Stylish trench coats: fashion trends 2021

Fashion trends are constantly dictating new rules for us, but some trends, such as women’s trench coats, remain relevant forever, and 2021 is no exception. This versatile outerwear for many women remains the perfect off-season option. Let’s see what trench coat models will be relevant this year.

What trench coats are in fashion in 2021

The new season will delight fashionistas with new styles of their favorite outerwear. Classic trench coats, which have an average length and most often beige, will undoubtedly be relevant in the future. But, we want to introduce you to other styles of trench coats, among which you can choose the most ideal one.

Leather. Leather trench coats will be at the height of fashion this fall, like other things made of leather. Such outerwear will reliably protect from wind and cold, and you will feel very comfortable in it. In addition, this comfortable thing is also very stylish.

oversize. As soon as oversized things appeared in the fashion world, they immediately gained wide popularity. Not surprisingly, there are also oversized trench coats. They are voluminous, comfortable and incredibly stylish. Suitable for brave girls who are not afraid of experiments.

Havelock. The havelock model with a cape – a cape on the shoulders – has become a real hit in the fall of 2021. Such a thing will add originality to your image, and it will hardly be called boring. This option looks harmonious with dresses and skirts.

With slits on the sleeves. Not so long ago it became fashionable to wear clothes with various cuts and cuts. Therefore, a completely new trench coat model has appeared, which has very unusual cuts on the sleeves. If you are a brave girl and love original clothes, then pay attention to this particular model.

With original sleeves. Continuing the topic of sleeves, I would like to show you another model where they are emphasized. The originality of this option just rolls over, but this is just an example. You can find many more similar models in stores.

Maxi length. Long models of trench coats this fall can be safely introduced into your fashionable images. In such outerwear you will feel maximum comfort, no matter what the weather is outside. At the same time, it easily fits into a large number of images.

Previously, the trench coat was an important part of the style of business ladies, where it was combined with suits, skirts and high-heeled shoes. But fashion is very changeable, so it left its mark on this thing. Today, this outerwear can be worn with anything, and introduced into different styles of clothing – sport-chic, casual, grunge and others.

Trench coat 2021: trendy colors and prints

Choosing the color of a trench coat is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance, because there are a lot of shades. The trend will be not only the classic beige shade, but also others close to it. And here they are:

  • brown;
  • sand;
  • lactic;
  • powdery.

The white model looks amazing. It is characterized by such words as impeccability, restraint and versatility. In a snow-white trench coat, any woman will look like a real queen.

Presented by designers and trench coats in other shades. You can choose pink, mustard or yellow models, and also pay attention to olive, green and khaki models. In the fall of 2021, wearing a trendy trench coat in one of these colors will be very relevant.

In addition to calm, plain models, there are also trench coats with prints. The most popular print, loved by many girls, is a cage. A checkered print can also be discreet – in black and beige shades, or bright.

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Trench Look Ideas 2021 Trends

So that you understand how to properly wear such a thing as a trench coat, we want to present you with a few ideas for stylish bows. As already mentioned, this outerwear manages to look organically in completely different styles. As an example, here is the most classic way to wear a beige trench coat with jeans and a white t-shirt. This option can be called everyday and quite versatile.

The following example shows how to wear a trench coat with leather pants. The top and shoes in this look are matched to the color of the pants. The beige handbag is in perfect harmony with outerwear.

Next, we demonstrate a total look with a women’s beige checkered trench coat that meets all the fashion trends of 2021. An elongated trench coat, high-waisted trousers are complemented by a beige turtleneck, pumps and a formal bag. Isn’t this image perfect?

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In the next photo, you see confirmation that the trench coat looks very advantageous in cute and feminine looks. Here it pairs wonderfully with a pleated skirt and heels. The second similar example is a milky maxi length trench coat in combination with a satin dress. Pay attention to the original sleeves and an interesting cut.

Ideally, the trench coat fits into the sport-chic style, and confirmation of this is in the photo. Here you can see an interesting combination of a leather trench coat with a tracksuit. The image is complemented by a stylish handbag, which is worn over the shoulder.

The fashion trends of 2021 say that every woman simply must buy a beautiful trench coat for herself, and after viewing the photo, you will definitely do it. There are a lot of styles and colors in the collections, so the choice is yours!

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