Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

To create a stylish wardrobe, it is very important to know what fashion trends will be relevant in the summer of 2019. Photos from the most famous fashion shows will help us highlight new trends, as well as create some fashionable looks for the new summer season.


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Trend patterns for summer and spring 2019

For fashionable outfits, not only the style is always important, but also the color of the material from which the outfit will be made. Boring monochromatic bows fade into the background. And bright stylish images, decorated with trendy patterns, are returning to fashion.

Designers have compiled the top most stylish prints for clothes and accessories:

  • Cell. It may seem to many that the cage was quite popular in the winter, so using it in summer bows would be too commonplace.

But stylists are in a hurry to prove that this is not so. Such a geometric pattern will remain in fashion due to its brightness and versatility.

  • Floral prints. For a bright summer look, floral motifs are a must. Designers say that in addition to floral prints, various patches and decorations resembling plants will be very relevant.

Stylists advise paying special attention to headdresses embroidered with flowers. They should become one of the main trends of the coming summer.

  • rainbow colors. Among the bright summer patterns, the rainbow occupies a leading place. Bright stripes of a variety of colors can decorate any look: from everyday to evening.

  • Python skin. Things resembling snake skin will look very expensive and stylish. Python costumes and overalls will be especially popular.

  • polka dots. This unusual retro print is back in fashion. For an office style, designers suggest choosing black and white polka dots, but for a bright look, color drawings are ideal.

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The choice of print is one of the key points in the selection of a bow. Stylists recommend taking this seriously so that you can be in trend for all three months and shock the people around you with your appearance.


Top trending styles for summer 2019

In order to look bright, you should pay attention to what styles of clothing will become relevant this summer. The fashion trends of summer 2019 inspire the creation of many stylish bows. No one forbids experimenting and supplementing these bows with accessories. The main thing here is not to overdo it and not overload your image.

Sea style

In summer, in hot weather, we all dream of the sea. But not every fashionista has the opportunity to bask in the sun and swim in the waves. But the sea can be very close – on your clothes. Marine style does not encourage you to change into vests at all.

To create a bow in this style, you just need to add a few details to it:

  • Black and white stripes with red accent;

  • The red underside of the hood, resembling a tie tied around the neck;
  • Jackets and coats similar in style to a tunic;
  • White and blue colors in clothes.

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In this style, you can create both an evening and everyday look. You can dilute it with harmonious accessories: python bags, pearl jewelry and red shoes.


Sport bow

One of the most fashionable trends of spring-summer 2019 will be the creation of sports bows. But this season, not only fashionable tracksuits will be relevant, but also dresses, coats and skirts.

Sports style does not at all encourage girls to wear it only within the gym. Modern fashion designers have made sure that such things can perfectly complement both evening and even office bows.

Layered bows

A few years ago, wearing a dress over a shirt, covering it all up with two raincoats, was at least ridiculous. But this summer, such outfits will become a real trend.

You can combine everything that seems unusual to you: dresses with trousers, raincoats with fur coats, skirts with overalls. Any combination will look creative and fashionable.

For hot weather, stylists advise choosing things from natural fabrics. You can combine mesh sweaters and silk skirts.

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Flounces and lace

A fashionable evening look this summer will not do without fluffy dresses decorated with waves or a lace blouse. Flounces may well decorate accessories: bags, headbands, capes.

But dresses and blouses made of lace will become one of the leading trends of this summer.

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Stylists advise covering lace items with jackets or cardigans. Such layering can advantageously emphasize all the piquancy of lace things.


The most stylish styles of summer 2019

Designers this season have identified several leading styles of things.

Among them:

  • Loose fit. Oversized things have long been back in fashion. But in the summer of 2019, they will become an undoubted must-have for every wardrobe. In addition to the fact that such things look very stylish, they will be comfortable in any weather.

  • puff sleeve. Volumetric sleeves will be a hit of the summer. You can add brightness to the image by creating a slight asymmetry: make only one shoulder lush, add tiered, etc. Moreover, the puffy sleeve is welcomed both on dresses and blouses, and on outerwear.

  • Pleating and gathering. This fabric is back on the list of trends. A special hit this summer will be pleated shorts and trousers, combined with white blouses made from natural fabrics.

  • midi length. Skirts and dresses below the knee length are the new trend of summer 2019. Moreover, stylists advise choosing natural fabrics, then the bow will fully comply with the trends of the summer season.

  • Separate dresses. Short tops are back in fashion, combined with high-waisted skirts. Such separate sets can completely expose the stomach, or they can overlap each other. Therefore, girls of different builds will be able to look stylish.

  • Flare. Wide trousers and jeans will become relevant in the spring. And for the summer season, flared shorts are perfect in combination with short tops and silk T-shirts.

When choosing a style, it is important to consider the type of your figure. This season, designers have created a variety of stylish styles that can skillfully emphasize the dignity of any figure.

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The most stylish colors of summer 2019

Not all shades will look harmonious this season. We will learn about which colors designers recognized as the most fashionable this summer in this section.

total white

An all-white look is the absolute hit of summer 2019. Stylists assure that to create any look, you need white or its warm shades.

Do not be afraid to pick up all things white. But if it seems that total white needs to be diluted, then you can safely turn to black or red details, or accessories. It can be, for example, black straps on dresses and tops, red shoes or a bag.

Have you started planning your wardrobe for summer 2019 yet?

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