Summer fashion dresses 2021 that hide the belly

A fashionable summer dress that hides the belly and emphasizes the figure is the dream of any woman! However, stylists argue that such desires are quite feasible. Thanks to modern fashion trends, any girl can easily pick up a trendy summer dress and look irresistible in any situation. We offer you to get acquainted with the most successful styles that will look great both on slender young ladies and on ladies with a tummy.

Rules for choosing a dress that hides the belly

Even if you are satisfied with your figure and you are not embarrassed by the presence of extra pounds in the abdomen, it is definitely not worth emphasizing this feature of the figure. Therefore, stylists recommend following these recommendations when choosing a dress:

  • discard tight belts located in the center of the abdomen, such an accessory will only emphasize the protruding area;
  • avoid dresses with a lot of ruffles and frills – such models add volume and are contraindicated for overweight women;
  • give preference to high-quality natural fabrics, say a firm “no” to fine knitwear;
  • choose models in a dark saturated palette, refuse light dresses, as well as dresses with large prints in the problem area;
  • take a closer look at the styles with a V-neck, they draw attention to the neckline, distracting from the stomach;
  • do not forget about shapewear, it will bring the silhouette closer to perfection.

If everything is clear with the general recommendations, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends for the summer of 2021 and find your perfect dress that masterfully hides the stomach and sides.

A-line dress

This style allows a woman with any form to feel confident. A-line dress is suitable for all young ladies, without exception, and not only for young women, but also for women over 50.

A feature of the model is a gradual expansion towards the bottom, which easily hides the presence of sides and a slightly convex tummy. You can wear such a dress for any occasion: for a celebration, for work or a walk with girlfriends.

Give preference to laconic midi length models without additional decor. It is better if it is a plain dress or an option with an interesting combination of contrasting colors.

Dress shirt

The collar and front closure make this dress very similar to an elongated shirt. This is one of the most trendy styles of 2021 that women should buy, no matter what their figure is.

Thanks to the free cut, the shirt dress perfectly masks figure flaws and is suitable for creating a variety of summer bows. Complete the look with heels or platform shoes – this way your figure will appear more slender.

Oversized dress

Oversized style is ideal for women with a belly. Such dresses not only hide all the features of the figure that you don’t want to expose to the public, but also give comfort and freedom of movement. Stylists and fashionistas themselves claim that oversized dresses are the perfect fashion solution for disguising a small belly. But it is better for large young ladies to abandon such a model, so as not to visually make the figure more cumbersome.

high waist

This is another version of a fashionable dress for obese women, which is able to hide the belly and emphasize the figure.

The unusual cut of the dress in the waist area perfectly masks the extra centimeters and emphasizes the décolleté. The main thing is that the belt should not be very tight, and the hem should hang down freely, without puffing forward. Refuse models narrowed down, such dresses, emphasizing unnecessary parts of the body, will spoil any image. Well, if the dress is long – it will stretch the silhouette, make the figure more elegant.

Low waist

A very interesting version of fashionable dresses in 2021. The ideal style option is its combination with a trendy oversized style. Such dresses will be the perfect solution for women with a wide top – they will balance the proportions, and also hide the unpleasant features of the hips and abdomen.

With drape

For obese women who want to appear slimmer, models with drapery in the abdomen are suitable. Such a detail is able to advantageously shift the focus, drawing all attention to itself. In this case, the material will not tightly fit the figure. The desired drapery can also be obtained with the help of a wrap model, medium or maxi length. These dresses are suitable for both young and women over 40.


Despite the fact that such models have lost their relevance a little, they remain among the fashion trends of the summer of 2021. The best option for body shaping is a peplum located in the waist area. This option perfectly hides a slightly hanging tummy and at the same time emphasizes the waist area. The main thing is that the peplum should start from the waist and cover the problem area. As a result, girls get a feminine and slender figure, which will certainly arouse the admiration of others.

Now you know what fashionable summer dresses can hide the belly and emphasize the dignity of the figure, and the photos presented in the article will help you choose the best option. Choose your dress, and let only you know about the protruding tummy!

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