Summer dresses 2019 for women 50+

What will be the summer dresses for obese women 50 years old in the 2019 season? Looking ahead, we will hint at a variety of styles, colors, fabrics and styles. We are sure you will definitely find models to your taste in our selection! Get inspired by fashion options and meet the summer fully armed!


Fashion shades

Summer outfits for plus size fashionistas do not look boring and gray at all. Designers offer to take a closer look at rich and deep shades that are in perfect harmony with the colorfulness of the warm season.

  • Not every woman over 50 will decide on an outfit in the main color of the 2019 season – coral. But we hasten to remind you that the shade of marine reefs is distinguished by a variety of shades. If you are not ready to go for bright colors, look for lighter and more delicate versions of coral.

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  • A rich family of red and orange shades will not work against the figure, if you choose the right style of the outfit. Fashion savvy women love choosing these colors for special occasion dresses or beach ensembles.

  • Gone are the days when it was believed that the lot of women with a non-standard figure is only the dark colors of dresses. Designers are sure that a woman 50+ looks especially charming in a dress with prints of a competent cut. The leader of the summer season is, of course, floristry.

Elegant dresses with floral print

  • To “cheer up” the look, you can use a varied palette of green, lilac, sand or terracotta – they have also been awarded the title of fashion favorites of the 2019 season.

  • Designers offer to pay special attention to yellow tones for women with a full figure. Canary, mustard and lemon shades will instantly cheer you up and create a light and stylish look.

  • Stylish summer dresses for women 50+ can be made in noble shades of blue, burgundy or brown. In addition to versatility, these colors promise to be a 100% hit in trends.

  • Fortunately for all ladies with plus size parameters, fashion trends have confidently destroyed the stereotype that white is not suitable for a full figure. Quite the opposite: with the right choice of style, the light color of the dress will refresh the image, shed a few years, emphasize a beautiful tan and make the hair color more saturated.

  • In the wardrobe of a plump lady, a black dress can also take pride of place. This is a classic option that will make you look slimmer, more elegant and charming. With graceful pumps and beautiful jewelry, a little black dress will easily turn into a formal outfit.

classic black

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  • Vertical lines in colors and cuts are a sure-fire trick that will help elongate the silhouette and add slenderness.

Vertical lines will make you slimmer

  • Small polka dots look cute and elegant, so they are ideal for women in their 50s who like to dress stylishly and modernly.

[stextbox id=’info’]Checkered pattern is undeniable must have 2019 season. In the summer, tartan and Prince of Wales prints will be especially relevant, which are great for summer outfits for full ladies.[/stextbox]

Actual styles

  • The key trend of the 2019 season – asymmetry – is also reflected in dresses for full fashionistas. Single-sleeve options or slightly different hem lengths look elegant and add zest to your everyday look.

  • A classic of the genre is a shirt dress. This style boasts excellent versatility, because it has no restrictions either in age or in the features of the figure. This model is ideal for sunny days. The colors and material are very diverse – from denim to knitwear, from one-color models to original printed options.

  • V-neck dresses, although popular in 2019, are unlikely to suit women over 50 years old. The fact is that this zone often indicates the true age. An elegant boat neckline would be a suitable alternative.

  • For overweight women, wrap dresses are another great summer outfit idea. Such a versatile cut will emphasize the femininity of the figure, and at the same time will look restrained.

  • Among the dresses for a special occasion, A-silhouette is a special honor for full ladies. A peculiar style expands at the bottom, which means it hides any imperfections in the figure. The palm was won by chiffon dresses with such a cut – the embodiment of femininity and romance.

  • A wonderful option for everyday life is a tunic dress with a length just below the knee. If you want to accentuate your waist, tie a loose fit with a dainty strap.

  • An elegant sheath dress is a lifesaver for any occasion. If you are a business woman, opt for a dark color that will additionally slim and elongate the silhouette.

  • If you have puffy hips, take a closer look at romantic dresses with a half-sun skirt. However, this style will not suit ladies with a protruding tummy.

  • Among the styles of fashionable summer dresses for overweight ladies over 50, the “bat” model occupies a special place. This cut masterfully disguises the fullness of the shoulders and arms. It is recommended to choose monochromatic models.

  • Fashionable summer dresses for overweight women with a pear or apple body type can be complemented by a high waist as in the photo. At 50, a length below the knee is recommended for such a dress. This cut masterfully corrects the silhouette, masks the tummy and hides imperfections in the hips and waist.

  • A-line will be another suitable style for a full figure. This is justified by the ability to hide flaws and create a laconic elegant silhouette.

  • The designers hinted that the fullness of the figure is not a reason to hide the waist behind baggy shapes. They suggested using some cutting tricks that slim this area: a contrasting bow belt, a wide belt with vertical drapery, a sewn-in insert with an opposite print direction, or a solid color belt on a dress with a pattern.

Interesting! 50 years is a wonderful age! At this time, a woman acquires the necessary experience, elegance and unique charm. We offer to emphasize your individuality with additional accessories for the dress – a silk scarf, a stole, a hat, pearl beads or sunglasses.

Fashion sundresses

What could be more practical and feminine on a hot summer day than a sundress? In the 2019 season, the most popular are:

  • comfortable sundresses made of linen;
  • knee-length style with a high waistline and a straight cut;
  • trapeze cut with thick straps, often with buttons along the entire length;
  • a fitted sundress with a vertical zipper, which is designed to visually stretch the silhouette;
  • cotton maxi sundresses.

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