Summer nail design 2020

Summer nail design in 2020 is a splash of bright colors and an opportunity to show your imagination to the maximum. There are no strict rules here, so experiment more boldly. And we will suggest ideas for nail art.


The main fashion trends in summer manicure

In the coming season, all lovers of colorful nails have a place to roam, because there are just a lot of design options. Extraordinary drawings, minimalism, trends that have become classics, stunning novelties – this is what awaits fashionistas next summer. And you can get acquainted with all this diversity right now in our selection.

  • Rhinestones. The multifaceted and truly luxurious decor has been delighting fashionistas with its unsurpassed brilliance for several seasons in a row. Rhinestones are relevant at any time of the year, and are equally suitable for everyday and festive nail art. But they sparkle especially expressively in the brilliance of the sun’s rays. To decorate a manicure, you can use transparent stones that look like water droplets, as well as multi-colored crystals that will be placed on the nails randomly or in the form of a specific pattern. Either way, it will look amazing.

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  • Fruit. An expressive, juicy and very appetizing manicure with fruits and berries is one of the main trends of the coming summer. It should be noted that such decor is very pleasing to the eye and looks appropriate in the hot season. Fruit on the nails can be of any size, for example, completely cover the nail platinum, or modestly placed in the corner. Here choose at your discretion. And there are countless options for bright fruit design. But, according to nail art masters, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, and juicy watermelons look especially expressive on the nails. In a word, everything is very exotic and “delicious”.

  • Floristics. Well, what is summer without leaves and flowers? Moreover, they bloom in lush color not only in nature, but also on the nails of fashionistas. In fact, manicure with floral motifs is a recognized classic that year after year resonates in the hearts of girls and women of all ages. For example, next summer it will become very fashionable to depict fern branches on nails. And among the flowers, the leaders will be laconic and cute daisies, which can be drawn in completely different ways. They will fit perfectly into the classic jacket.

  • pendants. Among the variety of summer nail designs in 2020, one novelty should definitely be highlighted – a manicure with pendants. This is a very creative nail-art that looks very original and will complement any stylish look. Ordinary rings or all kinds of figures in the form of letters, animals, pearls can act as pendants that are fixed on the tips of the nails. Of course, one has to seriously doubt the practicality of such a manicure, because accessories will cling to clothes, hair, and everything that is possible. However, this idea does not hold originality.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Immediately, we note that the pendant design is an option for long nails. After all, the plate must be of a suitable size in order to make a through hole in it and insert, for example, a ring there, like an earring in an earlobe.[/stextbox]

  • Marine theme. Such a manicure also does not lose its relevance from year to year, because girls willingly depict all kinds of marine drawings on their nails. It can be azure waves, shells, seagulls, a sunset among palm trees, sailboats, turtles, seahorses, stars, anchors and vests. Yes, whatever your heart desires. Most often, fashionistas resort to such nail art when they are going on vacation at sea, because there this thematic design will look most appropriate.

  • Inscriptions. This trend has been at the top of popularity for several seasons in a row. Moreover, it is now fashionable to decorate with inscriptions not only nails, but also clothes, accessories, shoes. In a word, they write whatever they want and where they want. Declarations of love, life-affirming slogans, slogans, names of your favorite brands, names, ciphers, affirmations – there is no limit to fantasy. But, if earlier the inscriptions most often decorated a monochromatic minimalist design, today they are successfully combined with other elements of bright nail art: rhinestones, drawings, foil, etc.

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  • Bright ombre. A great idea for a manicure for short nails will be an ombre of the most fashionable summer shades. More recently, it was believed that this trend is going into oblivion. However, such conclusions turned out to be erroneous, and in the summer the gradient will again be incredibly in demand. Want something more discreet? Make a stretch from pastel-colored varnishes. Also, the hit of the hot season will be green, blue, purple shades. And for bright and expressive nail art, look at orange, scarlet, and turquoise tones. In addition, the ombre in 2020 will not have clear criteria for the direction. If you want, make it vertical, if you want it horizontal, or obliquely.

  • Lace. One of the most delicate trends in 2020 in the summer manicure segment will be lace design. Expensive, incredibly feminine and sophisticated, sexy – it will decorate the image of any woman. If you have good artistic skills, you can try to apply the ornate pattern yourself with a brush. Or use special stickers and stamping that will display the desired pattern on the nails. Of course, lace nail-art is not suitable for the beach, but it is very possible to go to work, on a date, or get married in it. And if you add decor with pearls and rhinestones, it will come out just luxurious.

  • polka dots. Who would have thought, but this simple, understandable and concise pattern will become the leading fashion trend today. By analogy with inscriptions, peas are present in all segments of fashion, and manicure is no exception. Round decor can be made bright and multi-colored in summer, or strict two-tone. It all depends on what goals you are pursuing. In general, this is an excellent everyday option, which does not weigh down the image and is easily perceived visually. You can depict ideal peas using a special tool – dots, which has a round ball at the end. Feel free to combine dots of different sizes in one design.

[stextbox id=’info’]In addition to polka dots, all kinds of stripes and geometric shapes will be in trend this coming summer. This design is considered universal and even strict. It easily fits into any dress code and is as simple as possible in execution. Perhaps that is why fashionistas are in no hurry to refuse it. [/stextbox]

  • negative space. The light “breathable” design with transparent areas will be a great summer manicure option. With this technique, you can create the effect of an overgrown nail, or simply place drawings on a transparent background – it will look equally interesting. Here, fashionistas should also be reminded of the classic jacket, the relevance of which is never lost.

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