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Summer sandals 2020: fashion trends

It is impossible to create a fashionable image without stylish shoes. In hot summer weather, sandals help out. For the upcoming summer season of 2020, designers have developed new models of open shoes. Among them you can find both elegant and extravagant sandals.

summer sandals

Acquaintance with the new collection will help girls create unique, original bows.

Trendy colors

The choice of the color palette of sandals in the new season is unlimited. Various shades are welcome:

  • Marsala;
  • beige;
  • mint;
  • emerald;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • brick.

Classic black and white is still in fashion. For evening dresses, sandals made in metallic colors are recommended: gold, silver, bronze, platinum.

The trend of summer 2020 is neon shades of green, orange, raspberry, purple, lemon. They not only cheer up, but also attract the views of others.

trendy summer patterns

In 2020, shoes, like clothes, will be decorated with prints. Preference is given to vegetable (leaves, flower garlands, exotic creepers) and animal prints (snake and leopard spots). They can be located on the surface of sandals or on individual elements (strap, heel, sole). No less popular will be chess drawings and bright cubes.

fashion sandals

decorative elements

Stylists did not forget about decorating sandals, decorating products with all kinds of bows, satin ribbons, beads and even fringe. Shoes decorated with feathers located around the perimeter of the shoe, on the heel or in the instep area, look unusual. Shells, stones, bright pompoms can also be attributed to non-standard decor.

Transformed fashion designers and elements designed to fix the foot. In 2020, sandals are in trend:

  • with thin straps;
  • T-shaped buckles;
  • inflated jumpers.

The novelty of the season is the interweaving of the straps with an additional jumper covering the thumb. Summer 2020 trends include lace-ups. Moreover, it can be products both with a heel and without it.

In the summer collection of 2020, you can see sandals decorated with chains. Chains can act as a purely decorative element or serve as jumpers.

beautiful sandals

jewelery on sandals

Low sandals

Low-cut shoes are popular due to their practicality and comfort. In the new season, designers have developed several variants of flat-soled models, designed in different ways. These can be sandals, made in a minimalist style and similar to sandals. Such models can be worn with shorts, a ruffled skirt or jeans.

Products on a tractor sole look original. They are not only comfortable to wear, but also go well with any bow.

Low sandals

Sport style

One of the fashion trends of the summer of 2020 is sandals made in a sporty style. Despite the massiveness, these products are quite light. The foot in such shoes is securely fixed and protected when walking. Due to the ergonomic shape of the product, rubbing of the feet when worn is excluded.

Sports sandals are fixed on the leg with wide Velcro straps. In such shoes you can take walks, go to nature and travel.

In combination with sports sandals look short skirts, mini sundresses, denim shorts.

Sports sandals

high platform

High wedges are still in fashion next summer. In the new season, designers only diversified the shape and decor of the sole.

There are many design options for wedge sandals:

  • weaving, metal details decorating the wedge;
  • drawings applied to the platform;
  • monophonic models, made in one color scheme or in contrasting colors;
  • voluminous flowers, rings, spikes on the straps.

In these sandals, any girl looks feminine. And thanks to the convenient shape of the platform, for the manufacture of which light material is used, a high rise is practically not felt, the legs do not get tired. Therefore, even older women can wear such shoes, especially since they can be combined with any style.

platform sandals

Models in heels

Women’s shoes with heels never go out of style. It allows any woman to look sophisticated and elegant. The new collection of fashion designers presents sandals with heels of different heights and shapes.


Classic sandals with stiletto heels can decorate any look. In this case, you can choose any height of the heel. Shoes with heels are universal. You can wear it to a date, to the office, to a festive event. In shoes with thin heels, girls look feminine and sexy. With its help, you can create a fashionable and spectacular image.

Stiletto heeled sandals do not require additional decor, as they themselves look luxurious. The main emphasis in such shoes is on the heel. The only thing that can be allowed is to add sandals with ribbon ties, straps, transparent inserts.

In combination with such products, skinny cropped trousers, midi skirts, light, romantic dresses look good.

Stiletto sandals

Thick heel

Many girls and women prefer shoes with thick, stable heels. It is comfortable, does not cause fatigue to the legs. You can go for long walks in these shoes. Heel height can be either low or high.

Most of these models are characterized by simplicity and restraint. But for some products, designers made an exception, decorating them with lace, weaving, metal buttons and other elements. Thanks to this decor, brutal sandals with thick heels look much more feminine and elegant.

Sandals with thick heels

transparent heels

Among the new trends of the summer season are transparent heels in sandals. An unusual heel gives the image extravagance.

Shoes with transparent heels can be used to create a bright summer look. Most often, such models are made in black, beige, white, gray and metallic colors.

transparent heel sandals

Original heels

One of the trends that came from past seasons is sandals with heels of the original form. The heel can have an abstract form or be made in the form of:

  • trapeze;
  • square;
  • triangle.

Products with architectural, deformed and beveled heels look extravagant. Despite the bizarre shape, these shoes are stable and comfortable.

original heel

Irregular heel

fashion styles

The new summer collection of 2020 is distinguished not only by a variety of colors and decor, but also by a large selection of fashionable styles of sandals.

square toe

One of the trends that has been entrenched in fashion shows for a long time is the square cape. He did not go around and summer shoes.

Designers of many fashion houses have introduced sandals with a square toe. Among them, you can choose exquisite models that will adorn the female leg.

Square toe sandals

closed cape

Most people are used to thinking of sandals as open shoes in which the feet …

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