Summer pedicure 2019: fashion trends and photo ideas

The fashion trends of 2019 dictate new rules for summer pedicure for women: complex patterns disappear from the photos of the works of first-class masters, fingernails and toenails no longer contrast. The nail fashion of this year lies in simplicity, richness of colors and light playfulness.


Trendy colors

In the list of trendy shades that will be given to women to choose from, it is worth noting red and deep blue. In the list of colors traditional for the summer season, stylists indicate:

  • pink, from rich fuchsia to powdery tone;
  • yellow;
  • grassy green;
  • pale blue.

Rhinestones and shades of pink

Covers of delicate pastel shades do not disappear anywhere: from peach to mint, pleasing to the eye.

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Manicure and pedicure in pastel colors

It is recommended to take varnishes of dense textures. As part of the design, translucent coatings, compositions with mother-of-pearl and bright metallic are allowed.

bright gradient

[stextbox id=’info’]It is worth paying attention to the novelty of the season: various shades of purple. Especially effectively saturated tones will look as part of a fashionable evening look.[/stextbox]

fashion glitter

There are no restrictions on coverage. It can be a glossy, matte or fine-grained surface, which many associate with sugar marmalade.

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fashion rules

In 2019, the usual rules for creating a fashionable pedicure are changing. What should you pay attention to now?

Actual red and sequins

Manicure and pedicure

About ten years ago, fingernails and toenails should not have differed in color. A bottle of polish of the same tone for creating both a manicure and a pedicure was the norm. Not so long ago, the trend has become a thing of the past. In order not to be considered a simpleton, fashionistas made designs of different colors and even styles on the nails of their hands and feet. Thus, an actual contrast was created.

Variants of combinations of manicure and pedicure

Fashionable summer pedicure 2019 is the golden mean between the indicated extremes. Manicures and pedicures should not contrast sharply with each other or fall into tone with tone. Now the selected color scheme and design complement each other or combine with each other.

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In the era of the formation of nail design, masters tried to surpass each other in artistic skills. The result was photos with futuristic works in the portfolio. These were complex drawings, voluminous flowers, feathers and even miniature earrings as decorations. Now such delights are mauvais ton. Elegance has replaced kitsch.

Delicate summer pedicure

Openwork and floral patterns are allowed, but they should not be many. Do not combine several decorative elements within one design at once. Everything that looks clumsy, recedes into the past.

Large watercolor flowers

[stextbox id=’info’]Do not decorate with drawings and rhinestones all the nails at once. With decorative techniques, they try to highlight only the big toes.[/stextbox]

Popular patterns

Modern fashion trends, drawings on nails and decor cannot completely displace. They are and will be in the future, but with their own characteristics and nuances.


Despite the riot of colors, monochrome is returning to nail fashion. Today it is at the peak of current trends. In this technique, all nails are varnished in the same tone. The texture of the coating should also be the same. The neighborhood of gloss and matte surface is not acceptable.

Matte finish


The popular technique of beautiful and smooth color transition from one to another is more typical for manicure. It is more difficult to repeat it on the legs, and it does not look so impressive. It is for this reason that ombre is done only on the thumbs. For the rest, they try to choose a monochromatic coating that matches in color.

fashion gradient

Marine theme

Photos of a summer pedicure with a marine theme in 2019 have not sunk into the past. Moreover, for the holiday season, this is already a classic version of nail design.

Summer pedicure in a beach theme

Girls can choose different elements of a marine-style pedicure: from contrasting stripes and anchors to shells and fish. Similar patterns look good on a sea-green coating.

Aquamarine pedicure with colored rhinestones decor

In the list of popular shades for marine design, one can note:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • white.

Abstraction and geometry

Geometric patterns and minimalistic abstractions are echoes of the sophisticated pedicure design. Now they are lines, circles and zigzags.

Fashionable summer manicure 2019

Bright French pedicure

The classic French strip along the edge of the nail plate is painted in the most unimaginable colors in summer. It can be just a line of contrasting color or a complex gradient. Everything here will depend on the experience and skills of the master.

French + holes


Metallic silver and gold are the classics of this summer. Such a varnish can cover both the entire nail plate, and be formed in the form of separate elements. The combination of gold and red looks especially impressive.

Pedicure with glitter and rubbing

If you don’t like the striking metallic sheen, pay attention to the rubbing technique. They also create the effect of mother-of-pearl overflows on the plate, but the choice of shades is much richer.


Rhinestones also remain in the summer pedicure of 2019, fashion trends no longer recommend decorating the entire nail plate with them. Masters are encouraged to place them in the form of a neat pattern at the base of the nail or as geometric lines.

Pedicure with rhinestones

Thus, it is possible to combine elegance and brilliance, which many women cannot refuse in the summer.

Foil and varnishes

Using foil, you can also achieve a metallic effect, but stylists suggest going the other way and creating semblance of broken glass patterns on the nail plates of the big toes. The main thing for the implementation of the idea is to take a sufficient amount of top so that the pieces of foil are immersed in the thickness of the coating.

foil pedicure

In the photo, we showed you the main fashion trends for summer pedicure in 2019. Which option to choose depends on your desire, images and taste preferences.


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