Summer shoes for women 50+

For women over the age of 50, the process of choosing summer shoes is quite problematic. After all, it should not only be comfortable, but also meet the latest fashion trends of the hot season. Therefore, if you have not yet acquired a brand new pair of shoes or sandals, in the article we will tell you which model is better to pay attention to and which one to bypass.

Choosing the right shoes: basic recommendations

You can wear beautiful and stylish shoes at any age. The main thing is to know how to choose it correctly.

  • Avoid models on a massive platform, as such shoes not only visually make the foot heavier, but also make the silhouette less elegant. In addition, there is a risk of twisting the leg.

  • Give your preference to classic shoes. These can be pumps with a small heel or stilettos. Models with a glass heel will also be acceptable.

  • Do not forget that shoes should be comfortable and not cause discomfort while walking, as not only your finished image, but also your future mood depends on this. In this regard, it is better to refuse models sewn from artificial materials.

  • Do not purchase shoes with a lot of accessories, as they will look rather comical on the foot. However, this does not mean that the decor should not be at all. Laconic shoes with a buckle, sandals with decorative braid or small embroidery will add zest to the image without overloading it.

  • Refuse shoes decorated with voluminous bows, metal spikes, transparent heels, etc., as such models are the prerogative of more youthful style and will look ridiculous on an aged woman.

  • Shoes with a lot of straps and all kinds of ties, although they are the trend of the season, are still not suitable for 50-year-old women. And all because at this age the swelling of the legs already begins and thin ribbons will only emphasize this problem.

  • Choose light-colored shoes. Firstly, it always looks elegant, and secondly, light models are more versatile and, moreover, attract less heat, which is important in the hot season.

  • It is strictly forbidden for overweight women over 50 years old, as well as owners of wide legs, to wear summer shoes with a round toe. Models with a slightly elongated and pointed front, on which there will be a minimum of decor, are suitable for them.

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Fashion trends

As for trends, below we have given the main fashion trends in the summer footwear segment that women over 50 can afford.

  • Bright colors. In addition to light-colored shoes, older women can also wear multi-colored models of blue, orange, yellow, red and green. You can also give your preference to options with a pattern, for example, floral. But the leopard print is already bad manners.


  • Platform. Platform shoes never go out of fashion and remain relevant in the summer of 2019. And all because such models visually stretch the silhouette, making it more slender and at the same time absolutely comfortable to wear.

  • Heel. Older women can safely wear shoes with heels. It can be a wide heel, which is ideal for everyday life, or a stiletto heel. But the real hit of this summer was sandals with heels of unusual shapes. And although such models are considered more of a youth option, nevertheless, representatives of the Balzac age can wear them for an informal meeting or celebration.

  • Without heel. Low-cut shoes are the basic option for 50-year-old women. Indeed, besides the fact that it is easy and comfortable in it, such models also do not cause health problems.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Despite the fact that retro shoes are in trend today, it is better for women after 50 to refuse them, as they focus on age and age even more. [/stextbox]

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Deciding on a model

Among all the models of summer women’s shoes proposed by designers, below we have given the most fashionable styles this season.

  • Ballet shoes. This is ideal for everyday wear, as they are comfortable and at the same time they do not weigh down the image. Their other privilege is versatility, as you can wear ballet flats both on a hot summer day and in cooler weather. As for the models, monochromatic options with a round or elongated toe are allowed.

  • Sandals. These representatives of summer shoes should not be too open. The ideal option would be models with a small and stable heel or wedge. As for the design of sandals, it should be minimalist. As a decor, only small fittings or inserts from another material are allowed.

  • Mules. Shoes with low or high heels without a back are at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. Available in leather or suede. As for the color palette, in this case, the shoes should be bright.

  • Shoes. Now there are a lot of various styles of summer women’s shoes. These are classic models, and open-toe options, oxfords and loafers. But the most popular will be multi-colored models on a small stiletto heel with an elongated pointed toe.

Comfortable heel

  • Sneakers and sneakers. Sports shoes are now at the height of fashion. After all, you can wear it for a walk or a meeting with friends. Therefore, this year it is recommended to wear it not only with sports-style items, but also with more classic ones, such as trousers, dresses and skirts.

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As you can see, for women over 50 years old, there are many original options for summer shoes, with which you can easily create a stylish outfit, which you can also see by looking at our photo selection.

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