Table setting for the New Year 2023

It’s a wonderful time – New Year’s Eve. It is full of wonders and anticipation. Over the past decade, it has become fashionable to prepare for the holiday in advance. Therefore, you can choose the right outfit for a corporate party or a home party right now. As well as dressing up a Christmas tree (naturally, of course). We talked about what shades to use for interior decoration for the New Year 2023 in one of our latest reviews. You can find it by going to by this link. In today’s selection, we will tell you what New Year’s table setting will be relevant during the 2023 meeting. Let’s get acquainted with the latest trends, remember the traditions.



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What decor can be used when decorating a table

New Year’s Eve dinner should be different from all the others in the year. Make it a little solemn, but also bright and colorful, sincere and homely, so that everyone who is at the table feels comfortable. This will help festive decor. You can make it yourself or buy it at thematic fairs. How to decorate the table and the space near it?

  • Candles. It is very difficult to imagine the decoration of the New Year’s table without them. Candles in beautiful candlesticks create a special atmosphere. Choose their color depending on what you want to get from next year. For example, a green candle will help improve financial well-being, a black one will help clear the space at home, a blue one will improve relationships with loved ones, red and pink will help in love, and a yellow one will bring the fulfillment of your most cherished desire closer, choose orange candles if you want to improve your mood.



  • Figurine symbol of the year. We think this tradition is not a secret to anyone. 2023 is the year of the Black Water Rabbit. To please the furry and enlist his support for the next 12 months, put a figurine with a picture of a rabbit in the center of the table. It can be crystal, wooden, ceramic. The symbol of the year will definitely appreciate how attentive you are to it. In addition to the rabbit, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, a deer, a snowman can be placed on the table.


  • Fir branches. Festive New Year’s decor is hard to imagine without a coniferous tree. Spruce can not only decorate the room as a whole, but also the table in particular. Assemble a composition of artificial or freshly cut spruce branches. It can be an impromptu candlestick for a large candle or a spruce bouquet. Or make a table setting for the New Year 2023 with twigs on a plate. It is very fashionable and relevant.



  • Christmas decorations. It is fashionable to decorate the festive table with Christmas decorations. They are also placed in plates and wine glasses, used to create beautiful compositions, randomly laid out on the surface. But the most trending trend has become balls folded into a vase or several vases. It looks both simple and stylish. It is best to place the decoration in the center of the table.


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  • Wooden saw cuts. Another idea is a novelty that is just gaining momentum in popularity. Saw cuts are used as candlesticks and decor, as well as instead of a tray, laying out snacks on them. And round cuts of different diameters are placed on the table as coasters for plates. In this case, you can not use a tablecloth in serving. And without it, it will be very atmospheric. Recommended!


  • Hanging decor. A great idea would be to hang decorations above the table as well. For example, it can be a spruce garland with lights, or a brilliant rain, tinsel, multi-colored toys – balls, “bumps”, “icicles”. It is best to fix the decor on a chandelier, a beam, a temporary crossbar, or even on a thick branch attached to a wall or ceiling. It will turn out beautiful and unusual.


If you set the New Year’s table for two, you can also add hearts to the composition to create a romantic flair.

How to set the table for the New Year 2023 in different styles

In fact, at home, when decorating the New Year’s table, you can bring to life any style. It is enough to know the main features of the chosen direction and be able to work with the details. Next, we will tell you how to decorate the table in French, retro, traditional and other popular styles.

  • Country. Furnishings that even look cozy. Country music is characterized by simplicity, quality, naturalness. Decorate the table with fir cones, branches, wooden figurines. Use thick linen tablecloths and napkins. Wooden saw cuts, which we talked about a little higher, will look appropriate here.


  • Retro. Remembering the well-forgotten old is one of the most fashionable trends of the season. If this idea also appeals to you, consider decorating a feast in a vintage or retro style. Take out a Soviet-era service and an old grandmother’s tablecloth, include only the simplest dishes and cuts in the menu. Refuse excess decor and abundance.


  • Minimalism. New Year 2022-2023 does not have to be met at a table with a huge amount of decorations, food and dishes. Minimalism will look very stylish and elegant in its own way. Black-white-gray colors, accuracy, the presence of a large amount of free space are relevant for him.


  • Provence. Setting a table in the Provence style means adding a little French chic to the holiday. Use fragrant herbs and natural fabrics for napkins and tablecloths in the decor – cotton or linen. You can pick up pottery with painting and textured edges. Decorate in pink, white, blue and other pastel colors.


  • Eco style. Another popular trend today. Eco-style involves the use of natural materials, twigs, cinnamon sticks, bamboo coasters and even real nuts in the design. Wine glasses – only glass or wood, plates and salad bowls – wood or ceramics. Napkins – fabric. It is best to decorate the table with candles.


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Scandinavian, boho, oriental, loft styles can also be looked after for decorating a festive feast.

New Year’s table setting for the meeting of 2023 only at first glance seems simple. In fact, it needs to be thought out in advance in order to take into account all the nuances. We hope that the photos presented in the review will help you with this.

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