летний минимализм

Summer in gentle colors: the minimalist style of the season 2020

Simplicity and conciseness are firmly entrenched in the trends of 2020. Clarity of lines, unprinted expensive fabrics, restraint and a limited combination of shades, a minimum of decor – all this is a fashionable minimalism style.

summer minimalism

This style, without bright accents, attracts attention with its rigor and elegance. Nevertheless, minimalism is “friends” with almost all areas and allows you to create unique images.


A fairly classic, but incomparable and versatile look for every day in this style is a pantsuit. It is a full-fledged wardrobe base and will remain so for a long time. Creates a luxurious look for going out and for everyday looks. 2020 does not advise wearing blouses with ruffles, but a tight crop top will go well together.

classic pants

Pants sewn in a classic cut – straight, without unnecessary details – must be made of dense fabric and must be in shape. Jeans, in turn, should not be frayed or designer torn – it is better to choose minimalist simple models.


To maintain this style in the overall image, a classic white or black shirt will become mandatory in the wardrobe of a fashionista.



The rules for choosing a fashionable skirt for the summer are the same as for trousers. However, a skirt with small details, but always plain, will dilute the image. You can (and should) combine it with various jumpers, T-shirts, unprinted T-shirts (plain).

summer skirt


Dresses are another basic item in a fashionista’s wardrobe that doesn’t require any additions or unnecessary decorative elements for a minimalist look. It should be concise and relevant. What is characteristic of such a thing? It should be with a straight cut, A-line or a straight slip dress, asymmetry is possible in the cut.

summer dress

Delicate cream colors and shades – sky, lavender and other pastels – will be the most sought after this summer.

Minimalist accessories

Accessories are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe and complete any look. Minimalism involves small, neat, unpretentious details. The hat should be plain, without decorations and accent straps. A bag of strict geometric shapes, without embroidery, tassels and additional author’s decor.

Lady's bag

This fashion trend implies the absence or presence of a minimum amount of jewelry. They should also be neat and have simple shapes. But this fashion trend should not be considered boring and simple. An unusual cut of the product, asymmetry or an oversize that has been loved by many for several years in a row can give a zest to the images. Thus, minimalism can be used at any time of the year and for any occasion: for a walk with children, to the office and to the theater. He is not tied to the age and status of a woman, absolutely everyone can afford it.

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