Stylish women’s windbreakers 2023

Who would have thought that sailors’ outerwear would become a real must-have in women’s wardrobe after decades. What are we talking about? Of course, about light cloth jackets, which you simply cannot do without in the off-season. Fashionable women’s windbreakers in 2023 will be a practical, versatile and comfortable solution for cool weather.

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Stylish women’s windbreakers-2023

This year, women’s windbreakers are back at the top of popularity. Moreover, the designers presented to the court of fashionistas a lot of interesting styles and models. Including you could see them on the big podium. Of course, not every item from the show is suitable for wearing in real life. Now we will tell you what fashion trends in the segment of women’s windbreakers are recommended to be introduced into the wardrobe this year.

  • Oversized windbreaker. Loose fit is a ubiquitous trend that applies to almost all elements of the wardrobe. This is due to the fact that oversized is comfortable to wear and adds to the image a slight negligence, fashionable in recent years. At the same time, oversized windbreakers are suitable for both thin and obese women. To such models, stylists suggest adding wide trousers and sweatshirts. This will create a layered and ultra-oversized effect. For a polar look, you can mix a voluminous windbreaker and a fitted dress. Get an unusual and at the same time feminine outfit.

  • Short windbreaker. This model will appeal to the daring and bold. Fatal beauties combine it with mini skirts and short shorts. Great option for spring 2023. If, however, a cargo skirt and bright socks go with such a windbreaker, you get a fashionable bow in a sport-chic style. But the mini is far from the only option. For example, a cropped windbreaker will look just as impressive when paired with flared trousers, sweatpants or jeans.

  • Extended windbreaker. Unlike the previous model, this windbreaker will not only make your look stylish, but also protect you from the vagaries of the weather. Usually, an elongated windbreaker is mixed with massive sneakers and leggings, including leather ones. But this season, designers offer women not to dwell on the “classic” version, but to experiment. For example, like Puma. At the show, they showed a combination of a windbreaker and heels. It is very contrasting, unusual, and will definitely attract the attention of others.

  • Fitted windbreaker. There is a myth that fitted things have long become an anti-trend. But this is not so, the main thing is to combine them correctly! Even something as sporty as a windbreaker can become part of an elegant look. For example, Burberry this year showed the world an outfit consisting of a fitted windbreaker, trousers and high-heeled shoes. And this is not a single case. Zara designers also skillfully mixed fitted outerwear with cycling shorts and boots.

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  • Combined multilayer. These models have two versions. Some designers combine elements of contrasting colors when sewing a windbreaker, while others mix elements of similar colors and textures, which is much more practical. The main thing to remember when creating a bow with this thing is not to overdo it. You should choose the basic options for the bottom and shoes.

  • Floral print. This version of women’s windbreakers in 2023 will perfectly complement both a strict trouser suit and ordinary denim shorts. Images that combine windbreakers in a floral print and sweaters in soothing shades will look organic. If you want a bolder outfit, you can make a total flower bow. A windbreaker, pants and shoes in a small flower are feminine, original and stylish.

  • colored blocks. Windbreakers, made in the color-block style, conquered the catwalks this year as well. Such models, of course, are more related to sports style, but women of fashion successfully combine them even with short dresses. For a casual outfit for every day, stylists recommend combining a color-blocked windbreaker with classic turtlenecks and trouser pants.

  • Logos. Large letters or a small logo as a print already make the windbreaker fashionable. Especially in 2023, many fashion designers still consider logomania one of the main trends. For example, the Fendi brand loves this technique very much, so in its collection there are many images from head to toe studded with logos.

  • Quilted windbreakers. Models from this material began to be made quite recently, but they have already won millions of women’s hearts! Such windbreakers look especially organic in natural colors: black, green, olive or brown. Although prints (for example, floral) look quite appropriate on a quilted fabric. But monochromatic models are still more popular.

  • Transparent windbreakers. The advantage of such things is that they are neutral and will suit any outfit: a daring feminine bow with a dress or a casual bow with jeans. Transparent windbreakers add zest to the image, as well as lightness and femininity. Rubber boots and panamas look organic with these models. They look great in a sporty chic style.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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These were fashionable women’s windbreakers of 2023, we hope you have already decided from the attached photos which one will warm you this season. In general, the choice of stylish windbreakers is huge. Therefore, you will definitely be able to create a stylish image that suits you, your worldview and taste!

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