Sweater dress 2022: what to choose and what to wear

If you have a question about which sweater dress to choose and what to wear it with in 2022, you will find the answer in this article. This season is notable for romantic and feminine images, so the collections of many designers are full of various models that cannot leave you indifferent. If earlier sweater dresses were worn by the wives of fishermen, today such clothes look much more elegant and have long ceased to look like a worker. It is worth noting that such bows are suitable not only for owners of fragile forms, because there are styles that can hide certain flaws.

Sweater dress 2022: top best models

Famous brands presented trendy sweater dresses, which should be considered in more detail.

Oversize. It is safe to say that an oversized sweater dress will always be fashionable and in demand. The voluminous style will be the perfect addition to the autumn and winter wardrobe. This model will look great in soothing pastel shades, as well as in black and gray versions.

Dress-sweater with a slit. This original snow-white model is suitable for going to a business dinner in a restaurant or a date. Such a dress can be called festive and it should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Midi. This dress length is designed for sophisticated and graceful ladies who want to look mysterious. Sleeveless styles will also become relevant, the product can be worn on its own, or combined with a turtleneck. If you want something unusual, a dress with flared sleeves will suit such requirements.

Mini. A similar style is chosen by daring representatives of the fair sex, besides, it is not suitable for everyone. In order for the product to fit beautifully on the figure, it must be proportional.

Unusual colors. Over the past few years, designers have not limited themselves to a certain color scheme, the same applies to sweater dresses. Today you can find bright products with unusual prints, which are very popular. Fans of original bows will undoubtedly want to get such a dress.

High throat. A midi-length dress in delicate colors covering the neck will make you feel warm and cozy, even if it’s raining outside. Thanks to this addition, you can look stylish even in winter.

Combined. This is another version of the original image. Designers present unusual styles that use both large and small knitting. An additional element can be lace, which gives contrast.

The length of the sweater dress is different, you just need to study the trends to see a wide range. The product can be made in a large knitted version or sewn from knitwear, any of them will emphasize the femininity and good taste of the owner.

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What is fashionable to wear a sweater dress in 2022

You can wear a fashionable sweater dress with anything, the main thing is that the image looks harmonious and emphasizes the dignity of the figure, and if necessary, hides the flaws.

Wool coat. There is no better combination for a cool autumn, especially if you want to wear a mini dress, but at the same time protect yourself from gusts of wind.

Long sweater and down jacket. Who said that in winter you need to wear only warm pants and leggings? Femininity should not be hidden even in the cold season, besides, frost is not terrible if you add a dress with a down jacket, a scarf and a beautiful hat.

Mini dress, hat and boots. It is difficult to refuse such an image, because this is a real brutal outfit. A knitted sweater dress in combination with an aviator sheepskin coat and high boots will look stylish and trendy.

Short kurta and midi dress. This option is suitable for the off-season and is fully in line with the fashion trends of 2022. Of course, it is important to choose the right shoes here, so low-cut tight boots are the perfect choice.

Trench. Over the years, trench coats have remained at the peak of popularity and 2022 is no exception. An elongated sweater will look beautiful with a classic cut model.

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Leather jacket. In fact, different styles can fit here. If the dress is tight-fitting, a short fitted leather jacket will look perfect, but for oversized models it is better to choose coarse leather jackets.

Jackets and jackets. When it gets warmer outside, you should look at elegant jackets and strict jackets, reminiscent of male models.

Belt, belt. To give a novelty to a sweater dress, it is enough to use a belt, and the outfit will look a little different. In addition, the belt always emphasizes the waist and the figure looks more elegant.

Tights. According to tradition, this type of dress is always worn with tights, but even here you can not limit yourself to body products. A great combination would be an elongated sweater and a mesh, or a printed version.

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Fashion 2022 brings feminine looks and a wide variety of sweater dresses to pair with hats, outerwear and stylish shoes.

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