Sweaters that went out of style in 2020

In our articles, we try to talk not only about fashionable novelties, but also about things that look outdated today – all so that our readers do not allow a fashionable failure. In this review, your attention will be presented to sweaters that have gone out of fashion in the 2020 season. Look!

Key anti-trends

Skinny fit

By the 2020 season, we can finally state the fact that all tight and tight styles have already lost their relevance. Accordingly, if a sweater or a turtleneck that fit like a second skin is lost in your wardrobe, you can say goodbye to them without regret or at least put them on the far shelf of the closet in the hope of returning the trend.

Stylists explain why this trend should be waved and it’s not just about being outdated. The fact is that a tight cut, coupled with a flimsy texture, treacherously emphasizes all the imperfections of the figure. It would seem that slender girls should not worry about this property, but in such clothes they run the risk of looking unnaturally thin.

It is worth mentioning separately the popular combination of a tight-fitting jumper paired with a shirt. Such experiments with layering in the 2020 season are only welcome, but only if they are based on actual styles that leave space between the body and clothing.

Flimsy jersey

In the 2020 season, it’s time to remember the original mission of a cozy sweater, which is to protect against the cold. Accordingly, models made of suspiciously thin and even almost translucent knitwear should be categorically eliminated this year.

Why can you say goodbye to thin knitwear without a drop of regret? Such products not only emphasize the flaws of the figure, but also allow the borders of the underwear to shine through, it does not look aesthetically pleasing and spoils any bow. Sweaters with an elastic band look especially unfavorable, because its vertical lines tend to diverge ugly on convex parts of the body.

If you want to pick up a really relevant, stylish and practical sweater for the 2020 season, bet on a tight knit model. It can be both homogeneous and presented with patterns. A semi-adjacent or loose fit is welcome – such variations are not only in trend, but also boast excellent comfort.


These photos show another category of unfashionable sweaters in the 2020 season. These include models lavishly decorated with braids, several patterns at once, as well as decorative lace. Also by this year, products made of melange in multi-colored stripes, which, in principle, are considered a dubious greeting from the 2000s, have finally become obsolete.

Stylists have one trick that allows you to calculate a really relevant and fashionable model among the whole variety of new products. The principle of choice is simple and sounds like this: “simpler is better”. Modern fashion is confidently heading towards minimalism, so simple and concise knitwear is declared among the leading trends. Such novelties not only easily rhyme with the rest of the wardrobe, but also promise to remain among the leading trends for a long time. A win-win!

collar yoke

Theoretically, voluminous collars on jerseys are now in fashion, but the collar cut has become an exception to this fashion trend. If you find in your wardrobe a sweater with a large collar that seems to “spread” over your shoulders, you can transfer it to the rank of cozy home wear – such a model does not belong in stylish everyday looks.

Such an outdated sweater can be successfully replaced with a more concise model with a stand-up collar or even with a product without this element. The noted novelties do not harm the proportions of the figure, and also easily rhyme with various wardrobe items.

Boat neckline + short sleeve

You can also calculate an obsolete model in the 2020 season by a combination of a semi-circular boat neckline and a short sleeve. Unfortunately, such jumpers are still found in the assortment of stores, and sellers declare them as indispensable components of office style. But do not let yourself be fooled and convinced of the relevance of such sweaters – in fact, they have long become boring and outdated.

pom poms

A sweater with decorative pom-poms is also out of fashion for the 2020 season. More recently, such decoration appeared on many new products and allowed girls to create flirtatious and ironic outfits. However, by this year, fashionistas are invited to become a little more serious and abandon pompoms.

At the same time, it is not necessary to make a choice in favor of gloomy and boring knitwear. Bright, invigorating colors are among the leading fashion trends – for example, yellow, red, blue, orange and lime shades are in trend. Actual decor is also welcome – asymmetry, feathers, large buttons, metal jewelry and fur inserts.

patch pocket

Another decorative technique that is recognized as an anti-trend in the 2020 season is a patch shirt pocket placed on the chest. To be honest, we didn’t understand the meaning of such decor before.


Fans of sweaters with hoods will also have to be upset – such models also left the list of fashion trends, but promised to return someday.


By the 2020 season, such a decorative technique as embroidery has finally left the Olympus of fashion trends. Now such a decoration has no place either on clothes or on shoes. Accordingly, sweaters with embroidery should also be temporarily put aside on the far shelf. However, if such decor is presented on the back or on the sleeves, and in general the sweater is made in an actual loose fit, you can use it in street fashion, that is, in a duet with outerwear. Some jerseys are also getting a second chance in trendy layered ensembles.


Among the feminine decor, which stylists have awarded the title of anti-trend in the 2020 season, lace can also be distinguished. You may remember that a few years ago, jumpers and sweaters with lace inserts at the hem were incredibly in demand. So, now it’s time to forget about such models.

If you absolutely love the unusual duet of coarse knitwear and exquisite lace, you can continue to use it, but in a modern interpretation. For example, a great fashion idea would be a duet of a deep V-neck sweater dropped to one shoulder and a lace top underneath.

This combination embodies the 2 leading trends of the 2020 season at once – an interesting play of textures and stylish layering.


Pearl beads as a decorative technique literally blew up the fashion world a few years ago! But if such decoration is still used in the design of accessories, pearls in combination with knitwear are a clear anti-trend of the 2020 season. Stylists advise fans of other romantic decor this year to moderate their ardor -…

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