Summer manicure 2020 for short nails

On short nails, you can also create an original manicure that fully meets the trends of the summer season 2020. Further in the article, we will just consider examples of such nail art.


Design features

Many girls give their preference to short nail plates. And all because they do not create discomfort and are very comfortable to wear. In addition, on their basis, you can create many stylish designs. It is only necessary to take into account the recommendations of the leading masters of nail art, presented below.

  • Use high-quality decorative coatings. With them, the manicure will turn out to be persistent.

  • Avoid designs with too much decoration. On short nails, they will look rough and ridiculous. The same applies to complex drawings.

  • If you want to visually lengthen your fingers, use gel polishes in pastel or nude tones.

  • Avoid very dark finishes. They visually make the plate even smaller.

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Actual colors

And now let’s look at what colors it is better to decorate your nails this summer.

  • Green. Those who want to create a fashionable summer manicure should stop their choice on a noble green palette. After all, she always looks very catchy and elegant on her nails. You can choose any design. In this case, both a bright plain nail art and a mysterious gradient or a classic jacket would be appropriate.

  • Blue. A beautiful color that is ideal for decorating a manicure on short plates. As in the case of green, blue can simply cover the nails. Also, this palette can be an excellent basis for more complex designs.

  • Red. In summer nail art, any shade of red is acceptable. It can be delicate coral tones, aggressive scarlet or rich burgundy. As for the design, in addition to the plain or lunar, which many fashionistas love to do so much, a design in a minimalist style would also be appropriate. No less impressive will look and nail art in the style of a color block, designed in red.

  • White. The most versatile palette that you can safely decorate short nails. This season, nail masters recommend that fashionistas go beyond simple monochrome coverage. At a minimum, it is worth applying a shimmering rub over such a design. Also, on a snow-white base, you can place funny art or an exquisite scattering of rhinestones or colored stones.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Please note that snow-white coatings often strip. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will need a lot of time and patience to create such a manicure.[/stextbox]

Design examples

If you have not yet decided on the design of manicure for the summer, below we have presented nail art ideas that are fashionable in 2020, which are also suitable for short nails.

  • “Refreshing Fresh”. Aquarium manicure is back in fashion. And this season it can be done even on short plates. You only need to randomly place a colorful fimo decor in the form of apples, bananas, kiwi, pineapples, etc. on the surface of the nail. And then, cover everything with a transparent gel. The substrate can also be made transparent or colored, for example, pale pink.

  • With palm trees. In the summer, a manicure with a bright substrate, on top of which palm trees are placed, will be relevant. The drawings themselves must be necessarily dark in order to get an imitation of the shadow on the nails. As for the base, it can be not only monophonic. No less interesting in this design will look like a gradient stretch with contrasting transitions. The finish can be glossy or matte.

  • Berry. This is a kind of alternative to the fruit aquarium design. Only in this case, to create such a design, the technique of artistic painting is used. The drawings themselves should not be too small either. It is desirable that they completely occupy the nail plate. You can depict any fruits and berries on the nails. The most popular option is a watermelon wedge or kiwi slice. To improve such a manicure, transparent gel drops will help you, which will make the design more voluminous.

  • Nautical. A manicure design with blue and white horizontal or vertical stripes is perfect for a trip to the sea. You can leave it as it is or supplement it with drawings in the form of a steering wheel, a rope tied with a sea knot or an anchor.

  • “Butterfly Effect”. This summer, you can’t do without nail art with drawings in the form of various bugs, or rather butterflies. You can purchase a ready-made sticker and decorate your nail with it or draw it yourself. Also, the butterfly can be laid out from rhinestones or kamifubuk. But more creative individuals can form this insect from acrylic powder. It costs no more than two fingers to decorate in this way. Otherwise, the manicure will turn out clumsy.

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  • french. Fans of classic nail art techniques can opt for a French manicure. As before, the standard execution of this design with graphic semicircular white smiles remains fashionable. We encourage you to experiment a little with this design. You can make a smile line in the form of a gradient, decorate it with a different color, or completely highlight it with shimmering shimmery sequins. Another option is to complement the jacket with artistic painting, sculpting or figured laying out of rhinestones.

  • “Dewdrops”. This is a rather unusual manicure, which is ideal for every day. Its peculiarity lies in the gel droplets randomly located on the surface of the plate. Looking at such marigolds, it seems that condensation has come out on them. In this case, it is better to make the substrate matte. But the color of the base can be any.

  • Powdery. Pretty women who want to get a trendy manicure should take a closer look at designs with powder. After all, this coating allows you to create textured nail art, which is literally mesmerizing. You can simply lay it on the surface of the nail, thereby highlighting it. You can also create various ornaments with powder. But the drawings created with the help of this decorative coating will look especially catchy.

  • marble stone. The next trend of the summer season of 2020 was a design that imitates the surface of a stone on the nails. Often, short nails are given the color of marble or quartz by nail art masters. Such a design in itself already looks impressive. But if desired, it can be supplemented with silver or gold stripes, decorative threads or a simple scattering of glitter sequins.

  • Ombre. Although you can’t experiment on short nails with a gradient stretch, it still has a place to be. In this case, you can create an ombre with only two colors. Since for more you simply do not have enough space. As for the palettes themselves, you can use both similar shades and contrasting ones. Finish this…

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