Subscribers accused Buzova of excessive retouching of photos in the bath

Olga Buzova is an avid Instagrammer with over 23 million followers on her profile. It is for their sake that Olya daily uploads photos and videos from all the significant and not very events from her life.

The last such “significant” event was a visit to the Buzova bath complex. As it turned out, the singer had not been in the bath for a long time, which she told her followers about. She also said that she began to devote more time to herself, is engaged in self-development and devotes time not only to her body, but also to her soul.

Under the post, the ex-participant of “House 2” added a fresh photo. The picture shows a slender Olga in a green swimsuit, and two pigtails are braided on her head. At first glance, it is cute and cute.

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Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)

But attentive subscribers saw falsehood and retouching in the photo, which they told the singer about:

  • “But you can’t at least sometimes take a natural photo, and not like that …”;
  • “Why? Why so much photoshop”;
  • “The head is bigger than the body, re-photoshopped”;
  • “Oh, Olya downloaded photoshop”,
  • “Is it weak without Photoshop? Looks like a tadpole here.”

Olga did not respond to the caustic and malicious comments of subscribers. And she only added a video of a walk through the snow-covered territory of the complex to the story, thereby annoying the haters more and more.

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