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Summer coat – a fashion hit of the season 2020

The coat is considered the most classic outerwear option. Over the years of existence, the main styles have not changed much. Everyone is used to people wearing it in autumn and winter, but 2020 surprises with the long-forgotten fashion for summer coats that have captured the attention of women in Europe.

summer coat

Summer coat in the wardrobe

It would seem that there are enough options for light outerwear for cool evenings. These are jeans, and cardigans, and windbreakers – there is plenty to choose from. But the popularity of the summer coat was inevitable: there is no better option for going to work, business meetings or events on a rainy or cool day.

The idea of ​​a summer coat is not new, because they were popular at the end of the 20th century. In recent years, stars and even Queen Elizabeth have also been seen wearing this piece of clothing. But they reached the peak of popularity in 2020. Many women are already in search of a fashionable novelty for the summer, which will suit them in style. It will be easy to do this, because this year there are a lot of trends.

Summer coat trends 2020

Both lovers of the classics and fans of unusual combinations will be able to choose a fashionable image. In 2020, summer coats are made from silk, linen, lace, crepe and cotton. There are several trends in 2020.


In favor of this novelty, many stars have chosen. Jacquard gives a stylish and solemn look. The fabric may seem dense and warm, but this is a mistake, because thin threads are used for summer coats, and volume is given due to the relief of the material. The cut of the most fashionable options is made in the style of Chanel. Colors are offered from light beige to light brown. Collarless styles, flared models to the hips with a belt, as well as transformers that turn into a short jacket or even a vest are also considered stylish.

jacquard coat

Sleeveless summer coat

They are also in demand and are made mainly from crepe and cotton. Outfits with them look very light and stylish. They have one cut – straight, but there is where to show imagination – in colors. Both light pastel colors and extremely bright colors are fashionable: orange, bright yellow, electric blue and others. An interesting solution is a sleeveless trench coat in ethnic style.

sleeveless coat

Oversized things

An indispensable addition to the wardrobe will be an oversized trench coat in pastel beige colors, light brown, and also with ethnic prints. All of them are made in a free cut and can be worn both under jeans and under a skirt or dress.

oversized coat

midi length

A fitted midi-length coat made of silk in pastel colors or vice versa – painted with bright colors and patterns – will also be a good addition to your wardrobe. It can be either completely straight or flared to the bottom.

midi coat

jacket coat

This season, everything that looks like a jacket is considered a good buy. Dresses-blazers, overalls-blazers. This style has not gone far from outerwear either. A good addition to the wardrobe will be a jacket coat to the middle of the thighs in black, white, brown or blue. It will complement both business and casual look.

jacket coat

Things under a summer coat

This piece of clothing is absolutely self-sufficient. That is, you can wear it on its own, like a dress, or together with other elements.

For a business look, a pencil skirt, pumps with heels and a blouse with short sleeves are suitable. To slightly move away from the classic look, you can wear a midi dress and skirt, sneakers. You should be careful with this option, because it only fits under a jacket coat or oversized.

If you want to wear a new thing with a skirt or dress, then the choice should be made in favor of the midi length, so that it is not shorter than the coat, as well as the textured bottom. For such an image, you can replace the heels with sneakers, ballet flats or platform sneakers. A stylish look is also created with shorts. But do not forget: short shorts should be shorter than the hem, elongated – at least three centimeters longer than the hem. You can also wear a coat with jeans, culottes and cropped trousers. All these images will look stylish.

Summer wardrobe

A summer coat is a universal thing that will replenish and decorate a girl’s wardrobe. This season, you don’t have to be afraid of experiments, combine classics and sports, try bright colors, because they will be more appropriate than ever in summer looks.

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