Summer overalls: fashion trends 2019

We talk about the most significant trends of 2019 in the world of summer women’s overalls. Get armed!


Trendy colors

  • The most trendy palette of the spring-summer season is 50 shades of beige.
    This is a practical and very stylish choice for every fashionista!

  • Juicy coral bursts into the muted beige range – the most relevant color according to Pantone.

  • A sunny and cheerful trend is yellow clothes. Any tones of this positive palette are welcome – from delicate lemon to eccentric neon and self-sufficient mustard.

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  • Yellow-green and all natural shades will look more than harmonious in a summer wardrobe.
  • The red-orange and deep tones of burgundy are also entrusted with a very honorable mission this summer: to make every fashionista bright and stylish.

  • Pink, blue, turquoise, orange and white – these colors will also be stylish representatives of the 2019 palette.

  • Classics are always in fashion, so at fashion shows there was also a place for elegant overalls in a dark design.

  • Playful and carefree polka dot print is a great trend for the most cheerful mood and creating flirty bows for the warm season. Polka dot is suitable for women of any age, hair or skin color. It has the perfect light romantic feel and is definitely worth using this summer.

Silk jumpsuit with polka dots

  • However, not just peas. Animal, abstract and geometric motifs will also be in fashion this season. They are also joined by classic summer patterns – floral and vegetable.


In the age of artificial materials, designers are increasingly turning to natural textures. The mega hit of the 2019 season is chiffon, which is rightfully considered the king of lightweight fabrics. It is ideal for summer, because it combines romance and airiness.

Lightweight chiffon allows the body to breathe

A chic silk jumpsuit in your wardrobe will always be an excuse not to sit at home, but to go to an incendiary party or a gala event.

In the 2019 season, the pastel colors of the satin rule the ball. All the richness of powdery, beige and silver shades was held in high esteem by fashionistas.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Satin texture is not suitable for a full figure.[/stextbox]

A decisive “yes” is worth saying to cotton and linen models – this is the most practical choice for everyday life.


Denim has once again taken its rightful place among the fashion trends of the 2019 season, and it’s great! Summer overalls in this design conquer with their stylish look, as well as comfort and practicality. The trend is not only the classic denim texture, but also greetings from the 80s and 90s – dumplings.

In addition, denim goes beyond the usual blue and blue palette and is boldly dyed in white, light green, orange and black. In combination with basic T-shirts, such models will perfectly color your everyday life, and paired with an elegant blouse, they will delight you with grace.

Uniform fashion makes denim overalls even more relevant, because it is in this design that it looks the coolest.

Freedom of movement

If we talk about the key trend among trouser overalls, then we want to note the model with loose pants as the undisputed leader of the season. You can’t imagine a more comfortable model for summer! The flowing cut will delightfully develop when walking, hiding the imperfections of the figure and drawing attention to the merits.

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It is noteworthy that not only long legs are in trend, but also flirty shortened options.

Long jumpsuits look so self-sufficient that they rarely need additional accessories. Maximum self-confidence, minimum jewelry – and you are gorgeous!

Short overalls

Designers did not deprive attention and short overalls. This time they focused on light fabrics, various prints, romantic decor and highlighting the waistline. Do not forget about the popularity of denim – an absolute must have is light denim overalls with shorts.

If you can boast of a slim figure, be sure to get a pair of trendy summer jumpsuits in a short version. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, such models do not overload the image and allow you to demonstrate attractive legs in all their glory.

Greek style

The novelties of the 2019 season for the most feminine ladies are fashionable overalls in the Greek style. Such models strike on the spot with a transparent flowing texture and elegant cut. Characteristic details are drapery and a high waistline.

Why not try on the role of the Greek goddess this summer, if fashion trends are very conducive to this? Such a thing has the most wonderful properties – in it the gait becomes more graceful, the back automatically straightens, and self-confidence rapidly increases.

The fashion trend of the Greek style is a one-shoulder cut or strapless bustier, as in the photo. Despite all the pomposity, such models are perfectly combined with flat shoes, they look especially harmonious with gladiators.


In decorating summer overalls, designers have relied on lace decor and perforation on the fabric. Absolutely, romance and excellent ventilation are a guarantee that such a jumpsuit can become your favorite.

Open shoulders

Many designers have presented to the attention of fashionistas stylish jumpsuits with bare shoulders or asymmetry on one side. This move is a great opportunity for girls to add secular charm even to everyday models.

Trouser style

The most strict and elegant representative is a trouser overall with a top in the form of a jacket. This is a great option for business ladies who are not going to change their principles in the summer. Despite the apparent seriousness, such a model can manifest itself in different ways – depending on the accessories, it can reveal sexy and elegant notes.

Workers uniform

Classical and familiar styles temporarily fade into the background, giving way to the trendy uniform of workers. The deliberate rudeness of the cut was perceived by fashionistas as the personification of comfort, versatility and coolness.

Sport or chic?

Sport chic! Designers figured out how to combine grace, femininity and romance with practicality and sport. Here is a bright fashion trend of the 2019 season – semi-sport summer overalls. Such options not only look stylish, but also visually slim and stretch the silhouette due to vertical stripes.

White jumpsuit

In the hot summer, such a novelty as a white jumpsuit cannot but rejoice. We tell you which models are the most trendy!

The trend for work uniforms is not going to leave the fashionable Olympus – under the eye of designers are all the same free models with decor in the form of zippers, belts and coarse metal buttons.

If you prefer romance and femininity, take a look at the long…

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