Tai-bo is a kind of aerobics

A flat stomach, embossed, toned muscles, a slender and attractive body – many men and women dream of this. Some not only dream, but also visit the gym, suffer from diets, count calories and live in constant food restriction. However, these sacrifices do little good. But today, with the help of a high-intensity and effective tai-bo training system, you can deal a swift and devastating blow to those extra pounds.

What is

Tai-bo is a fitness program that combines aerobic exercises and martial arts elements. From the first direction absorbed the rhythm and speed of control of dynamic movements. On average, about 800 kcal are burned during one workout. It is this type of physical activity that contributes to rapid weight loss. As for the martial arts, the percussion techniques of boxing, karate and taekwondo are borrowed here, but, of course, there is no direct contact in training, like abrasions and bruises.

History of appearance

Tai-bo is not a thousand-year-old sports and philosophical science, but a very young discipline that, despite its youth, has already won the sympathy of many “ordinary” visitors to fitness clubs, as well as media people who have tried more than one athletic direction. The number of fans of such a training system is increasing every day.

With what, or, more precisely, with whom did tai-bo begin? The name of this man is Billy Blanks – a famous Hollywood actor, seven-time world champion in karate, world boxing champion, black belt in taekwondo.

This fitness program was created over the years by daily victory over yourself and your illness. The sickly boy Billy could not come to terms with his illness, which fettered his movement, so he trained every day, discovering new stages of martial arts. The spirit of struggle and a great love for the sport helped to overcome the disease, but Blanks did not stop there. Taking the best of the mastered martial arts, the champion combined it with the rhythm of aerobics. And so it turned out to be an intensive and multifaceted direction – tai-bo.

In the late 80s, the athlete became a coach by opening a training center in California. Initially, its doors were open to men. But as it turned out, among the women there were also many who wanted to join the direct combat traditions. But always an obstacle to this were possible injuries. The non-contact tai-bo appealed to the fair sex.

What happens in training?

There are same-sex groups and joint workouts for men and women. Often a lesson or a separate part of it takes place in pairs – an impromptu sparring is created, during which the partners, without touching each other, work out quick blows to the head or body. The position of the torso is fixed, only the limbs work due to intensive extension-flexion in the joints.

Like any workout, tai-bo training begins with a warm-up. It is represented by running and step-dance exercises. Then there is the processing of basic strokes. For this stage, some trainers use a punching bag. In the same part of the training, endurance and strength are exercised. Again, in some groups, during this period, a kind of dance-combat combination is being learned. Then, the next 10-15 minutes is an intensive repetition of the learned movements to special dynamic music. Such a bundle may contain jumps, punches and kicks, elements of techniques from taekwondo, kickboxing and other things. This part is the main one, after which the tempo slows down. Now the complex is performed in a more measured rhythm. This is followed by stretching – these are stretching exercises, they will help reduce pain in the muscles. The final stage of the training is breathing exercises and relaxation.

Beginner Tips

When outfitting for training, the choice should be stopped on clothes made from natural fabrics. Particular attention is paid to shoes – it is better to buy sneakers with good cushioning so that it does not slip on the floor. It could just be traumatic. Also, some coaches talk about purchasing boxing gloves.

Even if a person has spent several months in regular fitness classes, he can still feel like a complete beginner in the first tai-bo training.

It is very difficult for a beginner to endure the first lesson, performing all the loads. Therefore, it is allowed to make some concessions to yourself, the main thing is to “not strain” correctly. For example, a warm-up sets the course for the entire workout, in addition, muscles are warmed up during the first exercises. This is a kind of preventive measures, protection from injuries. The warm-up must be performed completely and without fail.

Stretching should not be ignored either. Stretching will make it easier, in a painful sense, to transfer the next couple of days after training.

As for the main part of the lesson – the most intense and full, here you can “poof” a little, but it is also necessary to complete half of the exercises at first. The combat dance can also be performed at half strength, this will make it possible to quickly memorize the basic movements.

Relaxation is a pleasant stage of training, therefore it is mandatory to perform.

Tai-bo or …?

Definitely tai-bo. This direction of fitness has a number of advantages over other activities. The main thing is that the best has already been synthesized here. In an hour of training, almost all muscle groups work. This is an effective way to lose extra pounds, tighten your figure and finally boast of harmony. Finally, because tai-bo training is very effective, the result does not make you wait for months. In addition, in the process of training, self-defense skills are acquired, negative energy is ejected through sudden movements, which, of course, improves well-being.

Tai-bo is weight loss, tone, self-defense, posture and good mood.

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