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Summer sundresses: season trends 2020

A sundress is a must-have in summer. Fashionable sundresses in comparison with last year’s season have undergone changes, but not too radical.

Summer sundresses

Sundress trends 2020

If you want not only a feminine and comfortable piece of clothing, but also a trendy item that will emphasize your style and knowledge of fashion trends, then pay attention to such features:

  1. Emphasized natural fabrics. The trend is linen models of a natural shade with buttons.
  2. Asymmetry of cut and decor, layering.
  3. The effect of airiness and lightness, which is achieved, as in previous seasons, with the help of frills, flounces.
  4. Emphasis on femininity: open collarbones, shoulders, neckline, lacing in the chest area, thin straps.
  5. Negligence in appearance, lack of strict lines, weightless silhouettes.
  6. A cut that does not constrain or restrict movement. Feel free to choose a thing a size larger – this will only add lightness to the image.


sundress for summer

sundresses for summer

Choose a dress that suits your personality and taste. Today, fashion is more liberal than ever.

fashion prints

This season, pastels and nudes have not lost their popularity. Note:

  • for all shades of gray, especially warm ones – quartz, protective, monsoon, French gray;
  • powdery – peach, neutral mixed, pink, yellow;
  • greyzh (gray-beige halftone).

trendy clothes color

But this applies to more business office options. Otherwise, the summer street style allows you to use prints that give inspiration:

  • floral motifs;
  • bright graphic contrast inserts;
  • geometric motifs;
  • wide strip;
  • any unusual ornaments;
  • colors are rich and pleasing to the eye, which are associated with a vacation in nature: shades of green, azure, yellow, blue and gold.

When choosing prints, be guided by the style of other elements of the image.

stylish sundresses

How to create a trendy bow

If you have chosen a model with an abundance of decor, give preference to discreet accessories or do not use them at all. If the sundress is linen, jewelry made from natural materials with simple natural motifs will be indispensable. Hat, backpack are welcome. Or ballet shoes or pumps and a strict frame bag if you are going to work.

fashion sundresses

trendy summer sundresses

As for shoes, sneakers, slip-ons and sneakers still hold the first positions. The floor length and mini allow you to wear shoes with solid soles or heels. If you like the midi option, and your height does not exceed 165 cm, it is better to wear heels.

white sundresses

summer shoes

On chilly evenings, don’t give up on the idea of ​​wearing your favorite outfit. Bring a simple, thin button-down sweater or a stylish leather or denim jacket.

summer evening clothes

The combination with a T-shirt is an ambiguous trend that came to us from the 90s. In this case, the T-shirt should be chosen in a contrasting color and as thin as possible. At the same time, put on a voluminous, airy, multi-layered sundress.

sundress with a t-shirt

Wrap sundresses and models with an emphasis on the chest seem to be made for plus-size girls. But the abundance of ruffles will have to be abandoned.

fashionable images for the summer

A sundress can be considered universal clothing for any figure, situation and mood. The main thing is to choose well and combine correctly.

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