail plate, but leave a little on the sides to visually increase the length;
  • apply a vertical stripe or stripes in black – this will visually lengthen the nail, and the manicure will play in a special way;


  • emphasize the moon with rhinestones; by the way, it is not necessary to round off – the triangular hole looks like a bomb – this is certainly the most beautiful and non-standard design for short nails;
  • on 1-2 nails, make the pattern white or white-scarlet. Draw a heart, add femininity and romance, or go into floral motifs;

Stylish red manicure on short nails

  • on transparent varnish, garnet tips – a jacket will give visual length and outright sophistication.

Greta Gerwig with red manicure on short nails

The main thing when choosing a red manicure is not to be afraid to experiment. And feel like a bold and brave winner with defiant nails, who easily and deftly overcomes any obstacles on the way to her dreams and goals.


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