Summer manicure for long nails 2020

Manicure for long nails in summer 2020 of the year will pleasantly surprise fashionistas with a variety of ideas and colors. There are a lot of different designs and color combinations that will allow you to get a really original and stylish nail art. And now we will talk about the most trendy of them.


Design for long nails for the beach season 2020

Long nails are an integral part of the female image, which always attracts the attention of others. Therefore, girls strive to ensure that their nails look beautiful and well-groomed. Everything is used: gel polishes of various colors, unusual techniques for applying manicure, drawings, decorations, stickers. And what you should definitely pay attention to this year, we will now tell.

  • Lettering on nails. Back at the end of 2018, this uncomplicated design conquered the minds of fashionistas, and he does not intend to give up his positions yet. After all, ladies are very willing to write love messages on their nails, life-affirming slogans, names of loved ones, letters or phrases in which the sacred meaning is encrypted. Lovers of minimalism, as a rule, in this case are limited to the decor of only one or two fingers. But, if you want something brighter, then feel free to combine the lettering with other catchy elements, such as foil or kamifubiki. Get very stylish.

  • Rhinestones and sequins. Perhaps someone will say that it is not fashionable to wear a lot of glitter on nails now, however, this is not so. For several seasons in a row, rhinestones and a scattering of sparkles have remained the main decorations of manicure. And not only evening, but also everyday. And the main trending 2020 of the year, large rhinestones are considered in this segment, allowing you to create truly luxurious figures on long nails. For example, in the form of a crown or a flower. However, girls who gravitate towards a laconic design can limit themselves to a few small pebbles on one or two nails, this is also very much in demand.

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  • Drawings. Beautiful design for long nails unthinkable without drawingsand many girls know about it. Therefore, they depict on the nails literally everything that fantasy tells them. But the following are considered especially fashionable in the coming season: geometric shapes, stars, stripes, natural textures, polka dots, abstract patterns, origami animals, ethnic motifs, and a very eccentric novelty of 2020 – drawings in the style of eye see you, when faces are depicted on the nails or eyes.

[tds_warning]And, of course, in the summer, long nails must have themed seasonal drawings: flowers, butterflies, leaves and petals, sun, sea, shells, berries, fruits, ice cream, etc.[/tds_warning]

  • Gossamer. Very interesting, light and fresh design that will go well with any summer look. We are talking about sophisticated patterns that from the side really resemble the threads of a cobweb. They are superimposed on the surface of the nail with a special viscous gel polish in a chaotic manner. This technique is considered quite simple to perform, so you can recreate it yourself at home. The cobweb looks especially impressive on long nails.

  • “Tear of the Unicorn” This a summery colorful trend that definitely deserves your attention, although it should be noted that it looks very unusual. The basis of this design is the application of a bright blot on the nail plate. It is created using foil and a transparent top, which gives the appearance of iridescent overflows. The “unicorn tear” looks especially impressive on a matte finish. But if you wish, you can put it on gloss.

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  • Craquelure. One of the most notable innovations in manicure 2020. And this is the most beneficial fashion trend looks on long square nails. So what is craquelure? In simple terms, this is a crack in the paint layer. That is, on the nails with the help of a special technique, the illusion is created that the varnish has cracked for a long time. As a rule, dark shades are used as the basis, and cracks are drawn in white for reliability. In everyday life, such nail art will look quite appropriate. He will certainly pay attention to your nails and surprise with his originality.

  • Ombre/gradient. These two popular designs have been known to fashionistas for a long time. But love for them still does not weaken. A smooth transition from one shade to another looks perfect on long nails and is really mesmerizing. Moreover, now the trend is not only a gradient running vertically across the plate, but also a horizontal one, passing from finger to finger. As for the current colors, in the summer of 2020, muted nude shades will be the most in demand. This nail art looks very gentle and elegant. Be sure to try.

  • Rubbing. A very feminine design that has not lost its popularity for several seasons in a row. In general, rubbing is considered a universal manicure. After all, it is great for nails of any shape and length, for any season, evening and everyday nail art. But if we are talking about trendy summer design 2020then here you should pay attention to the pearl, mirror, rainbow rub, as well as made with a metallic effect, chameleon or northern lights.

[tds_note]As for the nail shape popular in the summer of 2020, it will be: the square we mentioned earlier (only with soft corners), the oval that does not go out of fashion, mega-popular almondand relatively recently returned to the fashion pedestal of the peak.[/tds_note]

  • french. Another classic that fashionistas simply cannot refuse. The traditional version of this manicure, made on long nails, looks very elegant and neat. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to adhere to the classic shades here, because in the summer you can please yourself with a brighter palette. Fashion designers recommend looking at blue, red, orange, yellow and green colors. A jacket decorated with flowers, sequins and rhinestones will also look appropriate in the cruise season. Here, you should definitely pay attention to the reverse French manicure with a fancifully highlighted hole.

  • Multicolored nail art. What could be better than bright manicure for long nails in the summer season, because in the cold season we cannot afford such a violent abundance of colors. Just cover your nails with varnishes of different shades, and enjoy the rainbow on your hands. And no, it will not look vulgar or ridiculous, if only because now such a design is a real trend.

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  • Brush strokes. Very interesting and fresh design that looks great on long nails. It is based on a fairly simple technique, the essence of which is to apply varnish in a contrasting color to an already painted nail plate. Moreover, this can be done randomly, or you can make abstract patterns quite thoughtfully. In any case, the result will be expressive and bright in summer.

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