Successful winter looks 2022-2023 for full

Winter fashion for obese women 2023 has prepared a lot of interesting new products that not only look stylish, but also delight with the effect of harmony. A photo selection of trends for plus-size fashionistas is excellent proof!

What outerwear is slimming

To achieve the effect of harmony, choose outerwear that clearly matches in size. A harmonious fit in terms of parameters is the first key to success.

Full hips are easy to disguise with an elongated outerwear model – a sheepskin coat, a straight-cut fur coat or a midi coat.

To look slimmer in the winter of 2023, take a closer look at outerwear with an English collar – oblique lines in combination with a V-neck beautifully correct the figure.

A coat-robe or down jacket in a similar cut will make the figure more toned and graceful. In addition, such novelties boast excellent versatility.


Winter clothes for the fat ones in a single color scheme pleases with a magnificent effect of harmony. A nice bonus is that the monochrome technique is in line with the key trends of winter 2022-2023 for curvy women.

A ready-made set of clothes in one color is, of course, beautiful, but a monochrome outfit with different and at the same time related shades is the main trend. Caramel, milky, brown, blue and green tones are considered a stylish solution for the winter of 2022-2023. Subject to matte colors and dense texture, color monochrome sits perfectly on a full figure.

Emphasis on the waist

Fashion for obese women for the winter offers to forget about shapeless and baggy silhouettes of clothes and rely on grace, beauty and confidence. Designate the waist with accessories or an oversized bottom fit – the underlined line of the figure visually slims.

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How to dress in full winter to look fitter and slimmer? The main trick lies in the construction in the image of vertical lines that visually stretch the silhouette. An obvious trick is the straight stripe print, but this is not the only life hack.

The vertical line is formed by appropriate accessories – for example, a long line of a scarf, a falling edge of a belt or a stole.

If the weather allows, leave the cardigan or outerwear unbuttoned – such a trick will visually collect the figure and slim the silhouette.

A dress for obese women for the winter can also hide the potential of a slimming vertical. Models with straight cuts, a long belt, a V-neck and a wrap have the desired effect. Fashionable women’s clothing for the winter of 2023 also highlights knitted dresses with a straight pattern or a semi-free silhouette.

To dress completely stylish, you should choose knitwear with a smooth knit without voluminous patterns.

Knee-high boots

Stylists pay great attention to shoes when answering the question of how to dress in full winter. The main must-have of the 2023 season is high boots with stable heels that visually stretch the silhouette. A stylish way for overweight ladies would be a combination of such shoes with a skirt with a slit and a high waist, a tucked-in top and unbuttoned floors of a coat / down jacket.

Leather trends

Fashion for the fat winter 2022-2023 highlights new leather clothing that gives confidence and expressiveness to the images. The density of the skin corrects the imperfections of the figure and tightens the silhouette.

Dresses for obese women 2023 can also be complemented with leather inserts or completely made of fashionable texture. It is important that the material is dark and matte – then the effect of harmony will be guaranteed.

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To understand how fashionable to dress a full woman, pay attention to the average density of textures. Rigid, but not bulky, shape-retaining fabric hides imperfections without adding baggy.

Fashion for the full season winter 2022-2023 will allow you to try on top new items without compromising the parameters of the figure. Follow the simple tips of stylists, and your images will turn out to be fashionable and harmonious!

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