System minus 60 for weight loss: diet from Ekaterina Mirimanova

An ingenious diet for weight loss System minus 60 was developed by Ekaterina Mirimanova especially for gluttons! A well-organized diet and elementary exercises help speed up the metabolism in the body. From the first days, the process of burning fat cells starts. Disgusting folds on the sides, sagging belly, greasy skin – all this will disappear in the hot firebox of an intense metabolism!

Breakfast of your favorite foods

A prerequisite for a new lifestyle is a hearty and tasty breakfast. Every day on a diet begins with cooking your favorite dishes. Omelettes, cottage cheese casseroles, ruddy pancakes with jam, cheese, fruits, aromatic coffee with cream will give pleasure. A piece of chocolate will be a worthy end to the meal.

It is better to eat sweets before noon, otherwise you will have to postpone them for the next morning.

Don’t overeat. The criterion for a sufficient portion size is the feeling of pleasant satiety and lightness after eating. It’s great if the volume of everything eaten fits into a medium-sized plate.

It will be right for good health to gradually switch to a healthier diet. The main thing is to take the first step, get used to the new state, then you can slowly move on. Harmful refined sugar is better to change to brown, and sugary milk chocolate – to bitter. Natural meat is preferable to sausages, and fresh fruit is more useful than canned juices.

dinner banquet

A full breakfast will keep you going until lunch. Closer to one in the afternoon, the insatiable stomach again requires food. A varied assortment on the table will delight the discerning glutton! Almost any food is suitable for a lunch banquet. However, it is better to stay away from fried foods. The author of the diet advises giving preference to stewed, baked and boiled foods.

Steam cutlets, barbecue, cabbage rolls, sausages or sausages, eggs, rice, buckwheat porridge, noodles with cheese, salads from fresh or stewed vegetables will satisfy hunger well. When serving, seasonings, horseradish, adjika, ketchup, mustard, greens are added. Sour cream, mayonnaise, fatty sauces, vegetable oil can be used as a dressing, but no more than 1 teaspoon and no later than two in the afternoon. It is better to avoid bread and pastries; it is enough to eat a rye flour cracker at dinner.

The cornerstone of the methodology is separate nutrition. It is important to consider that the body does not absorb proteins well in combination with starches or carbohydrates. It is unacceptable to eat meat and fish with a side dish of pasta, legumes and potatoes. Soup is prepared either vegetable without meat, or meat, but without potatoes. Gourmets will have to separate the sweet couple – mashed potatoes with chop. More useful for the figure will be potatoes with green salad and chop with buckwheat porridge.

Evening feast

It is especially important to observe the diet in the evening. Overeating before bed has a detrimental effect on body weight. The problem is solved by strict implementation of the rules. You need to eat before six in the evening. Do not eat dinner later, even if you feel hungry. Light yogurt, cheese, green tea will help to kill your appetite and fall asleep peacefully.

Priority is given to foods low in fat and carbohydrates. Of the fruits, these are pineapples, kiwi, plums, oranges. Dairy products are selected with a 5 percent fat content. It is better to move away the plate with potatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms, eggplant, corn, white rice and pasta. Oily avocados are unacceptable. Meat and seafood are served in any form, but not fried or smoked; you can’t mix them with anything. The proposed options are suitable for every taste:

  1. Fruits and cereals.
  2. Fruits and vegetables.
  3. Fruits and dairy products.
  4. Vegetables and cereals.
  5. Products from meat or fish.
  6. Vegetables and dairy products.

The choice should be stopped at only one item from the list. It is advisable to use as few different components as possible at one meal.

Exquisite masterpieces are created from the permitted set of products. Many cookbooks have been published for adherents of the Minus 60 system. Wonderful recipes for an evening feast will not leave anyone indifferent.

Important advantages

A comfortable state of mind is one of the main advantages of the technique.

  1. You do not have to cram into yourself several liters of water per day. Enough to drink as much as you want.
  2. You don’t have to worry and feel left out among friends, at a festive feast or on vacation. A glass of dry red wine will allow you to have a good time and not spoil your figure.
  3. You don’t have to give up salt. Pickled, pickled vegetables and other pickles in a reasonable amount will decorate the dining table.
  4. You don’t have to meticulously study the composition of the products, weigh each serving and calculate the calorie content. The system gives clear instructions on when and what foods to consume.
  5. You don’t have to yearn for your favorite dishes. During the day, you can enjoy any food, even ice cream and sushi.
  6. You won’t have to starve between the three main meals. Snacks from one or two apples, a couple of slices of watermelon, and vegetables are allowed.
  7. You don’t have to put your teeth on the shelf. Hungry and fasting days slow down the metabolism and cause a lot of stress.

light exercise

A good dietary company will be daily exercise. To maintain muscle tone and improve metabolic processes, ten to fifteen minutes of exercise is enough. Problem areas will return to normal. Soon, gymnastics will begin to be a pleasure. The figure will become toned and flexible thanks to body flex, swimming, aerobics, skiing.

healthy skin

Ugly stretch marks and an accordion of saggy skin can spoil the whole effect of the diet. From the first days, you should actively use a scrub (ground coffee works well), cream and other preparations. Vitamin products will help maintain the health of nails, skin and hair.

Joyful mood

To get the effect of the diet, it is important to gain the support of loved ones. Often, compassionate relatives, sympathizing, persuade them to eat before going to bed, or they themselves gobble up dishes forbidden by the system with appetite. One phrase or a random TV show can unsettle. Strong motivation plays a significant role in losing weight. Beauty, shopping pleasure, lightness and well-being are worthy goals for weight loss. When the first results appear, you will no longer want to give up. Each dropped kilogram causes delight and stimulates further movement. Inspired by the amazing story of Ekaterina Mirimanova, who changed her life, freeing herself from 60 kilograms. Drawing in the imagination of a harmonious figure, you can overcome any temptations and …

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