Summer 2020 anti-trends: what has gone out of fashion

List antitrends in season summer 2020 turned out pretty impressive. Do you want to get to know him?


Flared skirt

The fashion of the 2020 season mercilessly treated a flared skirt of any length. To don’t look ugly, the classic model should be replaced with more relevant variations. For example, your new favorite could be straight denim with a possible slit, pleated skirt, wrap style, frill and ruffle variations.

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[tds_warning]In the 2020 season, you should also not wear a tutu skirt – it has long been out of the ranking of current styles.[/tds_warning]

Fitted blouses and shirts

Well deserved place on the list anti-trends of summer 2020 in clothes occupied by blouses and fitted shirts. Designers have been campaigning for loose styles for so many years that now almost all tight-fitting clothes are decisively losing ground. Similar shirts were often featured in the business style capsule, but now this no longer fashionable. If you want to look trendy, stylists advise betting on loose shirts that are more comfortable and multifunctional.

It is not necessary to say goodbye to tight models – they can serve faithfully when compiling multi-layered ensembles. For example, in the 2020 season, loose knitted vests and cardigans are back in fashion, which require a concise base layer.

Trousers with arrows

Even the classics periodically give up under the influence of fashion and lose their position of relevance. Such a reboot in 2020 awaits mid-rise skinny trousers with creases, which were often paired with a cropped jacket. Until recently, such a thing was considered indispensable, but now it should not be worn, especially since among the current models you can find a worthy alternative. For example, your new “favorite” may be loose palazzo trousers with a high waistline. By the way, the arrows on them may also be present.

Bicycle shorts

Cycling shorts are still desperately fighting for a place in the sun, but this summer more and more fashionistas are opting for trendy Bermuda shorts. These are loose long shorts with excellent versatility. Still, you should not finally say goodbye to the sensational bicycle shorts, they can simply be returned to their rightful place – in a sports wardrobe.


Summer 2020 don’t have to wear and skinny jeans, because among the current models there are many worthy alternatives. Tight jeans (especially with fraying and active decor) look old-fashioned and in summer looks they are unlikely to be given a second chance. Maybe skinny should be left until the fall – in the cold season, they can be combined with elongated loose sweaters and high boots. But this is only possible under the condition of a laconic monophonic design of jeans.

Peplum dresses

Among antitrends for summer 2020 there are also skirts and dresses with bass. Despite the ability of this element to visually hide figure flaws, designers mercilessly said goodbye to such styles. But such a sad fate did not await overhead peplums – they are increasingly becoming stylish features of images with loose dresses and elongated shirts. You can also take on board the classic wrap style, flying midi dresses, minimalist straight cut, A-line and perfect summer models with flowers or polka dots.

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Some other models of dresses were finally expelled from fashion wardrobes, for example, a tight-fitting bandeau cut, a style with a sun skirt, a sheath, tight sweater dresses made of loose knitwear, as well as models completely made of guipure. But do not worry about this – modern fashion strives for femininity and invites girls to look at a rich selection of more stylish dresses.

Pants with stripes

More recently, trousers with stripes could be seen in images of various directions. But now stylists insist: it is fashionable to leave such a model only for home sets.

Slim cardigans

In the current collections of the 2020 season, various stylish cardigans were presented in a wide variety, but they did not include models made of flimsy material in a tight-fitting cut with elongated shelves. In fact, they rarely used to be able to really decorate the image. But oversized models from the male shoulder can really transform the female outfit.

pearl barrettes

In the 2018 season, pearl hairpins loudly declared themselves on the world catwalks, and in 2019 they appeared in the jewelry boxes of almost all fashionistas. But it is worth recognizing that such a trend has already become boring for everyone and is now considered bad form. If the love for exquisite pearls is in your blood, just choose more relevant accessories with their participation. For example, in the summer season, the combination of chains and pearls is incredibly popular, as well as such irregularly shaped decor.

[tds_note]If desired, you can replace pearl jewelry with a velvet or satin ribbon, a light scarf or a voluminous headband.[/tds_note]


Fashion summer 2020 did not ignore some models shoeswho received the title antitrends.

Wedge sneakers have not appeared in current collections for a long time, but some girls still continue to wear them. Such a tandem in sports shoes is already out of fashion and looks irrelevant. At one time, wedge sneakers gained fans among girls who would like to look a few centimeters taller without sacrificing their comfort. Now this action is provided by models of sports shoes on an impressive platform with a futuristic design.

It is worth noting that sneakers in their classic version also lost their popularity. In the modern assortment, there are still some models of sneakers – these are laconic and monophonic options that will successfully fit into any outfit.

Another striking example of an anti-trend is stilettos with an impressive platform. It is worth noting that the high rise is still back in fashion, but it manifests itself in sandals with a steady heel.

This summer, it is better not to buy red-soled shoes that imitate a well-known brand. It will be much more practical to invest in classic matte pumps, which will probably never go out of style.

Ballet shoes with a round nose are also better to put aside.


The list of anti-trends regularly includes not only things, but also various cosmetic procedures. So, in the 2020 season, plump lips that do not look natural no longer seem attractive to anyone. Even many stars are now returning natural outlines to their lips.

Has sunk into oblivion and too lush and “puppet” method of eyelash extensions. There have been comical jokes about this on the Internet for a long time, and now the girls finally understood: the extension looks modern and aesthetically pleasing only if the natural look is preserved.

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