Stylish women’s haircuts 2023 for a round face

Choosing a fashionable women’s haircut for a round face in 2023 is not an easy task. After all, cheeks, depending on the circumstances, need to be emphasized favorably, then hidden. And not every hairstyle has this property. We will tell you which haircut options are most suitable for these purposes, and what stylists say about this.




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What should be a fashionable haircut for chubby girls and women?

The task of such a hairstyle is to visually stretch the face and hide excessive roundness, that is, to make the outlines more perfect and fashionable. After all, according to stylists and plastic surgeons, it is the oval shape that is preferable for most modern women. Therefore, many haircuts are aimed at giving the face just such features.


The main nuance when performing women’s haircuts for a round face in 2023 is to make a border, thanks to which the puffiness on the cheeks should visually decrease. Therefore, such a hairstyle is complemented by volume precisely in the upper part of the head, while the face is framed by vertical elongated strands. They, as practice shows, “slim”, and look quite seductive.

How best to arrange a haircut, masters usually suggest. After all, hairdressers have enough experience to assess the direction of adjusting the appearance. A properly selected haircut for short and medium hair emphasizes the dignity of a rounded face, taking into account the individual characteristics of a woman. On what option to stop? This largely depends on the type of curls.


  • For hair with fine structure. Haircuts designed for chubby girls and women are ideal for thin hair. After all, they help to correctly arrange the volumes, choose the optimal shape, which will make the back of the head and crown more magnificent, but not the side part. As a result, the image acquires harmony.

  • For straight hair. This type of curl is a great material for experimenting with haircuts. The easiest option is to make an elongated square just above the shoulder, but not shorter than the level of the chin. You should not add only straight, even bangs to the image, as it tends to further “expand” the face.

  • For thick hair. All short women’s haircuts-2023 for a round face easily fall on thick hair. The most stylish options in this group are pixies and undercuts. Recommendation from stylists: in order to visually narrow the face, the temples should be shortened.

  • For curly and curly hair. In this case, on the contrary, you need to work hard to harmoniously combine the type of hair and the roundness of the face. The fact is that curled strands give volume to the cheeks. Therefore, when choosing a haircut, it is advisable to focus on asymmetry or deliberate negligence, which hides the cheekbones under “torn” strands or long bangs laid obliquely.

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A good option would be a hairstyle with open ears.

Stylish haircuts for a round face, trendy in 2023 and do not require styling

Haircuts that do not need styling are the most profitable option for those who do not have time to constantly align the shape of their hair. All it takes is proper blow-drying. Let’s analyze the most relevant haircuts in this segment.


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This is an original and effective haircut in a “boyish” style, which correctly corrects facial features, including making it visually more slender. For modern girls, undercard is almost a classic style. The essence of such a haircut lies in the contrasting transitions of length between curls. At the same time, the hair at the temples is completely shortened.


Anderkat is relevant for owners of both thick hair and thinned curls. At the end, you can add a hairstyle with light styling. To give it more volume, many stylists recommend using Redken’s Rootful 06 root spray before drying. Thanks to him, the curls remain light, do not stick together, fit with the necessary splendor.

Pixie (super short)

This haircut is popular among many chubby celebrities. Its secret lies in the fact that the main part of the volume is located in the parietal zone and crown. Hairstyle is relevant for any color and texture of hair. Pixie shifts to the background the horizontal line in the cheekbones, which visually lengthens the face.


For this haircut, disheveled and careless styling, smooth combing or lush volume are allowed. It is desirable to fill the hair with a healthy shine, especially if they are damaged. This will give the hairstyle gloss and neatness. For these purposes, there are special sprays with a reflective effect.


One of the trendiest women’s haircuts for round faces in 2023 for medium hair, which also often does not need styling. Bob-car goes well even with curly hair. Regardless of the level of hair straightening, the classic version of a haircut made in this popular style is also relevant. A slight asymmetry at a slight angle is also welcome here.


Caring for this hairstyle is not very difficult. The main thing is the use of products to protect against thermal exposure and hair shine.


Extra short machine haircut, which is definitely in trend today. Looks good with bright colors. With such a hairstyle, stylists allow the application of drawings and patterns to emphasize the individuality of a fashionista. This haircut rejuvenates, so it is ideal for extravagant ladies over 50.


A round face, like an elongated one, has its advantages and disadvantages. It gives you the opportunity to experiment with the appearance to emphasize the pros. However, keep in mind that there should be no extra volume in a haircut for a round face, especially for full girls. The most “safe” areas for splendor are the back of the head and the top of the head.

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