Summer manicure 2020

In this photo selection, we have collected the most stylish examples of the 2020 summer manicure season, taking into account the leading fashion trends! Choose the best ideas for you!



A rich pastel palette of nail polishes can be called the longest-running trend, because it has been popular throughout the 2020 season. In summer, interest in such a delicate and feminine range will only increase. Not only a monochromatic design is welcome, but also an exquisite embodiment of the gradient technique. Pastel varnishes are equally good on any length and shape of nails. In the summer of 2020, women of elegant age can also try on such a design on their nails – this will give a rejuvenating and refreshing effect.

Drawings of flowers and butterflies, which look especially elegant and elegant, will ideally make friends with the pastel base. Stylists recommend placing such motifs only on a pair of nails so that the final design does not look pretentious and overloaded.

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The sophisticated ombre effect is in its heyday in 2020. For fashionistas, a gradient with the participation of pastel varnishes, which smoothly flow into each other, will be especially in demand. You can also use brighter tones and embody the effect of sunset or sunrise. Among the trends was also a minimalistic duo of beige and transparent coating. Such a fashionable summer manicure 2020 is perfect for short nails, as it visually lengthens the plates.

[stextbox id=’info’]Sometimes a gradient design is complemented by actual decor. In the 2020 season, foil, light drawings and miniature rhinestones can play its role.[/stextbox]


Impeccable summer design will definitely not mind sparkling accents. In the sun, such a manicure will reveal all its effectiveness and expressiveness. But stylists warn that the glitter in the coating of the entire plate no longer looks relevant. It is better to place sparkling accents on some nails with a sense of proportion and combine them with a monochromatic coating.

In summer manicure, the use of magnificent rhinestones will be justified. Often, one stone is enough for the final nail art to be spectacular and stylish.

In the 2020 season, pearls are given great attention in all areas of fashion, including manicure. As you may have guessed, for the actual embodiment of nail art, you should limit the amount of such decor. For example, pearls will look very unusual as the core of summer flowers. Since multi-colored nails are in trend, images of plants can also be made in different shades.


In summer manicure, feminine flowers are always used, only with each season the principles for embodying such patterns change. In the 2020 season, it is not necessary to draw a whole flower field on the nails – perhaps you will fall in love with the most touching trend at first sight – field plants on a transparent base. Sometimes a neutral background is replaced with a pastel varnish – this move also looks pretty. This design looks charming not only on long nails, but also on plates of natural length.

Please note that the key nail trends of the 2020 season are images of sunflowers and daisies. This design is perfect for all summer outfits – from bows with a romantic flowy dress to a combination of denim shorts and your favorite T-shirt.

To independently embody a trendy floral manicure, it is not necessary to reveal artistic talents in yourself. Special sliders can help you out, which are easily applied to any surface and look realistic.


Actual stripes, which can be interpreted in completely different ways in fashionable manicure, can lead to a stylish idea of ​​nail art. They are easy to embody with the help of trendy foil or small lines in pastel color.

Creative types will surely love the curved line style, which in 2020 season often uses a combination of the brightest and most cheerful hues. In this case, it is better to choose a neutral base – nude or transparent.

Fruits and berries

A typical motif for a cheerful and spectacular summer nail art is fruits and berries. Feel free to use the juiciest varnishes from your arsenal in this design – in the summer this approach will be a great idea!

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Sea style

If classic nautical style with distinctive stripes seems incredibly boring to you, it’s time to look for stylish alternatives. For example, the real highlight of your marine manicure can be a minimalistic drawing of fish. It is noteworthy that for such a design it is not necessary to use an exclusively blue palette – any color experiments are welcome in the 2020 season.

Imitation of sea waves in watercolor technique also looks stylish and bewitching.


If you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the summer manicure design 2020, bet on the relevance of rubbing. This is a special powder that gives the nails a light shining effect. It looks quite restrained, but at the same time it promises to shimmer spectacularly under the sun’s rays.


Stylish geometric motifs do not think to lose popularity in the 2020 season, but by the summer season they can noticeably change by adding bright accents. Fashionistas are allowed to combine various geometric shapes, dots and stripes and at the same time masterfully manage color combinations.

negative space

If you want summer nail art to be both stylish and practical, it makes sense to take a closer look at the “negative space” trend. It is better to arrange transparent inserts at the base of the nails – this simple technique will increase the shelf life of the manicure and preserve its aesthetics for a long time. Any trendy motif can be placed on the tips of the nails – fruity, sweet, animalistic, abstract or floral patterns.


A typical summer design is tropical motifs, which in the 2020 season will look great in a minimalist design. It is enough just to place tropical green leaves (perhaps made using the stamp technique) on a white background to make the manicure stylish and relevant. This design will easily fit into any outfit and will be a great solution for a vacation.

bright colors

The fashion trends of the 2020 season resolutely declare: summer manicure will be doubly stylish using bright colors. At your service, the relevance of lemon, neon, red, azure, orange, green, blue tones and invigorating fuchsia. Such varnishes are beautiful even in monochrome. A trendy design is still acceptable, but, given the self-sufficiency of the coating, it is better to limit yourself to concise accents.


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