Summer 2019: main trends

Vacation time is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take a closer look at all the summer 2019 fashion trends. And to make it easier for you to do this, we have collected all the current prints, colors and stylish solutions in one article.


Summer Trends

Perhaps, we will start with the trends of the upcoming season. After all, knowing them, you can make a really beautiful and fashionable image.

This summer’s fashion trends suggest focusing on femininity and bright prints (more on that later). But all masculinity, predatory colors and even metallics have sunk into oblivion.

Trend #1 Lush bows

If last season things that looked like they were taken off a man’s shoulder were considered fashionable, then this summer everything is exactly the opposite. Femininity and elegance are the main components of a stylish bow. And large bows, which were presented in the collections of Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, MSGM, are a vivid proof of this.

They act as an accessory, the main highlight in the outfit. They can be on the neck, shoulder and even on jacket pockets. An interesting option was suggested by Dries Van Noten. In his version, the bow was made of contrasting fabric and tied at the chest. It all looks very nice, to see for yourself, look at the photo below.

Trend #2 Asymmetry

But this solution has not left the fashion Olympus for several seasons in a row, so do not rush to hide things bought last year if they have even the slightest hint of asymmetry.

David Koma presented a dress with one bare shoulder, this option is perfect for a romantic date, as it looks stylish and elegant at the same time.

An outfit is no less spectacular if the asymmetry is combined with flounces. For example, as in the models of designers Off-White, to which no less popular layering was added.

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Trend #3 White jumpsuit

Total white is back in fashion, though fashion stylists have rethought it a bit and it all “resulted” in incredibly cool and stylish white jumpsuits.

[stextbox id=info]These things are presented in a huge variety, and therefore everyone can find their own model.[/stextbox]

Particular attention should be paid to jumpsuits with ruffles, various slits on the shoulders, as well as banana trousers, reminiscent of the fashion of the 80s.

Stylish look

Trend #4 Boiled Denim

This is the case when you can revisit old things in search of trendy jeans, jackets or overalls. In addition, the total bow is also relevant, but this image is only for girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight.

But for more modest fashionistas, designers offer to combine boiled jeans with other textures. In the photo below you will find some interesting bows that can inspire you to create stylish combinations.

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Trend No. 5 Slits on trousers

Such novelties will definitely please girls who want to look feminine and not wear dresses or skirts.

Pants with slits look very original and also elegant (unless, of course, the length of the slit is too defiant).

We strongly recommend to pay attention to the culottes from Channel.

Trend #6 Peas

Are you tired of the “pea mood” of famous designers? Then this is a reason to buy yourself another fashion item with this cute print, as it will be delayed for at least one more season.

[stextbox id=info]When choosing such an active drawing, you need to remember about its features to change the visual proportions. That is why full girls should pay attention to small peas, and slender girls to larger ones.[/stextbox]

Trend #7 Bicycles

The global campaign for a healthy lifestyle could not but affect the fashion world. After all, how else to explain the incredible number of bicycles on fashion catwalks?

Eminent designers offer to combine them with anything: with a classic jacket, silk shirts, T-shirts, tunics or bomber jackets. Whatever you choose, in any case, you get a stylish youth look.

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Trend No. 8 Degrade

The fashion trends of summer 2019 have prepared an incredibly stylish clothing solution that has already managed to find its loyal fans. And this is a smooth transition, located on a dress, trousers or a T-shirt.

On the catwalks, bright colors were mainly presented, as in the photo. But there were exceptions in the form of beige-smoky overflows in the Dior collection.

Trend #9 Crochet

Handmade items also stay with us for another season. But this summer, the crochet technique will be relevant – large and coarse knitting, which looks great on summer dresses.

Trend #10 Mallet dress

Since femininity and elegance are in trend, it was simply impossible to do without mallet dresses, in this case.

Very beautiful outfit

Models with a short skirt in front and a long train are a new trend for the coming summer.

Mallet dresses are suitable for everyday looks, and for special occasions.

What colors are in fashion?

It’s time to talk about fashionable shades that will please the eye in the coming season. And it is worth saying right away that a real extravaganza of colors awaits us, which can not leave anyone indifferent.

The peculiarity of the summer palette is that it includes colors that give energy and self-confidence.

So, according to Pantone, the actual shades will be:

  • Fiesta is a bright and juicy orange-red color, perfect for the warm season. It is worth noting that it was he who became the key at New York Fashion Week.

  • Pepper stalk – an interesting yellow-green hue will spice up any outfit, and therefore it must be in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista, at least in one copy.

  • Golden aspen is a great option for those who are already tired of gray colors and want something really bright and summery.

  • Blue Princess – a rich, deep blue color is suitable for girls who have always wanted to feel like at least a court lady.

  • Mango mojito – golden yellow color looks rich, but not flashy, and therefore it will take its rightful place in the wardrobe of a girl who prefers an elegant palette. It is interesting that this shade looks in shoes.

What about prints?

In this regard, summer fashion is very diverse, since in addition to the already familiar prints, many new ones have appeared, which you can learn more about below.

What trends do you like? What will be in your wardrobe?

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The main trend of summer 2019 is a floral print, which can be not only on clothes and shoes. Some designers have even adorned their bags with it.

The most stylish look is a pantsuit with an abundance of all sorts of colors and was presented by MSGM, Dolce & Gabbana and, of course, Michael Kors.

Combining patterns

This is not a fresh idea, since we already highlighted this a couple of years ago, but now everything has become much brighter. In order for the image to turn out to be mega-stylish, it is necessary …

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