Summer women’s shorts 2019

In 2019, women’s summer shorts were presented in a huge variety, and therefore we will not waste a minute and immediately move on to viewing current models. After all, this is exactly the thing without which it is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a real fashionista.

What do fashion trends offer?

The main advantage of shorts is their lightness, simple cut and versatility. It is also worth noting that it is this element that allows you to create bold, stylish and romantic summer looks.

With the help of summer shorts, you can favorably emphasize slender long legs and, of course, a toned figure.

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That is why designers never bypass them, but rather try to please modern fashionistas with interesting and stylish styles that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Due to such a variety, each girl will be able to choose the perfect shorts that emphasize the dignity of her figure.

Despite the fact that every year there is a large selection of different styles, there are several types that are always relevant. And among them the honorable first place is occupied by mini-shorts. This is a real classic, which, perhaps, will never go out of fashion, and therefore, if you are completely confident in your figure, be sure to get such a cut.

It should be noted right away that these are tight-fitting models, and therefore even the smallest flaws will be noticeable.

More democratic style – Bermuda shorts. These shorts are suitable for both full and thin girls and all thanks to the universal length, which can be up to the knee or slightly higher.

[stextbox id=info]As a rule, these shorts have a straight cut. This is their hallmark.[/stextbox]

The peculiarity of this model is that it is suitable both for a city walk and for going to work. In the latter version, they will need to be supplemented with a chiffon blouse and a classic jacket, and the stylish look is ready.

[stextbox id=info]High-waisted Bermuda shorts are the main trend of 2019, which is shown in the photo below in all its beauty.[/stextbox]

Also, fashionable summer shorts were presented in an elongated version, as in the photo. They are also known as shorts.

How to choose shorts for full girls?

Just because you’re curvy doesn’t mean you have to give up shorts. After all, if you approach their choice correctly, then you can choose a model that would hide some of the flaws of the figure and focus on its merits.

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In order to make yourself visually slimmer, you need to give preference to a style with a straight cut, such as Bermuda. It is also better to choose plain models without unnecessary decor and defiant print. Calm colors will help balance the figure.

But there are no restrictions regarding the material. Full girls can even wear denim shorts. The main thing is that they are not too short. The photo shows several interesting and vivid images for full girls.

What color to choose?

In 2019, designers, creating fashionable women’s summer shorts, focused on gray, black, and white colors. These are classic options with which you can create a lot of interesting and unusual bows. After all, absolutely any top is combined with them.

But for girls who want rich colors and bright looks, you should pay attention to orange shades and rich greens. Printed shorts are also in fashion, especially if they show:

  • Geometry.

Unusual print

  • Flowers.

  • Colored stripes.

Shorts material

For such a hot season as summer, you should choose shorts made from natural materials. For example, leather, jeans or linen.

[stextbox id=info]There are models made of silk, satin and other fabrics, but this is not the best choice, as it will be too hot in them.[/stextbox]

Denim shorts are a must have for the summer of 2019, as they are a versatile option that will be appropriate in any case. They will provide you with comfort and convenience, not only in hot, but also in cool weather. And all this is due to the fact that the cotton in their composition allows air to pass through and allows the body to breathe.

Beautiful summer images

Linen shorts are stylish models that allow you to create comfortable and very beautiful images. But when buying such a model, you need to remember that such a fabric is very quickly and strongly wrinkled.

Leather shorts – this option will make a lasting impression on all males, as they make mega-sexy images. However, it is extremely difficult to pick up a top for them, since it should not draw attention to itself, but rather emphasize the feature of the shorts and complement them. In the photo you can peep some interesting combinations that will be relevant this season.

[stextbox id=info]If you really want to be the center of attention, try experimenting with the color of your shorts.[/stextbox]

Fashion denim shorts

Perhaps each of us has at least one pair of such shorts. And this is not at all surprising, because they are so convenient and comfortable, and therefore ideal for an active summer holiday.

And this season, denim summer shorts do not lose their relevance, but rather become even more popular, and therefore lovers of denim items should not worry.

Designers have prepared a lot of variations on this theme, and therefore there should be no problems with their choice. But you need to remember that this season the abundance of embroidery and decor on mini-shorts is a bad form.

Take a closer look at models with fringes, scuffs and moderate cuts. These shorts look both stylish and less defiant.

But you can wear denim models with everything that is in the wardrobe. To create a simple casual look, oversized shirts or t-shirts with slogans are suitable. These shorts look good with crop tops and T-shirts.

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Lace shorts for summer

If you want something lighter and more romantic, then we present you one more novelty that managed to win the love of many girls. And these delicate lace shorts are the epitome of grace and elegance.

Such models are the best fit for fashionistas who prefer the classics.

A romantic bow will look even more elegant if you choose a top and a handbag in powdery shades.

From shoes, you can choose classic beige pumps or sandals with interesting weaving.

Classic white shorts

What is summer without classic white shorts? After all, without them, the summer wardrobe would not be complete. The peculiarity of such a model is their practicality. They look good both in a casual look and a more festive one. For example, if you need a stylish look for a beach party, then you can get it by simply wearing white shorts and complementing them with a simple loose top, and choose a small wicker bag as an accessory.


This is exactly the option when comfort, style and elegance are simply perfectly combined in one thing.

Shorts-skirt this season…

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