Summer trouser suits for overweight women

Summer trouser suits are a favorite clothing option for obese women in the hot season. Let’s look at the photo and determine the principles for choosing the right style for different types of figures. You can dress stylishly in any size and age. And no one will pay attention to the flaws of the figure if you highlight the merits. Find and highlight what you have beautiful. It can be elegant shoulders, graceful wrists and ankles, an expressive waist.


Principles for choosing a style for curvy shapes

Agree that the definition of “full figure” does not describe a specific type of body structure. We are all different, each has its own zest and dignity. But there are general rules that it is advisable to follow when choosing a summer suit for magnificent forms.

  • Semi-fitted silhouette. You should not buy a tight-fitting thing, even if it is a top or leggings. With a full figure, this will not add style, but emphasize the folds on the body. The opposite extreme is oversized things. In the case of size plus, this style will make the bow more overweight. I don’t think you’re aiming for it.

  • Good fit on the shoulders of the top of the suit. This applies to jackets, blouses, shirts. A clear line of the shoulder gives the image completeness and harmony.

  • Diagonal. Use it in cut, pattern, decor. It makes your look lighter, more elegant, more dynamic.

  • The trouser belt should be on the most protruding part of the abdomen, then the stomach will not hang over the belt or look like it has fallen down.

These rules will help you feel comfortable in a pantsuit and look elegant.

Stylish summer looks in trouser suits

Women’s trouser suits will fit into any style of a summer look for overweight women. As you can see in the photo that we have selected for you, trouser sets will suit a business woman, are comfortable in a city or sports bow, and will decorate a beauty in a romantic look.

business style

Trouser suits with classic trousers with pleats and a jacket or cardigan are perfect for an office dress code. Made from light suiting fabrics, with a clear line of shoulders, long lapels, with a low fastener for one button, it will give the image harmony and rigor. For a less formal and more elegant look, 7/8 pants will open up the ankle for a sleeker, more feminine look. Use 3/4 sleeves on the jacket. The open part of the hand makes the bow lighter.

[stextbox id=info]If the sleeve is long, gather or tuck it up, exposing the arm below the elbow. The result is a more informal look.[/stextbox]

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City Style

In the summer in the city, suits with trousers of various styles, jackets and cardigans become a must-have for curvy beauties.

When choosing trousers, pay attention to such a style as:

  • bananas. They are now in trend at fashion shows and are great for full ladies. The loose fit at the top gives the pants a semi-tight fit without being tight. Tapered hem creates a sleeker silhouette;

  • joggers. They focus on the ankle, the thinnest part of the leg. Joggers are harmoniously combined with both a fitted blouse and a loose tunic;

  • 7/8 length cigarette trousers with and without an arrow. Suits with them will fit into the wardrobe of both girls and women of elegant age;

Beautiful summer look

  • breeches and culottes, so comfortable in summer. When choosing shortened styles of suit trousers, pay attention that the length is above or below the thickest part of the calf;

  • flared trousers, with an extension from the middle of the thigh.

[stextbox id=info]Important: Not worth a full lady wear wide models of trousers, although they are now in fashion, the figure will look shapeless.[/stextbox]

Which suit top to choose? A win-win option would be a cardigan or a waterfall-style vest with cascading front shelves that gracefully drape. They will stretch the figure vertically, add dynamism to the bow. A classic mid-thigh or below-the-knee cardigan or vest will also make you look slimmer. A thin belt worn over the waist will draw.

Jackets and blouses with peplums or a wrap will complement a trouser suit. Basque-frill should be located just above the waist at the narrowest point of the figure. And wraparound cuts create a diagonal cut line and V-neck that visually paint an hourglass silhouette.

[stextbox id=info]Note: Asymmetric hem or neckline, frills located obliquely on a full figure look organic and interesting, making the image stylish.[/stextbox]

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The top of the suit can be the same color as the pants, which creates a solid look, or close shades of the same color scheme. For example, dark and light olive. Contrasting combinations can also be used. White or light-colored trousers look good with bright blouses or jackets, both plain and patterned.

romantic style

Summer is the time for holidays and romantic mood. I want to be feminine and irresistible. But ruffles and frills are the wrong option for a curvaceous figure. They add volume. To create a delicate look, use thin translucent fabrics and draperies that will create diagonal lines on your figure. Apply asymmetry in the cut. This will help you fabrics such as chiffon, lace, fine knitwear.

[stextbox id=info]A transparent chiffon long tunic, worn under a jacket with a strict shoulder line, will create a moire multi-layered effect, add softness and charm to the image.[/stextbox]

The black color is certainly good and loved by the plus size ladies, but the pastel colors of cold tones also do not add kilograms, but the silhouette is created lighter and more delicate. Use blue, light gray, lilac and mint shades boldly.

Girls with the right proportions can wear a short top with high-rise trousers. A small open strip of the tummy will bring, as can be seen in the photo, a seductive piquancy to the look.

Sport style

The sport chic pieces themselves already add a smart and svelte appearance due to the many straight stitching and clean lines of the silhouette. Fashionable summer trouser suits in sports style with vests and light jackets with vertical stitching on the details will create an energetic look.


No need to be afraid of saturated color, you need to use it correctly. If you have an A-line figure, with narrow shoulders and lush hips, combine a light top and a dark bottom, the image will be more balanced and harmonious. But dark doesn’t mean black. In the summer you want brightness and colors. You can choose different shades of the same color, dark and light.

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For a T-line with broad shoulders and narrow hips, use a dark top and light bottoms. Such a combination as light trousers with a bright jacket looks very elegant on any figure, and will suit ladies 50+.


Geometric patterns, such as vertical, diagonal, remain in the arsenal of ladies who want to look slimmer. Pay attention to…

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