Summer 2019: fashionable images for women for every day

Fashionable images for modern women in the summer of 2019 promise to please with extraordinary brightness, originality and lightness. Frank bows will remain in the trend, which in no case should cross the line of vulgarity. It’s no secret that a stylish look is impeccably matched clothes and shoes, accentuated by the right jewelry. Stylists promise that summer will bring flying feminine looks with bold notes.


current color scheme

Speaking of color trends, bright, saturated and juicy tones will become in demand, among which you need to pay attention to the following:

  • bright green, beet pink – will become the most popular and in demand in the season;
  • walnut tone – recognized as universal, as it suits both monochrome images and contrasting colors;
  • an ashy shade of blue – like denim, it will play great with all colors;
  • yellow is the absolute favorite of this summer, the combination with blue and walnut tones will be the most successful union;
  • dark blue – remains in trend, recommended by stylists for thinning the figure, goes well with many colors.

Summer looks in pastel colors

Fashionable images of the season should be made with elements of pink, red, orange shades.

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[stextbox id=’info’]These bold colors pair flawlessly to give your summer look even more freshness and juiciness.[/stextbox]

Undoubted trends in the wardrobe are such styles:

  • everyday;
  • sport;
  • street style;
  • grunge;
  • swag;
  • boho;
  • classic.

Summer in sport chic style

The basics of the basic elements in the wardrobe

Summer 2019 will bring fashion for women in gentle and romantic colors, so do not forget about the existence of pastel colors. Any woman should have a couple of basic gizmos for every day. For example, a pencil skirt will always help out when creating an office style, and the presence of a light sun skirt will give confidence at a friendly meeting or in case of a romantic date.

Summer skirts and dresses

A combination of dresses in delicate pink tones with contrasting neon shoes and a handbag will be successful for a casual look.

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[stextbox id=’info’]An image with the addition of a twisted leather jacket will become interesting and intriguing to a girlish pink dress. Such an element will give confidence and some audacity.[/stextbox]

Fashion trends for curvy women

Modern fashion opens up many attractive and charming bows for obese women. Today, many collections and fashion shows are created and dedicated to the owners of magnificent beauty. The myth that it is difficult to find an actual image for such a figure has been completely dispelled.

Bright summer bows for curvaceous ladies

Large, spacious and shapeless things, in which lush beauties used to hide all their virtues, have long been irrelevant. Today, chain stores have been developed with a huge range of trendy items that allow overweight women to feel light, fashionable and stunning.

Current offers for women over 40

Fashionable images of the spring-summer 2019 season for women 40 years old will allow you to perfectly combine notes of aristocracy and skepticism. The main feature of this age is that a mature and self-confident woman should fascinate with her confidence and impeccable wardrobe. Fashion trends make it possible to choose a bow from retro to vintage or Provence.

Stylish summer looks for women over 40

The coming year gives a chance for a rich selection of bright products that will amaze others with courage and, at the same time, speak of a democratic image. The chosen models should be light, comfortable and such that they will give their owner showiness and courage, thanks to attractive and bright colors.

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Be sure to remember the feminine length of the maxi, presented in fashion shows with a variety of cuts and colors. Such things will help to make women stylish, unique and desirable.

Elegant looks for a cool summer

[stextbox id=’info’]Stylists strongly recommend experimenting with all sorts of bold and colorful prints and patterns.[/stextbox]

The same ideas will complement the fashionable images of the spring-summer 2019 season for women aged 35, as their freshness and eccentricity will help to find a relaxed and self-confident image of a successful, luxurious woman.

Elements of the basic wardrobe of a girl

In the closet of every girl, the basic things that form the basis of her wardrobe are simply required to be present. All these clothes should correspond to the mood of the owner and the fashion trends of this season.

The real hits of the season, both for girls and women over 30, will be floral, animalistic, 3D prints. Do not forget about the always relevant stripes and cages, as this summer they are not going to give up their leadership positions.

Stylish summer looks with basic wardrobe items

It’s time for young fashionistas to wear sweaters, tops, T-shirts, T-shirts, complemented by original drawings of cartoon characters, as well as photos of movie stars and show business.

[stextbox id=’info’]Small, openwork and contrasting ornaments will help to give the girl’s bow more tenderness and awe.[/stextbox]

Other summer fashion suggestions

Based on photos of branded fashion week shows, the idea of ​​combining bright and juicy tones with delicate and pastel shades is perfect for both young girls and women over 50 years old. The new season brought with it elegant combinations of asymmetrical and free-cut models with frill elements.

White trousers are a classic summer wardrobe.

Well-known world designers have successfully and very successfully introduced elements of sequins, glitter and feathers into strict and restrained classic lines of models.

Some wardrobe rules for this season:

  • a jacket with short sleeves, a cardigan or a sweatshirt is a must-have item in the closet;
  • jeans have not been canceled – dark blue, dumplings, shortened or options with a high waistline will be relevant;
  • trousers are always relevant – you can use classic fitted and wide models;
  • trouser suits are always in trend – pastel colors, suits in men’s style will be fashionable;
  • dresses should be flying – the presence of ruffles, smell, lace, asymmetry of the cut is mandatory.

Bright and elegant summer look

In conclusion, it is worth noting that fashionable female images this summer of 2019 continue to be bold, extraordinary, colorful and at the same time perfectly emphasize tenderness, femininity, completeness of forms, image and taste.


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