Stylist tips on how to wear oversized clothes

How to wear oversized clothes to look fashionable and harmonious? Modern stylists know everything about this and even a little more, and we, in turn, collect the most valuable recommendations in one place!

General Tips

the main role

If you are just starting to experiment with oversized cuts, use only one loose-fitting item in your look. This simple recommendation will protect you from creating an overly baggy outfit.

Volume ratio

The harmony of volumes is another simple principle that will help you to advantageously beat loose-fitting clothes. To maintain the desired balance, it is worth picking up things of a fairly close-fitting style under the oversized cut. For example, in a duet with wide trousers, a tight-fitting top will look great.


Fat women can and should wear oversized clothes, but at the same time they should use tricks to make the image more collected and clear. Stylists assure that for this you can’t come up with a better addition to the bow than shoes with heels. For example, fashionable ankle boots with a high rise will noticeably balance the bow with a loose cardigan and will not allow such a thing to visually add extra pounds.

Emphasis on the waist

Many girls refuse oversized styles, as they believe that such things will undeservedly hide the dignity of the figure. But stylists have one simple trick to avoid this undesirable property. The whole secret lies in creating an emphasis on the waist. This trick is easy to pull off with a high rise, tucked-in top, color blocking, and a belt or sash.

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More body

Tips from stylists on how to wear oversized clothes often come down to the recommendation to leave some parts of the body bare. For example, you can open the neckline, one shoulder or the ankles. Accordingly, in loose clothing it is always better to roll up sleeves or legs. This life hack will help you not to break the proportions of a beautiful figure and not deprive the image of femininity in the pursuit of fashion.

Men’s style

In modern fashion, oversized cuts often closely border on men’s clothing styles. At the same time, girls do not have to borrow things from the boyfriend’s wardrobe – it is better to prefer women’s clothing in the appropriate direction. In such silhouettes, the waist and shoulders will be in the right place, and the proportions will not be violated.

Stylists suggest that such fashion items look most advantageous in neutral shades, and sports shoes are the best company for them.

Game of contrasts

So that the oversized cut does not reduce the degree of sophistication and femininity, it is worth combining it with things that embody these qualities. For example, in addition to a free style, you can choose a thing with a light texture, a romantic print, delicate colors or an elegant design. A typical example is the combination of an oversized jacket with a flying skirt or dress that is fashionable in the 2020 season.

To embody the necessary play of contrasts in the image, you can also use accessories in a feminine style. So, the favorite of many fashionistas this year was the details with pearls, which always embody refinement and elegance. Hairpins, chokers, earrings, belts, bags, pendants – now pearls are literally everywhere!

vertical lines

The reverse side of the oversized style is its ability to make the silhouette more mundane and baggy. To reduce this property to zero, you should take care of the visual lengthening of the silhouette. But what if you don’t like high heels at all? In this case, the power of vertical lines can come to your aid!

The desired effect in the outfit can be embodied by an unbuttoned top layer, a vertical striped print, as well as a monochrome combination of things.

figure type

So that the oversized trend does not contradict individual characteristics, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the figure. For example, with the parameters “inverted triangle”, it is better to avoid images composed according to the formula “free top + adjacent bottom”. But trousers and jeans in a fashionable spacious cut are literally made for this type of figure.

Stylish Examples

Now we offer you specific examples to figure out how fashionable to combine clothes in oversize style. Remember the best ideas and be sure to put them into practice!


To actually wear an oversized sweater, you should definitely balance the proportions. Stylists suggest that for this you can use any bottom with a fairly tight-fitting style that will perfectly emphasize the beautiful silhouette of the figure. For example, the 2020 fashion trends welcome the combination with classic straight-cut or skinny jeans, a pencil skirt or a linen-style dress.

In a stylish look, it is also fashionable to use various accessories that will deprive the sweater of baggy and shapelessness. For example, you can take on basic leather belts, as well as peplum belts that have triumphantly returned to fashion.

If the bottom with an oversized fit appears in the bow, it makes sense to at least half fill it with an oversized sweater or cardigan – such a simple trick will skillfully balance the proportions and beautifully highlight the waistline.

A fashionable look for fall or winter 2020 is easy to get if you combine an oversized sweater with a midi-length dress and accordion boots with a wide top. This look is completed perfectly with a stylish rectangular bag.

A real find for many fashionistas is a sweater dress in a trendy free cut. Despite the fact that this thing is quite voluminous, it creates a beautiful accent on long and slender legs. Do not forget that a sweater-dress can always be supplemented with a belt to emphasize the waist.

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The shirt in the current loose design in the 2020 season easily replaces almost any outerwear in warm weather. Throwing such a novelty on a basic T-shirt, turtleneck or crop top, you can definitely look trendy.

But the oversized shirt has proven itself well not only in multi-layered ensembles. This top looks great in the company of various models of trousers, jeans and skirts. However, in these outfits, it is better to fill the shirt completely or halfway, wear it on one shoulder or tie it in a knot at the waist.


The oversized jacket can rightfully be called the key must-have of the 2020 season. If you have already tried to combine such a novelty with basic jeans and a T-shirt, now you dare to beat it as a dress. For such a stylish experiment, you will need shoes with heels and a leather belt to highlight the waist (however, slender girls can do without it).

Modern brands quite often include a loose-fitting jacket in a ready-made pantsuit. With such an ensemble, stylists advise to be careful …

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