Stylish trench coats for women for the season 2023

The trench coat came into women’s fashion from the army wardrobe and firmly entrenched in it. All these years, he did not lose ground and remained very popular. Girls appreciated the aesthetics of the double-breasted collar, buttons on the cuffs and a stylish belt. They liked the practicality of the thing no less, because the trench coat, unlike an ordinary coat, is sewn from waterproof fabric. This makes it almost indispensable in the off-season – late spring and early autumn. And also in summer, when rain is a frequent occurrence. Like any other clothing, trench coats follow all the trends. Let’s discuss the most fashionable models for 2023.



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Color solutions and decor of trench coats 2023

As always, the classics will remain relevant, so you can safely wear models in white, black, gray and beige. Bright shades were also presented in the fashion collections of leading brands. You can dilute the boredom of early spring or cloudy autumn with the help of trench coats of raspberry, bright blue, light green, yellow, orange, purple and other popular colors. Pink, blue, lavender scales will help add tenderness to the image. Natural colors that are in harmony with the surrounding nature will look good – coffee, olive, sand and khaki, which is popular this season. Most often, monophonic trench coats are on sale, but there are also options made in several colors.



And as a decor, both unusual buttons and trendy elements of previous seasons – fringe, fur or embroidery can be used.

Trendy trench coats for 2023

The trench coat has characteristic details that distinguish it from the usual raincoat, but this does not mean that women have no choice and only one standard style is at their disposal. Depending on the style, preferences and season, you can choose clothes for your taste and occasion. Pay attention to the following models.

  • Classic trench coat. The classic cut does not imply unnecessary details, except for buttons and a belt. As expected, it looks very elegant. This is a universal option, appropriate in different settings, including as a detail of an office bow. Classics will also be appropriate when creating casual looks in casual style. Keep in mind that the belt focuses on the waist, so this trench coat is most suitable for a slender girl with a beautiful figure.


  • Checked trench coat. We have already mentioned the trendy colors of trench coats for 2023, but in addition to solid colors, prints will also be in trend. One of the most versatile and stylish patterns for the 2023 season remains the cage, both large and small. It will look good on models of classic colors – black, white, beige. There is also a colored cell in a range that is in harmony with the main color.


  • Striped trench coat. Another popular print is the stripe. It is also universal and appropriate in business, romantic and many other images. Good for creating everyday bows. You can wear sports shoes with a striped trench coat – sneakers or sneakers, but regular shoes for the season, like ankle boots and boots, will also work. Keep in mind, girls with a full figure should be careful with longitudinal stripes – they can visually make the silhouette even wider.


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  • Long trench coat. This is a suitable option for creating romantic and festive bows. This model goes well with beautiful evening and cocktail dresses, accessories, high heels. The most spectacular look are images made in gentle or classic colors. Pay attention to the long models of trench coats in beige, white, black and deep, like midnight, dark blue. A good addition here will be decor details that have a golden sheen.


  • Asymmetrical fit. Fashionable trench coats for overweight women for 2023 include asymmetrical models that divert attention from problem areas and visually mask them. Trench coats with asymmetry look very stylish and can be suitable even for women over 50 who want to look modern. Asymmetry can mean a deliberately uneven cut, non-uniform colors, decorative elements located on only one side.


  • metallic luster. Another interesting option is a metallic trench coat. It looks bold and bold, suitable as an addition to the corresponding bow, or if a girl wants to attract attention. However, this model will look very good with a little black dress. However, remember that if you wear a shiny trench coat too often and at the same time complement it with other shiny accessories, the look will be overloaded and quickly get bored.

  • oversize. Oversized clothing is one of the main trends of the 2023 season. This fashion trend has not bypassed trench coats. A good option for creating casual looks in the appropriate style, as well as a good choice for full girls who do not really want to show off their figure or imperfect legs.


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Models with fur collars will also be popular in 2023. These trench coats are suitable for early spring or late autumn, when the temperature still allows you to wear raincoats. Faux fur is one of the biggest trends of the season. Inserts in natural colors will add chic to the image.


A trench coat is a versatile piece of clothing for every day. And even taking into account the fact that it is designed for a specific time of the year, it also serves to emphasize the femininity and individuality of its owner. In the photo of fashionable trench coats for 2023, you had the opportunity to see many interesting bows, among which there is a suitable option for every girl.

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