Summer fashion for women over 50

At any age, the fair sex wants to look stylish and elegant; for women over 50, designers have developed models that match the fashion trends for spring-summer 2019. By choosing the right clothes, you can look incredibly elegant and sophisticated.


Fashionable clothes for women over 50 in 2019

This season, many stylists have paid great attention to the creation of collections designed for the fair sex of a more mature age. The most sought after and popular wardrobe items include the following.

  • Classic straight trousers. They can be with or without arrows, some models taper slightly downwards. These pants go well with all kinds of blouses, sweaters, cardigans, can be combined with a jacket.

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In 2019, for women over 50, trousers made from natural materials such as cotton or linen are offered for spring-summer. They not only look stylish, but are also comfortable to wear. Relevant light pastel colors, which are perfect for the warm season, rich wine, eggplant shade.


  • Straight fit jeans. This is one of the most successful models for women after 50 years. Jeans should be concisely designed, the presence of scuffs, torn elements, decoration with rhinestones is excluded. The color scheme is preferably restrained, for example, it is beige, black, gray, blue, dark blue. You should refrain from tight-fitting skinny jeans and youth boyfriends.

Stylish everyday look

In the spring and summer of 2019, light denim jeans can be combined with long chiffon or silk shirts or long tunics, jackets with short sleeves.

  • midi skirts. This length looks most organically on mature women. It can reach the knee or fall to the middle of the lower leg. As for the styles, options such as a pencil, a godet, a slightly flared trapezoid, a large pleated skirt are ideal.

In the summer season of 2019, nude shade will be especially popular. A skirt made in this color palette looks great on women over 50. You can create a stylish retro look if you use a polka dot print skirt. For ladies over 50, casual bows are also available, if you use a midi denim skirt for this.

  • Dresses. Case style will be a win-win option. It looks great on any figure. Modern fashion for women over 50 for the summer of 2019 allows the use of light fabrics and maxi lengths. However, the cut should not be too flared, a trapezoidal model is ideal.

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In the early spring season of 2019, an elongated cardigan or an elegant jacket thrown over and made in both similar and contrasting colors will be a great addition to the dress.

  • Blouses. With the right selection, this piece of clothing can bring elegance and sophistication to the image. Women of this age are advised to pay attention to blouses, the length of which ends at the waist or mid-thighs. It is better to refrain from excessively shortened options. The blouse can have a regular length sleeve or three-quarter sleeves. Traditional shirt cut preferred.

The latest topical innovations include the use of various prints. The fair sex is advised to choose discreet designs, for example, it can be a soft check or a thin strip. These prints are among the favorites of spring and summer 2019, so they will be a win-win option.

  • Capri. For the summer season, such a trend of recent years as cropped capri pants is ideal. Their length reaches the middle of the lower leg or to the ankle. They will be a great alternative to shorts designed for younger women, which the fair sex of mature age should refrain from.

In the spring and summer season of 2019, capri pants will be a great addition to the image. Relevant models are made of linen, denim, cotton fabric. An alternative option is cropped culottes, which will be popular in the coming season and will harmoniously fit into the image of women over 50 years old.

  • bags. Accessories are an important addition to any image and its harmonious completion. Women over 50 need to pay attention to such current trends: bag models must be of medium size. Large voluminous and shapeless options should be excluded. For a trip to the theater, you can choose a miniature clutch.

Great option for going out

A win-win option will be the styles of bags of a square, rectangular shape with a rigid frame. They should be made of expensive quality material, have a concise design without shiny rhinestones, fringes, inscriptions and bright prints.

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For spring and summer 2019, it is better to prefer light nude tones that will bring a fresh touch to the image.


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Fashionable clothes for obese women

Owners of magnificent forms are somewhat more difficult to choose wardrobe items, regardless of what age they are. In order for things to look harmonious, you need to pay attention to the following points.

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  • Cut – it should hide the flaws of the figure as much as possible. In modern fashion, designed for overweight women over 50 for the spring-summer of 2019, models such as a sheath dress, pencil skirt, year, high-waisted, straight or flared trousers and jeans are offered.

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Such a design technique as an overestimated waistline will be especially popular in the spring and summer of 2019. This is very useful for obese women over 50 who can look fashionable and harmonious at the same time.


  • Color spectrum. Owners of magnificent forms are recommended to pay attention to discreet shades. Preference should be given to dark tones that make the silhouette visually slimmer. Light colors, very popular in spring and summer 2019, are also allowed, but should be treated with caution as they can add volume.

In order for overweight women to be able to hide their flaws and at the same time look fresh and stylish, designers have provided for them such rich colors as burgundy, eggplant, deep blue.

  • Figure Features. The choice of things and colors largely depends on the physique of a particular woman. For example, spring fashion for obese women with a triangle-shaped figure suggests clothes that are dark on top and light on the bottom.

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