sugar diet

First, let’s figure out what a diet is and who needs it. Diet is the rules for eating food. There are: rational, therapeutic, medical, no-carbohydrate and non-medical diet.

  • A rational diet is a diet that includes all the essential elements of food. Essential elements of food are elements that must be included in food to ensure the normal state of functions in the body.
  • Therapeutic diet is a diet that repels disorders in the human body.
  • A medical diet is a system of diets for certain diseases of the human body.
  • A carbohydrate-free diet is a diet based on the absence or reduction of carbohydrates, replacing them with proteins and fats.
  • Non-medical diets are diets that are geared towards weight loss.

Overweight and obesity

Obesity is an increase in body weight due to adipose tissue. Nowadays, obesity has no age, regional, gender boundaries. Chronic obesity appears due to the fact that there is a chronic imbalance between the absorbed and expended energy. If the expended energy is greater than the absorbed, this is a threat to life.

Causes of obesity

Scientists call the causes of obesity: a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, psychological disorders in relation to food, genetic factors, certain diseases, a tendency to stress, lack of sleep, psychotropic drugs.

To determine an overweight body, you need to divide body weight by height squared. The indicator of overweight is 23-25, and obesity is 25-30.

Treatment of excess weight occurs with the help of: diet, medication or surgery.

sugar diet

The sugar diet is not aimed at weight loss. The task of this diet is to give an opportunity to rest the organs (especially the kidneys and liver) and cleanse the body of harmful substances.

The effectiveness of the sugar diet increases if the day before you go on a diet, you exclude fried and fatty foods from your diet.

Despite the sweet name, the sugar diet is not about eating all kinds of goodies like cake, pastry, cookies, chocolate and croissants. This is a very rigid diet, although it lasts one or two days, once every one or two months. While dieting, it is necessary to exclude from the diet any solid food, no matter how high in calories it is.

The sugar diet is a mono-diet, almost starvation, based on the use of purified water and sweet tea.

Everyone has long known that sugar is an easily digestible and quickly soluble carbohydrate, in connection with this, the whole body will receive a charge of the necessary energy. Nutritionists argue that industrious bodies need to rest periodically. After such a rest, the organs begin to work with renewed vigor.

What to Eat on a Sugar Diet

You can use teas, but the strength of the tea should be moderate and even light. Green tea contains caffeine, which easily invigorates in the morning; it is better to refuse green tea at night. If you drink green tea at night, you can get insomnia. A rested body needs sleep.

During the day, you need to drink five glasses of tea with a full slide of sugar in each. Don’t forget to drink purified water.

Tea is a diuretic and removes everything that is not needed from the body. Remember, in childhood, when you had a cold, your mother constantly soldered tea. Thus, with the help of tea, the infection was washed out of the body.

After washing out harmful substances in the body, tea begins to wash out – useful ones. Therefore, the sugar diet is a mono-diet, lasting one or two days, so that the beneficial substances remain with you.

What foods should not be eaten during a sugar diet

The sugar diet is a rigid diet, almost starvation. Therefore, during the sugar diet, you can not eat any food, but only tea and purified water. Including fruits, vegetables and even compotes, juices and fruit drinks.

Useful tips to keep in mind

If you have a desire to go on a sugar diet, be sure to consult
with your physician. It is strictly forbidden to sit on a sugar diet for people with diabetes.

Every low-calorie diet has side effects, and the sugar diet is no exception. These are such side effects as: weakness, drowsiness, apathy, and irritability may appear. Therefore, sitting on such a diet is recommended on a day off, when you don’t need to run anywhere. If you want to sleep during the day, do not deny yourself this pleasure.

During the diet, it is forbidden to engage in physical activity and sports. You can walk through the park on foot, but in the hot season it is better to do it in the evening. Tea expels more liquid than it brings in. And the sun, in turn, evaporates fluid from the body, and with the loss of a large amount of fluid, there may be dizziness and fainting.

The day after the sugar diet, do not immediately pounce on food. You need to start with light breakfasts and gradually return to the usual diet. Portions should be tiny at first, then small, then half, and finally regular. No matter what, always listen to your body, it always knows what it wants and what it needs.

Despite the fact that the sugar diet is not aimed at losing weight, many women who have tried the effectiveness of this diet claim to have said goodbye to a few kilograms.

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