Stylish things 2020 that will suit all women

We present you our current selection. stylish things 2020 season, suitable for all women regardless of age and body type. Meet!


blue things

The main color of the 2020 season has become the classic blue palette, which is the personification of stability and tranquility. The most interesting thing is that every woman can choose her ideal shade from the indigo range. You can use at least one item of this color in your wardrobe to be in trend throughout the 2020 season.

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White shirt

If you still do not have a white shirt, you can correct this circumstance in the 2020 season. Such a thing is a truly indispensable attribute of a women’s wardrobe, which is easy to come up with a variety of ways to use. Of course, the most stylish idea for the 2020 season is layering ensembles. But even if you prefer classic combinations, a white shirt will still give your look a fresh, modern and neat look.

Wrap clothes

Fashionable and practical things with a smell can please girl of any age. Not only does this style retain its leading position among fashion trends for a long time, it also perfectly corrects the figure – slims and hides flaws. To present the figure in a favorable light, you can pick up a skirt or wrap dress.

Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is still the favorite fashion trends. Such a model, with the right approach, perfectly slims the figure – for the desired effect, you should choose a model with an oversized fit and combine it with shoes with heels.

The versatile pleated skirt can be paired with just about anything, which is why stylists are confident that it will suit any woman. In the cold season, you can try in practice combinations with a hoodie, turtleneck, sweater or cardigan. When it gets warmer, feel free to dress in t-shirts, tops, blouses and shirts in tandem with a pleated skirt.

Straight dress

A lifesaver for the modern fashionista is a straight-cut dress that can be worn with or without a belt. Some designers complement this model with a vertical row of buttons, but it is also beautiful in a modern minimalist style. The texture of such a model directly depends on the season, but when it comes to the warm season, stylists recommend paying special attention to silk dresses. In combination with a fashionable elongated jacket, such a model will successfully fit even into a business set.

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Dress shirt

Another stylish and versatile choice for the 2020 season is a shirt-cut dress. This thing is so loved by fashionistas and stylists, because it is suitable for absolutely any type of figure. The main hit of this year are models in refreshing pastel shades, which are wonderful rejuvenate appearance.


Denim items suit everyone, because fashion has long removed age restrictions from this texture. The main secret of a successful choice is an actual expression and a well-chosen style. In the 2020 season, loose jeans, high-waisted straight jeans and midi skirts of various styles come to the fore. The main must-have is the effect of washed denim in a uniform color without scuffs. Stylists suggest that this is a universal choice, which does not care about fleeting fashion changes.


In the 2020 season, the era of the relevance of trouser suits continues. The most versatile cut that any fashionista can enjoy is the combination of classic straight trousers with an elongated jacket with a belt. It’s great if bright or pastel shades suit your color type – this means that you can definitely decide on your favorite this season.

crop top

Yes, yes, the crop top is deservedly based in our rating. Perhaps many readers will object, because they represent such a thing exclusively on young slender girls. But fashion 2020 season has significantly expanded the boundaries of the use of such a trendy thing.

The main principle is the combination with the bottom of an oversized fit, whether it be jeans, trousers or skirts. Such a trick will hide the tummy, visually stretch the silhouette and add harmony.

Even if you don’t want to show your hands, a trendy crop top may be your most desired purchase in 2020. The fact is that now it is customary to combine such a novelty with a jacket, trouser suit or cardigan, pushing the crop top as the base layer.

[tds_warning]The most original and non-trivial trend – This is a dress or shirt with an upper addition in the form of a top.[/tds_warning]

Safari style

The fashion of the 2020 season has high hopes for the safari style, among the manifestations of which every woman will be able to pick up a novelty to her liking. The choice can fall on a linen shirt, spacious sand trousers, a jacket with patch pockets, a sundress with a belt. These things will allow a fashionista not only to look stylish, but also to enjoy the comfort and practicality of a safari destination.

The color palette of this style is not spoiled by variety. It is always quite restrained and traditional: sand, burgundy, olive, brown and terracotta shades are constant constants in it.

But we note that such rigor is not at all a synonym for boredom. In the 2020 season, the addition of safari-style bows with tropical and animalistic accents is incredibly in demand. The easiest way to put this technique into practice is to add to fashionable image silk scarf with a trendy motif.


A jacket with a hint of a masculine cut is a real must-have for any fashionista: a young student or a business lady. Today, these are clothes from the category “both to the feast and to the world,” because they can be used in any image: from everyday and business to romantic and evening.

The jacket is guaranteed to look stylish in a duet with jeans, trousers, skirts and mini and midi length dresses. Now it is relevant to combine this fashion item with a belt or use it in multi-layered compositions. Another stylish idea is to use a colored jacket with neutral basics.


Stylish and fashion item in 2020, suitable for all women, can be sustained from the leather texture. The material can be: lacquered or matte, dark or bright, decorated or concise. The variety of actual leather clothes also goes off scale: every woman will be able to choose her favorite.

trench coat

A trench coat is an absolutely universal thing that is often used when compiling stylish bows. In the 2020 season, the traditional cut is undergoing some changes, which allows fashionistas to observe the variety of styles of raincoats. The trend is elongated options with a belt, as well as models with a yoke, patch pockets and various decor. Choose your favorite trench coat and enjoy the versatility and style of this outerwear!


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