Sweaters with long flared sleeves in the spring look 2021

Flared sleeves were popular in the 70s. Today, fashion has returned, and such a cut of the sleeve is again in trend. Flared sleeves are very different: strongly and slightly flared, shortened or elongated. Such an unusual cut will highlight among the crowd and will be the highlight of the whole image. A fashionable sweater with flared sleeves will be useful for everyone who wants to be fashionable and likes to dress stylishly. How to create cozy and practical bows and what to wear with a flared sleeve sweater?

Sweater with flared sleeves and skirt

This piece of clothing goes well with different styles of skirts. It can be safely tried on with a fluffy midi skirt. This option is more suitable for tall and thin girls.

A cozy sweater with flared sleeves is paired with an A-line skirt, pencil skirt and stilettos. A fashionable bow looks feminine and elegant; for the office, the set will be very useful.

Interesting options will turn out with a skirt of trapeze, mini, sun-flared styles.

A delicate sweater is ideally combined with a pleated skirt. An elegant cross-body bag completes the look. With regard to shoes, a low heel will fit perfectly.

A cropped jacket with wide ruffles on the sleeves will look good on girls of a romantic nature. This feminine outfit goes well with a high-waisted skirt. Fashionable low-cut over the knee boots and rectangular glasses will complete the look.

Combination with different styles of trousers

Sweaters and pants are always relevant. An attribute of a free-cut wardrobe with voluminous sleeves is worn with classic straight trousers for a business set to the office.

A romantic tandem: an oversized sweater with a flared sleeve is recommended to be combined with skinny jeans or a straight cut. This option is suitable for girls who love movement. Wear an outfit with sneakers in a relaxed style. You can complement the bow with rough leather boots or fashionable ankle boots. The outfit will become more interesting if you remove the front edge of the sweater for the pants belt. Bow should be supplemented with a bag or clutch.

A fashionable union is a sweater with unusual sleeves and tight-fitting trousers. This combination is relevant and fashionable.

A model of a sweater with a loose fit, long flared sleeves and an asymmetrical bottom, stylists recommend to combine with wide trousers. Inconspicuous, but relevant bow, which is impossible not to fall in love with.

Asymmetric sweaters with flared sleeves look stylish in a duet with leather trousers. The image will become memorable and seductive.

Accent sleeves in a fashionable fitted sweater become the object of attention. They are easy to pair with slim-fit trousers with drawstrings. From shoes, heeled ankle boots or stocking boots are suitable for the outfit.

Trendy sweatshirts with flared sleeves will be playful with leggings. The set will be complemented by boots with a wide top or chic over the knee boots. A fashionable bow will adorn an accessory on your hand – a massive bracelet that will emphasize the elegance of your wrist.

Fashionable tandem: a sweater with wide sleeves and a long dress

A relaxed and feminine image will turn out if you combine these two things in a women’s wardrobe. Plus in this outfit is convenience. The dress is selected in a similar color scheme with the top. To the image choose rough shoes with lacing on thick soles or massive sneakers.

A warm jacket with long flared sleeves is ideal for wearing in the spring as outerwear. Just wear a t-shirt or shirt over the dress. For the spring season, a sweater is chosen in a bright and intense shade. Such super fashionable clothes will certainly be remembered.

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