Swimwear for every figure

In a general sense, there are three types of female figure – hourglass, apple, pear. According to some experts, there are more than 20 of these types. They are distinguished depending on the ratio of waist, chest, hips, height, muscularity, and other parameters.

The leotard is perhaps the most revealing piece of clothing a woman wears in public. Therefore, according to the logic of things, the outfit should dress all the advantages and disadvantages of its mistress. However, with the help of a swimsuit, you can not only emphasize the advantages of the figure, but also hide the disadvantages.

Despite the short summer and the relatively cool Siberian summer, swimwear in Novosibirsk is represented by a wide range. You just need to choose the model that suits your figure.


This type includes slender women with an unexpressed waist, small breasts, narrow hips and slender legs. Almost identical body volumes make the figure boyish. Such ladies should choose either separate swimsuits with prints, embroidery, massive decorations that will visually increase the volume of the chest and hips; or monokini with deep slits on the sides, which will “reduce” the waist.


A whole group of figures, the main difference of which is a lush bottom. Can be distinguished:

  1. “bell” – women with small breasts and an unexpressed waist;
  2. “keglyu” – also a small chest, rounded hips, but an already defined waist, short legs are among the shortcomings;
  3. “pear” – smooth shapes with an accent at the bottom.

Girls who recognize themselves in the description of any of the three subgroups should avoid a massive bottom in their clothes. Before buying a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, you should make sure that beachwear does not focus on the hips and “compensates” for a modest top – it is better to choose a swimsuit with an embroidered or bright bodice. A halter will look good – a model with wide straps that tie behind the neck. Owners of not too long legs should give up beach shorts.

“Inverted Triangle”

The athletic type is characterized by a broad chest, muscular shoulders, relatively narrow hips, and a not too pronounced waist. For such women, the swim-dress model is perfect – a one-piece swimsuit or more often a separate one with a skirt. It can reach mid-thigh or be a small drapery. A bright (in design and color scheme) bottom will “balance” the figure.


Thin waist, rounded hips and large breasts – women with this type of figure can afford almost any swimsuit. However, the owners of the “hourglass” figure are not always girls with the 42nd clothing size. If, in addition to pronounced forms, a pronounced tummy makes itself felt, you can buy a swimsuit with slimming inserts.

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