Stylish summer looks for women with a belly

In this article, we present to your attention the most fashionable summer bows for women with a belly in the 2020 season. Let this summer be stylish!

Playing with color

A fresh trick for creating a trendy summer look is in spectacular color combinations. This trick is extremely simple in practice, and it involves the use of a light or bright color in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe virtues, combined with a deep insertion on the problem areas.

For example, you can rely on active decor or bright colors in the upper part of the set to embody a distracting maneuver, as well as emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and hair. Below the waist level, it makes sense to wear a more saturated thing that visually “gathers” the figure.

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Boho style

With this type of figure, the direction of boho in clothing design is considered a good solution. Usually this style involves a combination of free cut and dense texture. The characteristic decor for boho clothes (namely, embroidery, fringe, tassels and lace) can be a great distraction from imperfections.


In the summer 2020 season, beautiful blouses made of light airy textures will be incredibly in demand among women with a full tummy. True, many ladies make a common mistake when choosing such clothes – they choose too voluminous and shapeless styles that only add extra centimeters. This season, designers are advised to change the strategy and rely on femininity and elegance when compiling summer outfits.

Current models of blouses are able to skillfully transfer attention from the problem area to the dignity of the figure. For example, stylish novelties often feature tight lace, sheer inserts, open shoulders and stylish cutouts. The ideal style is a straight or fitted cut. Also, a blouse with a peplum can be an excellent solution – in 2020 this element is presented mainly in an overhead variation.

If you still have loose blouses or shirts from past seasons in your arsenal, you can give them a trendy reading with a trendy belt or belt. When implementing this trick, it is worth slightly shifting the waistline and following the free drapery in the abdomen.

[stextbox id=’info’]To look stylish and expressive, a girl with a tummy can choose a blouse with a print for herself. At the same time, the picture should not be too large and contrasting – it is recommended to choose discreet motifs that do not visually add volume.[/stextbox]


To visually hide the belly and reduce the line of the shoulders, you can prefer a loose shirt for a summer look and make a V-neck on it. This is a versatile top that promises to stay relevant for at least a few more seasons in a row.



Snow-white dresses became a real hit of the summer season 2020. Many ladies with plus-size parameters are afraid of this color, as they firmly believe in the stereotype about its fattening properties. But stylists are trying to convince them – with a good choice of style and a fairly dense texture, a light dress will create a light, feminine and elegant look. In the 2020 season, styles with lace, loose midi length models, shirt cut variations, A-line and creative asymmetry are presented to the attention of full ladies.

A successful dress for this type of figure often has a high waistline and a loose skirt cut – this style will skillfully hide the problem area.

A waterfall dress with a characteristic free cut is also considered a universal option. Usually such an outfit impresses with its femininity and elegance due to the light texture and wavy hem. In the summer of 2020, such dresses are still relevant, and they are presented in various lengths and colors.

A stylish guideline when choosing a dress can also be a universal wrap cut, which is known for its corrective properties.

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Fashion for the summer of 2020 for women with a belly after 50 also highlights the relevance of skirts. The modern assortment is literally striking in its diversity. Among the trends were free, straight and trapezoidal styles, midi and maxi lengths, pleating, as well as variations with cuts and frills. The skirt with a vertical row of buttons, which is known for its slimming properties, does not lose its popularity.

Any skirt for a lady with a tummy should be kept in an oversized fit – this technique will mask the problem area. At the same time, stylists recommend complementing the look with a skirt with a cropped or tucked-in top to draw a feminine silhouette.

Suit with a skirt

A stylish idea for an actual summer bow for a woman with a belly can mean a combination of a loose skirt with a cropped top. This combination will mask the problem area and at the same time create a fashionable and feminine look. When choosing such a set, you can not restrain your stylish impulses and select elements with actual decor or contrasting inserts – such techniques will be an effective distraction from figure flaws.


Among the unconditional trends of the 2020 season, there are also shorts that make the silhouette visually thinner. Practical and versatile Bermuda shorts have become such a stylish favorite. Stylists recommend taking a closer look at such a novelty and women of fashion with a pronounced tummy, because this style of shorts perfectly slims, hides flaws and visually makes the legs thinner.

Denim also stands out from the competition due to its excellent concealment properties. Women with a belly are advised to choose loose and concise high-rise denim shorts that perfectly slim and hide the stomach.


To create a fashionable summer look for women with a belly in minutes, many stylists rely on the self-contained design of solid color jumpsuits. The best choice of colors is a dark matte color or a vertical print. An oversized fit, a fairly dense texture and a loose cut, which implies the presence of space between the body and the fabric, are also welcome. In such an outfit, any fashionista will look slim and elegant, regardless of her parameters.

Actual overalls cannot but conquer with their versatility. Depending on the shoes and accessories, such clothes can be beaten for any look – from daytime to evening.

Pencil skirt

A classic and versatile pencil skirt is a great lifesaver for a variety of female figures. Even if you have a tummy, but at the same time a waist is expressed, you can try on such a skirt and experiment with top options. Many designers use a few tricks to create a winning cut for a curvaceous figure – as a rule, they combine dense fabric, a high belt and vertical slits or contrasting panels.

Pants + tunic


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