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Stylish women’s shirts in summer fashion 2020

In summer, every girl wants to look great. In the warm season, you can easily walk in beautiful and open clothes, catch the admiring glances of passers-by. It is almost impossible to imagine a harmonious summer look without a shirt. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn both for a meeting with friends and for work. Definitely a women’s shirt is included in the basic wardrobe. What shirts will be popular in the summer of 2020?

Women's shirt

Oversized shirts

For many seasons, oversize has not lost its positions. An elongated oversized shirt will look great on any type of figure. In addition, it can be combined with absolutely any clothing – from denim shorts to strict skirts. However, be careful: you should not combine more than one oversized item in an image.

Oversized shirt

Shirt with colorful print

Summer is the best time for colorful outfits. In the 2020 season, stylists decided to focus on shirts and offer girls to focus on this particular piece of clothing. Animal drawings, peas and flowers will become especially popular. Bright clothes can add playfulness even to a casual look.

Shirt with colorful print

Asymmetrical fit

Many women are afraid of asymmetry and prefer to stay on the classic cut. First, you can pay attention to blouses with bare shoulders or back, beveled smell. For lovers of an asymmetric cut, unusual cutouts in the neckline or the complete absence of sleeves are perfect.

Asymmetric shirt

Flounces and ruffles

Nothing gives such a romantic look as transparent flounces and light ruffles. It would seem that these attributes remained in school looks, but in the summer of 2020, fashion designers decided to give a chance to childish spontaneity. Waves, ruffles and other frills will give the image of tenderness; this shirt can be safely worn on a date in combination with a floating skirt or dress pants.

Ruffle shirt


The strip can be called the unequivocal leader not only this summer, but also previous seasons. Fashion designers have become so fond of this print that shirts, t-shirts, skirts and even striped trousers are found on store shelves. Depending on the preferences of women, the strip varies in color and width. When buying a striped shirt, you need to pay attention to the position of the print, because clothes with a horizontal stripe visually make its owner look fat.

Striped shirt


This season, at the peak of popularity, clothing for jeans, as well as silk, satin and linen. In the fashion world, more and more preference is given to natural materials and they are trying to move away from the use of synthetics. Natural materials are environmentally cleaner than artificial ones and adhere much better to the skin. On hot days, natural materials do not make you feel uncomfortable.

fashion shirt

How to wear stylish shirts in the summer of 2020

A shirt is a versatile piece of clothing. It can be worn with a pencil skirt and high heels, or with jeans and sneakers. However, when wearing a bright fashionable blouse with other stylish items, it is worth remembering the combination rule, which prohibits combining several eye-catching items so as not to “overload” the image.

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