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Women’s swimwear with shorts is the new fashion trend of 2019. It is worth taking a closer look at such a novelty, because this summer it will be found in every fashionista. Let’s figure out together which swimsuits you should pay attention to.


Main trends

Many girls choose this type of swimsuit for simplicity and convenience, because with shorts, instead of ordinary swimming trunks, you can create more interesting beach bows. This year, options with decorative elements are relevant – lace, frills, beads or beads. They become an interesting addition, which cannot be ignored.

Also, swimwear with shorts, photos of which can be seen in our review, are suitable for active girls. They can be worn for summer boat trips, used for kayaking or other sports. The peculiarity of these swimsuits is that they perfectly hide figure flaws. Models are suitable for girls with problematic hips or a small tummy.

In 2019, things with unusual elements or decorations are relevant. They look interesting, complement the image and attract attention. For example, choose bras with weaves, criss-cross straps, and lace inserts that can be repeated in shorts. Also, special attention can be paid to transparent fasteners, inserts on the sides, as translucent fabrics are especially popular. It is only important to remember about the boundaries and not to show too much.

current models

Let’s look at what fashionable women’s swimwear with shorts will be like in 2019, you can see the models in our photo review.

  • Closed swimwear

It may seem that closed swimsuits look boring and uninteresting, but this is not at all the case. Although this is a classic model that completely covers the stomach, hides figure flaws, it can be decorated with an unusual strap – it will emphasize the waistline. You can also use a trendy print – a vertical stripe, a cage or always fashionable polka dots. With a large pattern, you should be more careful, because it is able to visually enlarge the figure, make it even more voluminous. Ladies with curvy shapes should choose a small pattern.

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To balance the bow, you can choose swimsuits with a deep neckline. Then, together with elongated swimming trunks, the image will look organic. Also, the model can be decorated with unusual straps; wicker options made from natural materials are popular today. Feel free to wear wide-brimmed hats, slippers on high wedges under such swimsuits – then your bow will be unique.

  • Monokini

Monokini is a swimsuit model, something between a closed and an open version. The distinguishing feature of a monokini is the decorative or real connection between the top and bottom. In such a model, it is interesting to play on various patterns and prints, making the bodice different from the shorts. For example, choose swimsuits in which the upper part is made in a horizontal strip of red, white, and the lower part is in deep blue. Then you get a marine image that can be combined with translucent pareos, voluminous sunglasses.

[stextbox id=info]Note! A distinctive feature of a monokini can be an expressive connecting part – a metal ring of medium diameter, for example.[/stextbox]

  • Tankini

Another closed version, which was previously used exclusively for sports and exercise. But today it is found in ordinary girls who want to hide figure flaws. Tankini consists of two separate parts – top and shorts. The top can be of any format – T-shirt, T-shirt or long sleeve, it all depends on your convenience. The most popular this year was the version of the T-shirt with a rounded neck.

The advantages of such a swimsuit is that you can create several bathing sets with it at once. For example, once you buy a tankini with neutral shorts and a bright T-shirt, you can pick up a few more tops and impress your friends with a new bow every time.

  • Separate swimwear

Such models are familiar to every fashionista. They are chosen most often because they amaze with their diversity. If the number of types of shorts can still be remembered, then the variety of bras is definitely not. Let’s take a look at the most common tops to stay trendy in 2019.

An interesting option

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  • Classic bodice

Such a swimsuit top is made like a regular bra, its main goal is to beautifully hold the chest. That is why such swimsuits with shorts are suitable for full women with a large bust – then you can be sure that when you move or swim, nothing will fall off or move from you. With shorts, the classic bodice looks very organic, the right swimming trunks will even help balance the bow. For a large top, you should choose a similar bottom in order to visually enlarge the hips, to place accents correctly.

  • bando

This swimsuit is more like a regular strip of fabric wrapped around the chest. This option looks great on a small bust, it gives it extra volume due to the built-in push-up cups. This model should not contain straps, while there is no cutout either.

What shorts can be combined with a bandeau? It is important to understand what effect you would like to achieve. For a sexy look, choose shorts with a low rise, more like an elongated swim trunk. And by choosing shorts with a high waist, you can get an image in the style of the 60s of the last century, especially if you look at the polka dot print or the horizontal line.

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  • Halter

This model differs from the previous ones in the shape of the cup. It is triangular, so the straps are most often not straight, but are kept on the neck. You can also add a halter with ties between two cups, a connection on the back. Since most attention is paid to the top, the shorts should be kept simple. It is best to choose solid-colored models with a medium or low rise without special accessories or decorations.

Short options

Shorts most often differ in the type of fit. Most of all, low, medium and high stand out. The most popular today is the latter, because of its closeness it remains the sexiest. This is due to the fact that conservative shorts are offset by an open bodice with a deep neckline. Especially for such a model, it is worth taking a closer look at girls with a pear body type – wide hips and an average top.

Ideal for full girls

[stextbox id=info]New this season are Brazilian shorts. The model looks very unusual, as the front part is very closed, and the back part is as open as possible, showing those very “Brazilian” buttocks.[/stextbox]

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