Summer manicure 2020: stylish ideas

Summer manicure must be bright and responsive fashionable trends 2020 of the year. Therefore, further in the article we will consider the main trends of the hot season in the segment of the nail industry.


What will be in fashion: basic trends

Nail masters did their best this year, offering fashionistas a lot of interesting and, one might even say, extraordinary designs. We present the most relevant of them below.

  • Fruit. Summer is the time for all kinds of fruits and berries. So why not depict them on your nails. After all, you must admit that a manicure with drawings in the form of strawberries, currants, watermelons, melons, etc. looks very stylish and colorful.

  • With rub. One of the most versatile and wearable coatings. Since the rub looks impressive on nails any length, including very short. As for the decor itself, you can stop your choice not only on the pearl version. In summer nail art, mirror and holographic rubbing will also be appropriate.

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  • Floral. Fans of more feminine manicure design options can give their preference to the classics of the genre – a plant theme. It can be either ordinary twigs or leaves, or bright flower buds. But we recommend paying special attention to art in the form of tropical plants. This summer they will be at the height of fashion.

  • Minimalistic. Another trend This season has become a manicure made in a minimalist style. To create it, you just need to select one finger with a small layout of rhinestones or a simple pattern.

  • With animals. Stylists recommend forgetting the standard drawings in the form of bunnies, cats and dogs. Since now in the top of the art, depicting tropical inhabitants. It can be toucans, parrots, butterflies, all kinds of bugs and even spiders. And in order to make the drawing complete, do not forget to finish drawing a couple of palm branches in the background.

  • Nautical. Manicure, made in a marine theme, is the best way to relax on the sea. On your nails, you can depict a beach and palm trees, a sea sunset, a sailing ship or inhabitants of the underwater world. No less impressive on the hands will look abstract art, imitating the depths of the sea.

  • With inscriptions. Manicure with inscriptions and slogans will again be relevant. However, unlike previous seasons, in this season, inscriptions can decorate not only a monochromatic design. They perfectly complement nail art with art painting, foil, rhinestones and other decor. As for the theme, as before, the name of the brand or recognition can be written on the plate. But most of all, inscriptions related to summer will be welcome.

  • With glitter. AT 2020 peak year fashion trends occupy glitter coatings that the masters manicure used in summer nail art. Moreover, brilliant decor can now be present in the design not only as a secondary element. But also to be a full-fledged highlight of it. Therefore, you can safely cover the entire nail plate with shiny varnishes and gels.

  • Dotted. A very simple and at the same time cute print that is perfect for decorating summer nail art. On your nails, you can depict both small and very large peas, multi-colored or plain.

  • With geometric ornaments. The geometric print, which literally wanders from season to season, is not going to give up its positions. All kinds of stripes, circles, triangles, rhombuses, etc. still remain in the trend. In design, such decor can serve as an accent or be an element of a complex ornament.

  • In ethnic style. Ethnic motifs have long been used in nail art. However, all the so beloved Chinese characters were replaced by more complex ornaments. These include patterns in the Moroccan style, Indian and African.

  • With rhinestones. Do summer manicure more elegant will help you fashionable in 2020 year designs with rhinestones. You can use both transparent pebbles that create the effect of water drops, as well as silver or gold ones. But multi-colored crystals will look especially impressive on the nails. You can lay out such decor on the surface of the plate in a chaotic manner or in the form of ornaments.

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[tds_warning]Important! This summer at the peak of popularity will be a snow-white gamma. But don’t give up on more bright colors, as well as discreet nude classics.[/tds_warning]

Choose a design

And now let’s look at the most trendy nail art techniques.

  • French. Everyone’s favorite French manicure and this summer will be fashionable. But not in its standard version. This season, the jacket must be in color. You can decorate with a different color not only a smile, but also a backing. You can also play with the shape of the smile, making it triangular or heart-shaped.

  • negative space. To create a light, but at the same time catchy manicure, a design will help you, the highlight of which are transparent areas. You can just not paint over part of the plate. As a result, you will get the effect of an overgrown nail. Another option is to leave a transparent area in the middle of a colored solid base. It can be in the shape of a square, circle or heart.

  • Ombre. To create stylish summer design with a gradient stretch, you will definitely need bright palettes. The transitions do not have to be smooth at all. There are no restrictions regarding the location of the ombre on the plate. You can make it both horizontal and vertical.

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  • Lunar. The uniqueness of this nail art lies in the fact that it looks equally good as on longas well as for short nails. You can decorate the moon manicure in the classical technique, making the base colored, and the lunula zone transparent. You can also experiment by highlighting the lunula area with textured coatings, for example, a matte top or glitter.

  • “Broken glass”. A manicure that imitates the shine of broken glass on nails looks very unusual. This design is created using a special foil. Pieces are laid out on an already prepared colored substrate in a chaotic manner.

  • color block. Color block manicure will be the perfect option on every day. Its peculiarity lies in the ornament, which consists of multi-colored elements that have different shapes. It is worth making out in this way only one finger. Otherwise, you risk getting overly colorful nail art.

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We hope that fashion photo in 2020 year new productsas well as stylish ideas design summer manicure will inspire you. And taking as a basis one, or maybe several designs at once, you will create a unique nail art.


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